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As Impeach Trump Momentum Builds, Grassroots Groups Target Undecided Members of Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/25/impeach-trump-momentum-builds-grassroots-groups-target-undecided-members-congress

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How can anyone be undecided on this issue?

Let alone a member of Congress.


Personally, PB, I’d like him impeached or run over by a Greyhound bus BUT: I am very concerned as to how this will galvanize the MAGA(ts) and what that will mean for the future election. I mean, after all, Pence may be AT LEAST as bad as the Orange Asshole. I dunno…

Something else to think about as a possibility:
"If impeach trump card doesn’t work, it will guarantee Trump re-election" -– Civil rights lawyer

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Jimmy Dore is talking to Aaron Maté about this live right now:


Impeachment is a repeat of the Muller fiasco that only helped Trump:

Chomsky on Trump impeachment: “It’s a losing effort for the Democrats, I think, just as their laser-like focus on Mueller and ‘Russiagate’ has proven to be — not a great surprise.”


George W. Bush blackmailed the Pope to get presidential candidate John Kerry excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic vote swung towards Bush. Democrats did nothing.

Nothing will change the minds of the MAGAs. Nothing. That’s why Nancy and the DNCs calculation about exciting the trump base is ridiculous.
They are going to vote for Trump. Period. The DNC and the clintonites still believe their own bullshit story from 1992 that they magically got republican moderates to vote for Clinton.
Hey DNC, try rallying your own base for a change.


I say, let’s make it a twofer and get rid of Trump and Biden at the same time. I keep reading that “Hunter Biden has never been charged” but that doesn’t mean he and daddy didn’t do anything wrong. Follow the money.


I wouldn’t mind the DNC trying to simply identify its own base. For a change.


“will mean for the future election”

I think your concern is valid. Impeachment without a conviction could indeed be an electoral deficit for the Democrats and the conversation with the President of the Ukraine on its own is unlikely to get enough (if even any) Republican Senators to vote for conviction.

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During the 2004 presidential campaign when Archbishop Raymond Burke announced Kerry would be barred from receiving Communion in the St. Louis Archdiocese because of his pro-choice stance on abortion. A “wafer watch” ensued as the press followed, Sunday to Sunday, from city to city, to see whether Kerry would take Communion—which Kerry says he was not once refused.

Kerry was not ‘excommunicated’ and remains a Catholic.

However the incident may have revealed Kerry’s position on a number of issues that some Catholic and other voters had not been aware of.

The problem seems to be that the NEW base has moved so far right that the OLD base needs to re-create itself under a NEW INITIAL other than a “D”.

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American capitalism and our faux democracy is a sham and has been since Reagan. Have you bought a congress critter yet? They’re for sale and all checks over $20,000 will be gladly accepted.

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Unfortunately what little Hunter Biden did Chelsea Clinton did better. But is perfectly legal under current law. All congressional swamp creatures evil sperm sharing spawn are exempt from foreign pay backs investigations. The political elite and wealthy protect their own with inside trading (legal) and family members getting foreign kickbacks (also legal). Amerika is one fucked up country. I guess you gotta marry some congress critter to get a head. Or you can take a chance and enter a stall in the Republican House rest room.

That damn fox news!

Let’s be clear. Trump’s actions and words with respect to Ukraine and other areas are a direct threat to national security- and in the Ukraine instance, a clear effort to subvert democracy for personal political gain. Perhaps, like many authoritarian regimes and leaders the President believes his personal gain is paramount to the county’s-one and the same.

Also let’s be clear that Trump is a moral coward who will lie and do anything to escape the consequences of his actions. And the majority of Republicans in the Senate know this- making them complicit, culpable and equally cowards.

Congressional Democrats now have a clear path to Impeachment- belatedly admittedly- but now so imperative that to to deny it would be political and moral insanity.

As for Senate Republicans and their leader, Mitch McConnell- someone who supposedly plays 3 dimensional political chess- I would seriously consider cutting bait- about the only thing his party is about to catch is obscurity and irrelevance- not to mention a place in history reserved to the lowest. Stop supporting a dangerous loser!

As for Republican voters- if their view of reality is so distorted, their degree of media poisoning so complete- and their belief in the rule of law so weak- that they would continue to support this President- so be it. The battle lines are drawn. This is fight for democracy.

It is a shame that Democrats have to be shamed into doing the right thing. We all know that the republicans will never change their corrupt ways.


I have found in my years, the only two guarantees we must face, are Death, and Taxes. Of course, the longer I live, the more I come to realize that as a result of corruption within the Democrat and Republican parties, some in this country, are able to evade paying taxes.

I personally am not concerned or threatened by the Trump base.

Hate is a powerful motivator for those who have been taught how to hate from an early age.

And, as Trump’s base has shown us, hate is alive and well in this nation.

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As far as I’m concerned, the Damnocrats haven’t been Democrats since FDR.

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