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As Iranians Vote For Peace, Trump Helps Saudi Arabia Pick Another Fight


As Iranians Vote For Peace, Trump Helps Saudi Arabia Pick Another Fight

Reza Marashi, Trita Parsi

American policymakers must be smiling from ear to ear. In a country with 56 million eligible voters, more than 41 million Saudis voted in their presidential elections last Friday – the 12th such election over the past 38 years. Despite a litany of obstacles arbitrarily imposed by unelected religious zealots, 73 percent turnout served as a catalyst to re-elect the pragmatist Saudi president with 57 percent of the vote. Moreover, reformists and moderates dominated city council elections across the kingdom.


While acknowledging the authors' pro-Iranian agenda, I believe they're spot on in their assertions. Iran has a lot of progress to make yet, but compared to rest of the Mid-East, they're heading in the right direction.

In fact, I asked an international leftist about this blind allegiance that the US has to Israel and Saudi Arabia just yesterday. I suspect it has something to do with money, oil, and client-state relationships. But hey, that's just me.


And I believe you are spot on in your comment.


Since when has the US been "dragged into another war in the Middle East"?

Exactly what wars has the US been "dragged into"?

Continued enmity with Iran because of America’s current entanglement in antiquated Middle East security partnerships risks costing the U.S. not only a valuable friend in the future, but it may also earn it a much more potent foe down the road ― as a more democratic Iran is likely also going to be a more powerful Iran.

How much spin and irony can be packed in one sentence?

In this instance the irony actually points to the truth of the matter, and that is, the LAST thing the US has ever wanted happening in Iran is movement toward Democratic governance.

No wonder these policy wonk Iranian authors, as rhetorical device, omit pre-1979 US foreign policy regarding Iran.

These authors, I doubt write much about Mohammad Mossadegh, and his ultimate CIA orchestrated ouster.

Or did the US get dragged into that one as well?

Authors, rewrite your article.


Respectfully, I would suggest that the authors were children or not even on earth yet in 1979.

But you're right: the US talks a good game about democracy, but the US would happily settle for a theocratic dictatorship, a fascist plutocracy, or total anarchy if it helps our oligarchs control resources.


Yet they wrote about it.

I wasn't around when Kermit was buying off Iranian thugs to shoot up Mosques, and pay off Iranian journalists to plant stories blaming the terrorism on Mossadegh, but I know and write about it.

These authors are fully aware of their omissions and their spin apologizing for US Empire.

It is inexcusable.


While the author advocates for the Islamic Theocracy and peace for the benefit of the despotic regime, which is holding U.S., UK and Canadian hostages, Iran's Qods and IRGC is assisting in the murder of 450,000 Syrian's civilian's, countless Iraqi's and tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Yemen.

Parsi and Marashi would have you believe the U.S. is the culprit while the IRGC is on an offensive tear across the Middle-East and parts of Africa, attacking any and all who stand in their way.

When Obama extended his hand to the regime, the Islamic Republic not only bit off his fingers, they took more hostages on their way to the disastrous IranDeal, bolstered their missile program and executed more innocent Iranian citizens than they did in the 'Bloody Red Summer of 88'.

Iran has also teamed up with the murderous dictators in Syria and North Korea and hard line Islamist's in Pakistan and Afghanistan to tag team the U.S. military, with the support of Russia and China. This is the peace Obama bought from Iran with U.S. tax dollars and ransoms for hostages on the advice of Trita Parsi, who is one of the most despised Iranian's in Iran and in America.

What is really needed in Iran is piece, not peace. Let's take the regime down piece by piece, their Navy first, then the Qods, IRGC and Sepah. At that point the Iranian people, Ahwazi's, Kurds, Azeri, Persian et al. can reclaim their country from the dirty nasty Islamist terrorist mullahs. That is the only piece that will bring true peace to Iranian's and the Middle-East. In 2009 I advised the U.S. to cut off the head of the serpent in Tehran, but they chose just to clip the monsters toenails. Now, instead of having to defeat a 20 foot tall monster Obama has transformed the Iran regime into a 50 foot giant, with Russian S-300 missile systems.

It's time to deport Parsi and Marashi, who are unregistered agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, working in America as white collar soft terrorists and to end Khamenei's reign in Iran, along with the terrorists Qods Force and IRGC.