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As Iran Deal Nabs Necessary Votes, 'War Criminal' Cheney Shouted Down in DC



“I know of no nation in history that has agreed to guarantee that the
means of its own destruction will be in the hands of another nation,
particularly one that is hostile," Cheney

Oh? Didn't the USA do exactly that when they researched how to build the f'n bomb in the first place? By proving it worked, they made it possible for anyone to build them eventually.

The Iran deal, such as it is, will work to prevent Iran building a bomb they say they didn't want.


I love this. Short and pinpoint accurate. Thanks.


Michelle Anang--an American heroine! She went into a citadel of power, where the brutal Dick Cheney was making an appearance, and she spake her conscience, at whatever risk to her own person. If we had thirty million Michelle Anangs the country would be civilized in no time at all. I agree with Thoreau that a revolution of one is already a powerful step towards the Good. Thirty million revolutionaries of the soul might just be able to save this benighted nation of 300 million from impending disaster. There are many mysteries down here on planet earth: why is the blue whale so big? why is the shrew so small? why are flies so irritating? why are people often so annoying? But the biggest mystery is the simple question: why isn't Dick Cheney in jail? But perhaps there is no mystery. Brutality and barbarism are rewarded and celebrated when brutal barbarians rule the roost...


The shame of America is this: That it wasn't a hundred protesters, instead of one brave soul, resisting this warpig.

That it isn't the media, resisting and questioning him every time he rears his murderous head.

And, of course, that this walking malignancy isn't releasing all his lying missives from a federal cell.


I hope this is more-or-less on topic, but something that has bothered me ever since the agreement was finally reached is that it has been "the Iran Deal," not "the agreement", or "the treaty."
* This agreement, if allowed to proceed, will give peace a chance, at least in part of the Middle East. Iran is a strong proponent of nuclear disarmament, both in the Middle East and around the world.
* How have the think tanks decided to describe it, to lessen its chances? It is "the deal." For most Americans, at least, making a deal is something sleazy. It is done in the back room "wid da boys." Money is exchanged and "the deal" is consummated.
* Then there are things like "Let's Make a Deal" on television. a game show where somebody may win a lot of money.
* I think the Iran agreement would be much more accepted if it were referred to as an agreement, or a treaty. That would also give it the dignity it deserves.
* On the other hand, considering the implied threats to Iran if it did not do as it was told, perhaps Iran had to settle for the "best deal wid da boys" they could get.


" Trust but verify ". Not the Iranian gov'ts intentions, our Congress and AIPACs', intentions. Former Sen. " Rabbi Joe " Lieberman got some of his dog back today from the taxidermist wink . Good for these Sens. for doing their jobs. We could of tried withholding their salaries but SCOTUS would just have ruled that taking money directly from wall street whales, to tide them over, was a legally protected form of being bought and paid off. Respecting " peaceful resolutions " and using cooperation an diplomacy could possibly catch on given a chance. Good for Code Pink. The young women is brave and right, too. We use to say, " I trust Ho Chi Minh more than Dick Nixon & Henry Kissinger. " Fast forward 40 some years: today is another good day to kick another useless Dick, around. It's a shame we can't kick a bunch more of them, too. And, the AEI should never be allowed on NPB again without a preceding disclaimer announcing their intentions are corrupt and have nothing to do with what we Americans think of as " enterprise "; it's more closely related to " gun running ".


Meanwhile, you can enjoy a little advance schadenfreude by listening to They Might Be Giants' song "When Will You Die." They claim it's not about anyone in particular, but it sounds totally Dick Cheney to me.


What's with the namby-pamby quotation marks in the headline? I'm pretty sure he is literally a war criminal.


Cheney needs to shrivel up and blow away. Not even getting someone else's heart has changed his demonic demeanor...nor his snarly countenance. His hubris blinds him to his own irrelevance. He should not be allowed to leave the state of Wyoming.

Bravo to Ms. Anang and CodePink for being ever vigilant in their activism for peace (they also appear at numerous House and Senate hearings to protest, which I appreciate.)


Code Pink Rocks!

The continued existence of Cheney is incontrovertible proof that there is no God.


