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As Industry Ramps Up Efforts to Kill Medicare for All, New Tool Shows 'Why We Desperately Need, and Can Absolutely afford, #SinglePayer'


As Industry Ramps Up Efforts to Kill Medicare for All, New Tool Shows 'Why We Desperately Need, and Can Absolutely afford, #SinglePayer'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As a new interactive tool "paints a startling picture of how much Americans are spending on healthcare"—and bolsters the case for a single-payer system—new reporting sheds light on a industry powerful effort to make sure upcoming Medicare for All proposals are dead in the water.


This is the face of corporate Democrats. Why would we want two business parties?

From Tuthout.org:

Wealth must be compounded with wealth, power must be held by the few to wield against the many. The fiction of democracy provides an illusion of freedom to obscure the looting that was the whole point of the endeavor to begin with.


Monday, Feb. 25 is another teleconference with Health Over Profit, West Coast at 6pm, 9pm for Eastern coast .

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It figures that Hillary’s former henchmen are leading the fight to kill Medicare for All. The Clintons were a poison for what once was our democracy.


The problem is not the health care ‘industry’. It is the spineless wall street corporate democrats pretending to have health care religion.


Sorry, but the problem is absolutely the healthcare industry, who do you think buys all of those spineless congress critters.

Everyone take a look at the list in this article, these are just a few of the enemy. Notice how they only become responsive to the problems when their profits are threatened, once the threat is over, they could care less whether you have healthcare or not. Anyone remember how the ACA was just a “starting” point, how far have we come since then?
This is why we have to get it all at the beginning, Expanded, Improved, Medicare for All, everyone in, birth to death. Don’t fall for the “we’ll make it better down the road”, so except this instead.

Expanded, Improved Medicare for All
Nothing less !!


A good debate point from the NYT article - the political right and the industry have rolled out the same ‘govt will control you’ scare tactics since Medicare (even right liberal Democratic ‘fixes’ to prop up the system):

The group “says that Medicare for all will require tax increases and give politicians and bureaucrats control of medical decisions now made by doctors and patients — arguments that echo those made to stop Medicare in the 1960s, Mrs. Clinton’s health plan in 1993 and the Affordable Care Act a decade ago.”


Bureaucrats already do control medical decisions, only they’re unaccountable insurance company bureaucrats.

Years ago my doctor ordered a cardiopulmonary stress test. Little did I know that the stress test wasn’t running on a treadmill while hooked up to machines. The actual stress test was dealing with the insurance company who didn’t want to pay for it.


The only single payer plan that I well and truly support is one that makes medical school almost free AND removes fee for service pay to doctors.
Drs ought to make a salary. Period. Like Mayo Clinic, Geisinger Medical center, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser etc use. Those orgs attract top doctors and in general provide excellent medical care including top notch diagnostics so when people scream and yell about how that ‘won’t ever work’ all I ask is why? I never get an answer. A lot of people don’t believe me about those institutions so I send them the info. I never hear another word about how it won’t work.
Will doctors make less of this salary under a single payer? OF COURSE. So what? They will also work less hours, not have to pay outrageous malpractice insurance and can probably can the live in nanny and maid and lawn service. In other words have a normal life and the satisfaction of actually treating and caring for their patients.
…As to the supposed doctor shortage I keep getting told this would cause… just stop and think about how many people you might know who are smart, caring responsible individuals who wanted to go the med school but could not get in or all those things but could not afford it. I personally know many DOZENS…


Some Physicians are very much for an M4A system.
Check out these people:

Physicians for a National Health Program

__ Physicians for a National Health Program is a single issue organization advocating a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health program. PNHP has more than 20,000 members and chapters across the United States._

Since 1987, we’ve advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. We educate physicians and other health professionals about the benefits of a single-payer system–including fewer administrative costs and affording health insurance for the 30 million Americans who have none.

Our members and physician activists work toward a single-payer national health program in their communities. PNHP performs ground breaking research on the health crisis and the need for fundamental reform, coordinates speakers and forums, participates in town hall meetings and debates, contributes scholarly articles to peer-reviewed medical journals, and appears regularly on national television and news programs advocating for a single-payer system.

