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As Impeachment Looms, 350 Mental Health Professionals Warn Congress That Nuclear-Armed Trump 'A Threat to Safety of Our Nation'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/05/impeachment-looms-350-mental-health-professionals-warn-congress-nuclear-armed-trump


As long as he continues to facilitate the transformation of the U.S. to an all-white, Judeo-Christian empire, they couldn’t care less if he is stark-raving mad.


The malignant narcissist believes he is supreme among people; that his viewpoint of life and truth, and “great wisdom of the stable genius” are beyond question by the common ruck of humanity.

When a sociopath and pathological liar living in his own fantasy world of self-interest and “business” reality, devoid of any and all concept of the Natural World, The Wild, environmental protections of life-sustaining water, air and soils; who serves the interests of polluters and exploitation above all else especially the most vulnerable (as bully’s tend to target) finds himself cornered, facing exposure as the flim-flam carny huckster criminal he is, there is no telling what madness he would find acceptable to divert attention and escape justice.

Not unlike the death of jeffrey epstein, who chose his escape via suicide, (as the story goes), trump is capable of any enormity, but he is too shallow, cowardly, and depraved to just take himself out, but would see “the whole world’s against me” script of his insanity, reason enough to commit an act of genocidal madness to “get even”.- “they all hate me anyway”.

More than enough reason for his immediate removal from any power, even excluding his multitude of crimes, impeachable offenses, and heartless brain-dead stupidity in policy decisions that already have harmed, brutalized, and/or killed vast numbers of innocent people, especially children, and environmental protections around the world!

Republican politicians and DINO accessories take note!

ENOUGH of this dangerous delusional .cretin and his world-view!!


This has been my concern ever since Trump became POTUS. Having a deranged man that belongs in an insane asylum able to have his hands on the nuclear codes is bad enough, but what is now worse…Trump will do whatever it takes to stay in office including, if he can get away with it…nuclear war! strong text SCARY!


This incompetent megalomaniac should not even rate a security clearance much less have access codes to nuclear weapons These should be terminated post haste. There is some precedent for this. I recall when the pentagon State Department cut President Carter out of the loop and he was in no way as loopy as this cheap imitation of Mussolini.


Frankly, I would not be surprised if he nuked California. He is that crazy. Besides all of the ‘enemies’ of the US are his friends, so what is he going to do, nuke Britain (rhetorical question!)? Remove the mad wannabe king. Bernie2020


He could rape a screaming child every morning on the South lawn and his cult worshippers amongst the public and the cowardly Congressional Republicans would refuse to see it happening. What. The.Hell.
I Truly hope some pissed off rogue element drops a bunker buster on the Capitol during the State of the Union when this bozo gets re-elected…


Like that description!

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You’ve all heard me many times on this subject. As a nuclear veteran, I’ve seen the end-game that these wannabe world-rulers want to do if it looks like things aren’t going their way. The fat one is liable to reach the point where he will say, “If I can’t control and rule the world, nobody can! Lieutenant, open the briefcase!” In his mind, he will die in a cloud of glory and his “enemies” will die beneath many mushrooms. As I’ve said before, “An Earth is a terrible thing to lose.” I’m just one old man who has seen the end and fears it. I hope there are some in power with the ability to head this off, and that they will finally do it.


A reasonable fear…What to say? …Resist as you can and enjoy life now, despite its bad state…


We the People must keep up the pressure on 45.

If effective, his head will soon explode.



The fat one loves himself too much to commit suicide.

All we can do is keep the pressure on, and laugh at him every chance we get.

Then, it’s all up to his circulatory system.

"Pop goes the weasel."


Don’t give him any ideas Merf.

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“The fat one loves himself too much to commit suicide.”

hope so…

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Not only California, but Washington and Oregon also because we know Trump hates the left coast; especially, the Attorney Generals and Judges who have rained on his parade!

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Either way, the people of the United States can no longer defend themselves from annihilation. We can only kill others, after the fact.

Nobody gets away with nuclear war. It’s light years ahead of trade war.

Where were these ‘experts’ during the republican primaries, debates in 2016?

Little late now to be crying.

Hand over the football to a sober navy commander. Right now.

Very true, but the problem is: TRUMP IS STUPID ENOUGH.


Fortunately his military operation is starting to have a “Tulsi Gabbard moment” and will probably disobey that kind of an order.