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As International Outrage Grows, Israeli Soldiers Injure Hundreds in Fourth Week of Gaza Protests

As International Outrage Grows, Israeli Soldiers Injure Hundreds in Fourth Week of Gaza Protests

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite mounting concerns from the international community—including Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman—Israeli soldiers reportedly killed at least four Palestinians and injured hundreds on Friday as the March o


Boycott Divest Sanction


The American Jewish community must stand-up and speak out.


What do you think that will accomplish? The Israelis don’t seem to care what American Jews say. They certainly haven’t stopped building settlements because American Jews said they should stop.


Numerous US police forces getting trained in Israel. That suggests a future planned need to crack down hard on dissent in America. Day by day the police state entrenches further, that will lead to our eventual absolute loss of all freedoms. Waiting for the spark that sets off a citizen response, I won’t hold my breath. We are useless chattel to these NWO demons.


Besides the US govt., where do you think their money comes from ?


I am far from an expert on Israel but it is my understanding that they have a fairly large economy for a small country and are particularly doing well in high tech. So I would assume that most of their money comes from taxes. If US Jews have any influence on the Israelis I think it is much less than it used to be. The Israeli government is far right wing while the majority of US Jews are on the left. I think quite a few American Jewish leaders have called for halting of the settlements and this has had no effect. President Obama also called for the same thing and he was ignored. And of course the UN has said the settlements are illegal yet the building of settlement in the West Bank has continued. I think many American Jews are frustrated with the situation in Israel as are many other people.

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I’m hoping Kim Jung Un says this at our Prez dent:
“Listen here punk fat ass piss wad. My country will deal with America’s supposedly united states, after you leave office. As soon as YOU leave office, assh*le, in your place someone else may represent people who are NOT the country club comfy cozy always right people, other Americans, the actual majority of its population.”

Hey, I can dream. Go for it Kim Jung Un! YOU SAY THAT!! (^;

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I am thinking that it is now time or never be free again. People who have been through hell under Naziss and other supressiveregimes have been trying to warn the uspublic for at least a decade and so far it does not seem as if anyone much has been attentive.


The US has plenty of money and we have deficit of something like $20 trillion dollars. An issue is whether a country can handle its debt. Greece could not. So far the US has been able to. Like the US, Israel is a leader in high tech although far short of Silicon Valley. Just out of curiosity I looked up the gross domestic product of Israel and found it to be 318.74 billion US dollars in 2016. That sounds like a lot of money to me. Wikipedia says it has a higher standard living than France. I can’t find any reason to consider Israel’s economy a basket case as you claim.

As I said a few years ago, the orange one has the same gift(?) that Hitler had. The ability to reach into men’s souls and pull out all the violent, hateful things that lurk deep in the mind, and gives praise for the activities that brings out.
*I’m seeing people whom I have considered to be decent, caring, thinking folk, who now ape trump’s messages and spew the same hatred and racism against people, just for their religion, their race, their poverty. Who praise the wars and the number of people killed and maimed and made homeless.
*We lost an entire generation to rid the world of fascism and Nazism and defeat the Axis of Germany, Italy and Japan.
*Now, we are looking at a new Axis of evil. The US Fourth Reich, Israel and Saudi Arabia. How many millions must die, how much land must be laid waste before this Axis is destroyed? How many more Palestinians and Yemenis must be blown up, starved, or die of disease before the World rises up to smite their destroyers?
*And, there must never be another Operation Paperclip, to teach the “victors” how to do it right.
*trump and his minions took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The house and Senate take a similar oath. Like Bush 2, they just consider the Constitution a “goddamn piece of paper.”
*The casual violation of that oath of office should be sufficient grounds for impeachment and trial of all of the perpetraitors and a reversal or cancellation of all the unconstitutional acts and legislation they have perpetrated.
*We the People need to see the Constitution, with its Bill of Rights restored to the halls of government, intact and functioning. Then, perhaps we can cure our ills and even avoid the Nuclear holocaust which will destroy us all, and most of the rest of Earth. I am a Nuclear Veteran and know whereof I speak, up close and personal. I have seen and felt the Dragon. The warmongers who so casually dream of nuclear war have never seen or felt it. Most of them seem to think it is like a computer game and nothing will happen to them. Believe me, it will.


