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As Iowa Gets Ready to Vote, Sanders Calls Out Clinton's Record



It's a negative campaign when you call your opponent ruthless and incompetent. When you help the public understand that your opponent's actions doesn't match their rhetoric, it's just connecting the dots so that people can perceive the real image.


A Bernie win in Iowa upsets the whole apple cart. It gets real hard to avoid saying Bernie looks likely to win after he takes the lead, doesn't it? That is why there is panic. They've all seen Bernie's rapid rise in popularity with America and were that Hillary, we'd never hear anything else but because it isn't Hillary... we rarely hear much about it. That constant drumbeat remained relatively quiet.

But if Bernie wins in Iowa then how can they remain quiet about Bernie's popularity? Lol.

Daggnabit!!! This is a heck of an election. Most interesting one ever in my lifetime. History awaits us with this one.


When I hear Clinton and her shills talk about her "record," I don't get it.

Her record shows that she came up with a bunch of suggestions when she worked as an assistant to the Watergate Investigation. Every one of her suggestions pointed toward leniency or excusing the criminal record, and were rejected.

When she was in the White House she "championed" health care reform. Absolutely nothing came from her efforts.

When Bill left the White House, she suddenly became a New York resident and got herself placed in the Senate for a short amount of time by Senate standards. The notable exception is when a Party wants to elevate the Public awareness and perceived status of a future candidate, ala Barack Obama.

When she ran for the Party nomination for the national election, she lost.

As part of the deal cut in the Democratic Party, Obama was given the nod and Clinton received the position of Secretary of State to retain her public persona as she waited for the 2016 election where the Party promised to support her then.

She's been a divisive element in American politics for a long, long time. Enough is enough.


Sanders has a few obstacles to overcome. The caucus and primary voting needs to be fair and accurate. The convention nominating process needs to be fair and honest. He needs to avoid the lone assassin who happens to turn up at convenient/inconvenient times, depending on which side of the socio-elitist divide you happen to live on. Alternatively, there's always the convenient sudden fatal heart attack.

If he can get past those, I don't see how any republican will be able to stop him, unless the Supreme Court decides to step in again.


If you pay close attention and get past the spin the media places on the tax issue in their drive to discredit him, you'll start to see that your total taxes will go down, your quality of life will rise, and we may very well begin to see the Wall Street crooks finally taking the perp walks they deserve.


And their direction seems to have improved.


Yes, Sanders being a man of some integrity has a virtual gauntlet of issues ahead of him. But in my view, the elephant in the room is even if Bernie wins the majority of the primaries the odds are that HRC will be the Democratic nominee for POTUS.


Or maybe AndrewB is a billionaire with offshore tax havens! /s


Establishment panic? Folks, if Bernie wins Iowa and N.H. you have not seen anything yet! Bernie will be demonized as a Socialist and excoriated as ------fill in the blank.


I view Sanders as a leader, based on his lifetime record of standing up for the right things.

I view Clinton as a representative, somebody who reflects the views of others, at any given moment.

The presidency necessarily requires a leader.


Agreed. Still hoping he beats the odds.


One way Bernie could beat the odds is if millions of voters sign a petition before the democratic convention, that says they refuse to support HRC if Bernie is denied the nomination. Personally, there is no way I could vote for HRC.


I agree. The stakes here are so huge that we have to find back-up immediately and be ready to turn to an alternative immediately. The game is rigged and supporting Bernie means supporting the movement. We are reclaiming and reinventing our democracy.


Yes, leadership means not basing ones policy decisions or platform on polls or public clamor (usually founded on corrupt media slant), it is based, or should be, on what is best for the nation and our people's best interests - the 99%, not the 1% - the public/civilian sector not the corporate or MICC!

"leadership means not simply following the majority. It means having the guts in certain moments to say, you know what? I don't care what the Washington Post editorial board has to say" - Bernie's words of courage and integrity!

It is transparent that Sec Clinton has not led from courage or for the common good, but from polls and campaign contributors or the war machine or corporate agenda - one look at the candidates speaking tells the tale - one speaks from a long history of supporting issues and the other of taking polls and listening to "focus" groups....


$2,000 for Obama?

Do me a favor ?

Can you lend me twenty bucks? :smiling_imp:


Part of this petition might be clearly stating that voters will vote for Bernie as a fill-in for the general election.


Call out the troops. We have had our last national election in 2012.


Bernie will be safe until he gets to the point, like RFK, that Bernie will get the democratic nomination. Because the same cabal that used a patsy to take out RFK are still the powerful, with no conscience, elite.


Triangulation is no way to lead a nation.