He had other priorities: http://www.thenation.com/article/chapter-went-missing-dick-cheneys-book/

What a shameless, despicable person, still treated as a sage, yes, a lying, cheating false prophet.


Yes, the prospects for more sanity in the face of American War "Wahabism" (intentional mixture of concepts) are slowly increasing, barring accidents of political sabotage engineered by American pro-war interests. But the dangers of irrational and "accidental" blind-side events are, as ever, just as relentlessly increasing. I introduce my own personal piece of evidence herewith: upon viewing the little video showing the audience and security personnel in the meeting "hall" of the American Enterprise Institute, I indulged in a "private", but now publicly attested to, temper tantrum in which I blew out the audience and the enforcers and all the suits in that room with a combination of grenades and automatic fire - this, "despite" my commitment to gun control legislation, and a lack of incidents in my past history of 7+ decades of life. The level of tolerance for "the way things are" must have its parallel to my reaction among thousands of people. Caveat Emptor, for the voting public as they toy around with the nominating process!! PS neither Sanders nor (obviously) Trump will help. Certainly not Clinton or any other "Republican" contender.


If Iran breaks the deal so can America. To me that is a more decent way to go about it than straight out war. So it will be work to set up the sanctions again. Better than choice one being war. Big part of the world hates us already.


There are places he and his fellow war criminals can't go. I think it was Sweden that Bush canceled a trip to due to the fact he would have been arrested. I can't provide proof but I imagine they have not changed their view.


I'm also looking forward to his death although it is not exactly nice to feel that way about someone. I feel the same way about others in the "W" Administration except for the ones that now regret their decisions. Colin Powell now says he was misled. He should admit he deliberately lied and regrets it. Paul O'Neill resigned before W decided to declare war on Iraq and said W planned to invade Iraq before he became POTUS. Powell would be a better man if he said the war was wrong and resigned. Scott McClellan served in Bush's Administration the first term. During the second term, he said the Iraq War was wrong.


I wish a country would invite him there and not tell him about their plans to prosecute him. We know that would never happen. If that happened, Bush would experience "shock & awe".


The woman with Code Pink is correct. Mr. Dick DickC is wrong. What we have is a moral teachable moment. There is good and there is bad. A violent reaction to things that are bad or wrong make us sick, inside and out. The illness can spread. It can do harm to everyone in it's path. It is a good thing to accept the actions of the woman from Code Pink, she is teaching what morals are all about. To slam those that are in opposition, to wish to piss on their grave and the like is poison in blood and can be pasted onto those that cannot see. In doing things that are right as many times as you can, will make the bad walk away in shame and the numbers will wither in the vine. To quote Robbie Robertson, "...with eyes of fire, no one and see..." Being mindful of your reaction to an event will allow you to still the the Good In All of Us Who See.


The Dickster would kill you, your family and your relatives in a NY minute if he had to preserve the status quo and Empire. " The meek may inherit the world, but not it's natural resources. " Mr. Getty While your point is true and a worthy goal; maybe it should be used in overturning the death penalty of the younger Tsarnaev brother or the white supremacist shooter in Kansas City. Nobody benefits from their execution, imo.. P.S. Dick Cheney has done far greater damage to the world than either of those two, imo. I grew up without the death penalty as an option and I still think that is the correct understanding of how " this is all supposed to work. " Life in prison yes, death no.


And that's the situation we've got to figure out how to defeat.
* My peaceful solution is a Global BDS of the US Fourth Reich and all of its fascist, Quisling, Axis that is causing so much misery and hate on the globe.
* The whole bunch is profit and power driven and if the profits can be removed or severely curtailed, perhaps that would force them to the table.
* If we could figure out a way to elect actual representatives of the people to public office, perhaps We the People could turn this nation around, from a Fourth Reich back to a Constitutional Republic.
* It appears to me that We the People of the World are finally waking up to what is happening. The question is, having identified the problem, to find a way to solve it, to defeat world hegemony.
* I'm seventy-eight years old, so can only hope for peace for my part. Probably wouldn't last long in the trenches, but I'd support that, too, if it was the only way. If we keep going the way we are, I think Nature may solve the problem for us.