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As Inslee Drops Out of 2020 Race, Applause and Gratitude for Elevating 'Climate Crisis to Forefront of the National Conversation'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/inslee-drops-out-2020-race-applause-and-gratitude-elevating-climate-crisis-forefront

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“So early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and organize,” Inslee added. “Together, we will continue the fight to defeat the climate crisis.”

Let this be our collective rallying call. Thank you, Governor Inslee. Thank you, Greta Thunberg–a child shall truly lead us the world over.

September 20 Strike For Climate. Be there in the streets.


This weekend the DNC will vote on whether to have a debate focused only on the climate crisis. My idea is that they should vote yes on that proposition and ask Jay Inslee to moderate it.


Me like this idea.

Of course, when I put on my pragmatic DNC strategist hat, I see this as a non starter. It’s best to settle for the status quo and to continue on with our “winning ways”. Hillary 2020 (Who says it can’t be done).

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I’m going to throw a wrench in the works - kinda -. It looks as though the public will get the demand for climate change debate. HOWEVER, for the past year+ farmers in the mid-west have been receiving the brunt of extremes that have been and continue to erode the agricultural ‘breadbasket’. The sheer squalor of discussion on what is happening here must be brought into the sphere of SQUEAKY CLEAN. Big question: What is the status of hedge fund and such ilk in investment ( buying up to control) of these lands??
IMHO we need to demand the restored funding and staffing for science based administration of governance (why else would the admin be gutting the agencies doing science!!??)

Very nearly under the radar is the technology of weather modification. IMHO this will go down in history as one of the most intense examples of distract, negate and hide. The penultimate question of course being: Cui bono? I would submit that land is the prime assurance of power when an economic domination scheme masquerading as legitimate theory goes south, which we are witnessing in real time, damning all who stand in its way. That must be prevented from happening.

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I’m absolutely in favor of elevating this issue. But let’s not kid ourselves about how entrenched fossil fuels are in this global system. Substantive change in this regard won’t happen until the proportion of the crisis is devastating – and it’s now already too late anyway.

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Disaster capitalism…I cannot express what I feel. This is us being bought. How odd to be on the market.

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I like Jay Inslee a lot. Good moral character. Too good, too clean, too right. I don’t think he knows how to fight dirty, that’s not his thing. A nice guy trying to make things right.


So who is he going to endorse?

I like the idea of Jay Inslee moderating a climate change debate.

Note that (at least one of) the resolution put forward by the DNC is problematic in that it states at the end that having two cable channel forums and a few poorly phrased questions about climate change at debates is good enough - so NO DEDICATED CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE.

This is the cowards way out for the DNC. They should vote NO on this resolution and support one that actually creates a CLIMATE CHANGE debate.

FEEL THE BERN :)))…stupid thing won’t let me say what I want so I have to do this sorry.

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Yes - there are two resolutions currently before the executive committee - one calling for a full-on climate crisis debate (this is Tina Podlowski’s resolution from Washington State) and one (sponsored by DNC Chair Tom Perez) that basically keeps the present system in place but adds two “climate forums”. Perez’s climate forums are nothing more than the ones already planned where the candidates are on stage one at a time discussing their plans. Podlowski has said that she expects to lose the vote in the executive committee but then plans to take the resolution to a floor fight in the general meeting the next day where she has a better chance of winning. Christine Pelosi , daughter of the Speaker, supports Podlowski’s climate debate - and if it doesn’t pass is expected to offer a compromise where there will be three to six additional single-issue debates on the chapters of the party platform (including one on climate, one on “Defense” and veterans affairs, and one on medical care). I actually like Christine Pelosi’s idea since I feel the most progressive candidate(s) will shine through on any of these issues if given enough time to debate them.

For those who want to see the details, the full packet of all DNC resolutions being voted on this weekend (not just the climate stuff) can be found here.

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And THAT is the point. The term ‘consumer’ the first dehumanization of human beings on the planet, no longer applies. We ARE the product(slaves) being sold back and forth among the “players”.


Here in Canada a lot of farmland prices are escalating exponentially as overseas investors are buying it up. They then lease the land out to people to farm it and sit on it as the values go up. This prevents small farmers from getting into farming unless they act as sharecroppers.

In the US and Canada both there an escalation in prices of housing and one of the major reasons for this is those same Investors buying up all the housing they can and then limiting the supply so prices escalate. Here in Vancouver it has been found that billions of dollars invested into Real Estate came from money launderers using ill gotten gains from other sources to buy up housing and land.

Tent Cities grow in places like San Francisco , Seattle, here in Vancouver and elsewhere due to the fact that land can be bought and sold and that the people now buying it do not see it as a place to grow food or provide housing first and foremost but as an investment opportunity. Capitalism has devoured the natural world and now starts devouring its young.

Contrast that to Helsinki in Finland where 70 percent of all the land is owned by the City. They determine how it is used and using it to churn profits is not their priority. The land is used for the common good.

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One of the things that will be needed to tackle as we transition and transform is land “ownership.” There will need to be a big re-organization that removes much of the concept of private ownership by corporations and the wealthy and a return of lands to the commons.

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There is a great tide shift happening today, all around me things are happening and it feels as if a great weight has been lifted. Do you not feel it as well? You know, dark vs light, good vs evil, that sort of thing where to “evil” has very good reasons to run and hide? Those things are being pushed out of the way for something clean and true. Making way for the new.

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Thanks for providing the additional information and link.

I like Christine Pelosi’s suggestion of several focused debates. I think there should be one on International Relations - I like that term better than Defense and veterans affairs because it goes deeper into looking at the US role in the world. It would include “Defense” and veterans affairs within this topic.

Would love also to see whichever network or cable channel is hosting the debate to farm out the role of moderator (and producer) because the formats and questioning of the first two debates were really poorly handled.

Interesting - I’ll have to read about that. I’m ok with limited capitalism and private ownership in many areas but not health insurance or banking and I’ve long thought the government should own all the land. There are some practical problems to solve when people own immovable property on leased land so I’ll be interested to see how Helsinki handles it.

I don’t know Inslee well enough to do more than speculate. I have seen a few headlines teasing their own speculation so perhaps he will before the first primary. Has either of the other two dropouts (Swallwell, Hickenlooper) endorsed anybody?

I hope he endorses Sanders but I suppose anybody with a platform on the issue is possible (I know Gabbard’s but I’m not paying much attention to anyone else).