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As Impeachment Swirls, Trump Vows Continued Crackdown on Whistleblowers After Arrest of Intelligence Analyst

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/impeachment-swirls-trump-vows-continued-crackdown-whistleblowers-after-arrest

Torquemada Trump is just following the same policy used by the Obama Administration. If you condemn one, and you should, then you need to condemn the other.


That the government can call this kind of information “classified” at all is a serious problem.

When whistleblowers out information that citizens of a democratic nation need to know,
we must find a way to protect them.
When our government hides such information from us, that government must pay a price, or this will just continue.


As chummy as Trump is with the likes of Erdagon, Bolsonaro, Kim/NK, Putin, and others, right out in the open as well as secretly behind closed doors, might the spy here be the resident of the White House?

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I don’t think Obama said whistle blowers should get the death penalty-----what a chilling effect this must have on people who might want to come forward----this person has followed the law------and you have the president of the United States saying they deserve death------so much for due process.

Lets not forget the Saudi Royal Family who tortured & dismembered a U.S. journalist. Trump really likes them!

The US is a fascist nation! Constitutional rights no longer have any value.