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As 'Hypocrite' Walker Exits, Workers and Women Offer Gruff Farewells


As 'Hypocrite' Walker Exits, Workers and Women Offer Gruff Farewells

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

'Hey Scott Walker, as one of the most anti-choice politicians in the race—not to mention a hypocrite—don’t let the door hit you on the way out.'


Whew, thank goodness for the reduced anxiety.
I wonder too if the Koch Bros. Inc. will demand a refund.


Walker dropping out is the best news I've heard in a while.


I wouldn't be surprised if some new scandal is just about to surface.
He sucks Koch too well to exit right now and in this fashion


Let's not forget Criminal Walker & his ilk! Election rigger, stealing his own recall election & the theft of the state congressional elections by none other than his crooked state Atty General who downloaded vote results on her own personal computer.
An anti worker union buster? True
War monger ? True
Privatization of Government institutions & services & Tax breaks for wealthy corps.? True
But---Brazen election theft? An offense worthy of prison time.


There will always be the Hypocritical Know-Nothings

The thing I find most offensive is the lap dog press fawning over him as the most important candidate in the group. ( a fawn that is readily for sale to all who pay)

Oh....he will go so far...he has sooo.... much support......he is quite important you know.

And where are those oh so intelligent pundants and seers of the future.....

Tell Us.......oh ignorant ones...who is the great one now.......


Well he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed & that's an understatement! Election theft unchallenged by the press well the game is rigged.To the point that these total buffoons get treated as if they are experts!


Unchallenged by the press seems to be the method of choice.
Combined with heavy content filtering, the truth is hard pressed to get out.
News coverage now, really is, manufactured propaganda.


Welcome to the age of mass deception!


The spirit of Joseph Goebbels lives on.


'Bites the dirt', you mean? It never creases to astonish me why would the brilliant people of Wisconsin vote for a sicko psychopath like Scott Walker, he is a disgrace not only Wisconsin but to all humanity.


Thank god that little pick dropped out! Just like he did after High School.

The nerve of the Cock Brothers to proffer such an unqualified, uneducated dumbphuck into such an important office. The Kochs are intermarried into the bush crime family via Dorothy Bush Koch, and I seem to be the only one in the country that knows that Scot Walker is George Walker Bush's COUSIN. (Source: ex-NSA agent Wayne Madsen.)

This means, of course that Scott Walker is also Jeb Bush's cousin. What a stacked deck the Bush Crime Family was attempting to play. Next, Trump will self-destruct, leaving the cocaine-sniffing Jeb Bush as heir apparent.

Support Sanders!


Hey folks! One good thing, Scott Walker has bashed the orange haired clown. At least we know we have one other repugnant that the Koch Roach brothers do not own.


Hate him or love him,, Walker was a regular guy who came from a modest background...he just ran out of money. Hopefully this is the end of Trump.


Dearest Tom...the Majority of our Presidents are related by blood and or marriage, check out the works of Gary Boyd Roberts and The New England Genealogical Historical Society...Mr.O is a 10th cousin of D. Cheney as an example. I have mentioned The Federalist Papers before, reread them in the light that they are a job description for the monied from the Royal Houses of Europe on how to run the country without the country knowing it. The 12 colonies could not have survived without the money on The Hudson River. Most were written by James Otis, who is buried on The Commons of Boston.


A product of a relativly small gene pool.My ancestors landed around 1639....im prob related to both sides..


yes, you most likely are, mine came here to The Hudson in 1657


haha...that far back we are prob related...hey cuz! :smile:


Hey there Cuz...this small gene pool, well, I was born deformed with many birth defects, 15 years ago a doc gave me 10...I'm still kickin' it and I hope/trust you will have many more years too...Peace


We ought to ask the publisher of the book written right before W's first selection into the white house called 'fortunate Son' to redistribute it