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As Internet Captured by #MPRraccoon, Big Telecoms and FCC Salivate Over Pending Death of Net Neutrality


As Internet Captured by #MPRraccoon, Big Telecoms and FCC Salivate Over Pending Death of Net Neutrality

Jon Queally, staff writer

A skyscraper-scaling raccoon lit up the Internet overnight—generating hope, anxiety, and the #mpraccoon hashtag on social media—and defenders of net neutrality warn it's just the latest example, benign and light-hearted as it is, of what could be lost if big telecoms and the Trump FCC are not thwarted in their effort to hijack control of the world wide web in the name of profit and greed.


People pray for this raccoon while Dear Leader signs the death warrant of countless Yemenis. Ain’t that America.


The revolution will not be on the internet


That’s their Endgame, nineteen50.


No it won’t, but they know without it, the revolution will never be organized.


Elites will not cease until they own and control everything on the planet –
or what’s left of it.

My question here re Net Neutrality is what will be the public’s reaction, response?

Why is there none expected? Why not just pull the plug on a monopoly which
does not serve the interests of the consumers?

Meanwhile – here’s something else to think about –

Evidently, the right wing is moving to overturn the Johnson Amendment

From the American Humanist Association –

House of Representatives is currently considering appropriations bill for the Financial Services
and General Government – which contains a provision that would effectively make the Johnson Amendment unenforceable.

Johnson Amendment is the provision which prohibits houses of worship and other non-profits from participating in campaign politics while maintaining a preferential tax status.
Previous attempts to repeal or weaken the Johnson Amendment have been defeated.

The Religious Right is hoping that Americans won’t take notice and stand up to their attempts to sneakily harm the Johnson Amendment, but I know that humanists are determined to protect the separation of church and state and a transparent elections process. Tell Congress not to pass legislation which harms the Johnson Amendment!
Thank you for defending the separation between church and state.

End of AHA message –

Here’s the thing – “Christianity” has always been lurking in the background of government because “Christianity” underpins Elitism and Elitism is a constant threat to government “of the people.”

It was the cause of the “War in Spain” after Spain declared itself a democracy – including the protection of Separation of Church & State. In fact, that democracy came as a response by officials to citizens rising up against the Vatican/RCC in Spain because of their support for Elites.

“Christianity” is organized patriarchal religion – a male-supremacist system – which not only underpins Elite/Patriarchy but which gifted them with the licenses to exploit Nature and Humans found in “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature.” This included every nation’s natural resources, animal-life and even other human beings according to various myths of “inferiority” which allowed discrimination and enslavement and even killing of native people under Papal Edicts followed here by the invaders.

Should the WEALTH of the Vatican and other male-supremacist religions unite with the wealth of Elites/Corporations – with the freedom to INVEST in our political campaigns and to buy our politicians, it wouldn’t take very long before none of us would any longer have the right to freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, or free will.

We would be back in the Dark Days of “Crusades” - “Inquisitions” - and “Burnings at the Stake.”

And the great spilling of blood which soaked the soil of Europe for hundreds of years.

Right now the attack on science in the denial of Global Warming is certainly alarmingly reminiscent of those times.


You go to your church, I’ll go to mine.

“To go where no raccoon has gone before. Live long and prosper,” little guy!