They think they will be safe in their billion dollar bunkers, while in reality they will be sealing themselves in very expensive tombs. We have allowed seriously mentally ill and aggressive people take control of our lives.


Why are the Israeli Jews murdering unarmed men, women and children who are non-violently protesting (i.e. without using weapons) against being locked in the Gaza Ghetto? Why is Israel repeating some of the same kind of things that the Nazis did to the European Jews in places like the Warsaw Ghetto? Or do Israel and its supporters think that they are still the “good guys” fighting against the “evil Palestinians” just like in WWII? It is very unfortunate that many westerners (i.e. Americans, British, French, etc. as well as the Israelis), are still very deluded in thinking they are the “good guys” like in the last world war and that all of their war-mongering and murdering in places like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Africa, and so on is in the name of “fighting for freedom”? Delusion appears to be the biggest enemy to humankind.


My tax dollars are being used to kill, children, women, and, men! God’s chosen people pimping arpartheid, and genocide with my hard earned cash! Enough! Light up the phone lines folks. “If you stand for nothing you will go for anything.” Malcolm X


The brutality and racism toward Palestinians by the Israeli IDF and “security forces” with impunity is reflected in American police killing/shooting Black Americans, Latinos and poor whites, with the same impunity; Both victim groups usually unarmed, often children.

The link between the two killer groups is treating their victims as enemy and that the one, Israel, is training the other - American police being trained in Israel and bringing IDF brutality and shoot-first MO and extreme racism home to America.:

The Israeli IDF violent “crowd control” we are witnessing now on the Gaza border is being taught to American police - a militaristic violence as first response “anti-terrorism” response rather than a civilian non racist, non-violent, or far less violent model.

Israeli “training” reflects their brutal treatment of, and racism toward Palestinians, and I believe has contributed to the execution shootings and brutality by US cops toward Americans, especially people of color! This training of US cops by Israeli racist military must stop! BDS!.

“A coalition of community organisations in the city of Durham, North Carolina has successfully lobbied the city council to ban training and exchanges between Durham’s police department and the Israeli military.”



Great argument. Using that logic no one should protest anything. The fossil fuel industry doesn’t care what protesters say. Nor the ICE officials, nor the slave-wage employers, nor the health insurance and pharma industries… need I say more?
Israel cares very much what the US Jews and the US public in general say. Why do you think there’s such an effort on their part to criminalize the BDS movement??


After years of research I have yet to disprove the following thesis

There are 3 ways a victim can deal with their suffered trauma

Heal it by treatment and care

Internalize it and develop a debilitating neurosis

Externalize it by Perpetrating a similar trauma on Others


Our representatives in Congress care about protests because we vote for them. I am not saying all protests have an effect but certainly some do. The BDS is a boycott which certainly the Israelis care about. That is a big step beyond simply speaking out. Israel cares what the US Congress says, that is for sure. For some reason Congress is a big supporter of Israel, and did not support Obama on his effort to stop the building of settlements. I am not sure why Congress has taken such a strong position on the side of Israel. It could be because of campaign contributions from AIPAC. Clearly AIPAC does not represent the views of the majority of Jews in the US. It appears to me that the views of most Jews in the US mean little or nothing to the Israelis but the views of small right wing Jewish groups like AIPAC do mean a lot. I think Obama had it right trying to appear neutral in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and condemning the settlements but because of the strong support for Israel in Congress Israel was able to ignore him and actually approved new settlements when Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting Israel. I support a neutral position for the US government and a continued effort to get a peace agreement for a two-state solution.

The Israelis may as well go into Gaza and the West Bank and murder every last one of the Palestinians. It’s pretty obvious that no one is going to stop them or even much care. It’s the final solution after all. I suggest gas chambers and ovens. It worked quite efficiently in the past.

And it wont does not stop there. Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, …Iran, Turkey… You know, that list they made. Addictive. Sick.