PNHP is the only national physician organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to implementing a single-payer national health program._


’ The free National Health Service was paid for directly through public money. Government income was increased for the welfare state expenditure by a large increase in marginal tax rates for wealthy business owners in particular, as part of what the Labour government largely saw as the redistribution of the wealth created by the working-class from the owners of large-scale industry to the workers.[21]

An excerpt from the bio of Aneurin Bevan, Labour Minister of Health, who created the National Health Service after WWII. He received threats on his life and ordure pushed though his letter-box, but it deterred him not one iota. When the doctors realised it would be a steady source of income, they changed their attitude towards it.

One doctor related with amusement that he was called out to a private home one night, and was told by the occupant that there was nothing actually wrong with him, but he just wanted to see if it was true that a doctor would make a call at any hour, if there was a real need. Requirements from potential patients are a teeny-weeny bit more stringent these days.


It is very simple, we cannot put our Health in the hands of FOR PROFIT private Insurance Companies.

It is immoral, unethical and idiotic to think that a corporation dedicated to their Stockholders and exorbitant Salaries for their CEO, would put the Health requirements of their customers before the need to increase PROFITS.

Republican Light Senator Klobuchar said she did not support Medicare For All because she did not want to put the Private Insurance companies out of business.

Now we understand where this corporate hack and most of the Democratic candidates stand.

She would rather her constituents pay exorbitant premiums and co-pays, especially for pre-existing conditions, to Private Insurance companies, than be concerned that her constituents get the best Health Care coverage they need.

Let the Private Insurance companies concentrate on insuring Homes and Automobiles and not the Health of People, which is a major conflict of interest.

Another typical Congress-person putting the Profits of Corporate Donors before the Health and well-being of WE THE PEOPLE.



Hear what the opponents are saying. If you sling garbage cans for a living and need an appendectomy or tonsillectomy you die. The super wealthy already have their preferential services. Visit the top floor of a hospital some day, where the suites of rooms are. Medical costs are already absent market forces. A hospital room costs about a thousand dollars a day. That would cover Trump towers and a private nurse and doctor. Drugs here in the US, thousands, a pill, same drug in other countries pennies. Example HIV drugs. Why should a child die of a common illness, simply because the parent is poor? Opponents are purely medieval. Or even barbaric. Opponents are in the killing business, not the curing business. Those who want their private health care inside their gated communities are welcome to do so, but we spend billion of tax dollars on research and brick and mortar and medical education we deserve a break, be it brick layer or Amazon employee. Let the wealthy go hang at SANDALS.


Bravo, Well informed, and keep saying it over and over, simply stated and cogent.


I agree. Medicare for all will NOT require tax increases if the government sets the price for what each and every procedure will cost and reducing the bloated military military budget by one third is more than enough to pay for it.
Allocating unlimited sums of money for killing , rather than for a persons health is madness .


US health care has always been a cartel run by the wealthy for their personal profit. UN rates it 37 due to the masses of those without access. No doubt medicare would cramp their style. They own the government so sheeple forget about it. You get to die early for them.

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Amend the Constitution to not only explicitly state that the Federal Government can provide universal ‘single payer’ health care (to prevent obstruction from hold-out state administrations) but also that it HAS TO.


We will not have it nationally until we have it in a state or two (See SPANOhio.org). In the 1930s Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said that the states are the laboratories of democracy. Also, bear in mind that the Affordable Care Act was written by the insurance industry for the insurance industry.


From the article:

"As the New York Times lays out, ‘Doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and insurers are intent on strangling Medicare for All…’

I would suggest that the NYT, unsurprisingly, has the order exactly backwards; doctors can expect to lose the least under Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, and for-profit insurers to lose the most.

“All the News That Fits Our Corporate Agenda.” Or something like that…


The Medicare they have in place is killing people! Most doctors and Hospitals do not sign up with the Insurers even if they will accept your plan. This results in you being Out of Network, and have to pay more. The entire System is corrupt and broken. Medical Bills are the number 1 reason people go Bankrupt! How many more people have to suffer?


Bullshit. IT IS THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY, and we better not forget it.
It’s not that we can afford a better system, of course we can, it’s that the one we have is bankrupting people and business who are buying these inflated costs.
Capitalism is splashing around in the sea, looking for pieces of driftwood to keep it afloat. And we are the driftwood.
Take away the profiteering, and leave the investment, and we could let capitalism take a long nap in Davey Jone’s locker.