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As Irma Intensifiies, "You've Never Experienced a Hurricane Like This"


As Irma Intensifiies, "You've Never Experienced a Hurricane Like This"

Jon Queally, staff writer

"One of the most incredible things I have ever seen on satellite." —Eric Blake, National Hurrican Center


How many of the new Hi-Energy hurricanes will it take for the climate deniers to change their minds?

Simple energy equations. Add heat, it gets stronger, Duh.

Seems to me we should send rebuilding invoices to Exxon-Mobile and the rest of the boys

Amazing how silent every naysayer is.
What no Brilliant Denial based on HOOEY

Just the Scientists YELLING…Pay Attention it’s Coming

And still as the Scientist said…Our thoughts are for those in it’s path


To prove “climate change is a Chinese hoax,” get the whole Trump team to Mar a Lago for the duration. The Great Divider can live tweet his experience…


Anger is the new mood. It has been simmering for awhile. People are sick of supporting a non- functioning government. When people see no hope for their future…!


Living here in St. Petersburg the msm is going haywire, on and on scare tactics while the storm is at least 4 days away from the states. Overkill in my view. The supermarket was packed today, I’ll wait a few days to decide what to do.


Yeah, and perhaps Irma will accommodate us by dropping an empty cruise ship on Mar-a-Lago, saving us all from further embarrassing attempts at governance.


We can expect nothing until our corporate media untie their hands and start asking Trump to speak on these hurricanes and climate change! Make him have to explain himself in detail instead letting him get off easy with his cliches and blithe ignorance. Cmon media people! Make Trump speak out on these hurricanes! They are giants!


Climate deniers will never change their minds. They will only Move to higher ground. They care not for the people who will be hurt by this. Fact is they will find a way to profit off this disaster. Thus they’ll be hoping for bigger and more damaging storms. These are Trump people…Trump emerged from building 666. Not a coincidence. Just think of everything he has done since entering office. Wake up!! Before it’s too late


The corporate media love talking up the fear as it is great for ratings and viewership but they need to start talking about climate change! If they don’t and try to skip over discussing it then their viewing public should flood (pun intended) their offices with letters and emails in complaint!

It is long past the time when the media faces their part in delaying action on climate change! The media has long taken the conservative perspective but it is time that the media interview the scientists that Trump ignores!


I believe Father Nature has stepped in to defend her honor which the Republicans have besmirched, for the last time.


Wreaking the whirlwinds


That was actually also my first thought, when I opened this article, but how do you do it???


This may sound cruel but I would love to see the Orange Denier-in-Chief’s “Mar-a-Lago” flattened by this hurricane. Of course, that would mean that many innocent people would suffer but Trump is already good at that, isn’t he? Just ask the 800,000 who will be deported when he eliminates DACA. What a twisted, heartless, colossal piece of shit he is.


These climate deniers are really something else. They are not simply corrupt fools. They are murderers and should be tried for treason, murder in the 1st degree. They are destroying the future for our children and yet they are paid handsomely for their deeds.
Yes - every city, every person who experiences loss, every insurance company -
everyone, send your invoices to Exxon, Trump Tower, James Inhoff and all your Texas morons in the Senate and House. Send copies to Rick Scott - that pillar of immorality, govenor of Florida who forbids government employees to even mention the words, CLIMTE CHANGE OR GLOBAL WARMING.
If you ever vote for these people again, may the winds of the future smack you in the head until you regain some semblance of consciousness.


Florida has done some things right. Their building codes dictated new housing be made of concrete block back in the sixties when I was a child there. Our much older house there had aluminum storm jalousies, strips of metal that open and close, over all of the windows. Oir family kept enough plywood and boards to cover every glass window in our stores. But so much more should be done. Like limiting where people can live, and raising houses up, and for gosh sake, mobile homes should not be allowed there. Oh, back then there were no factories in South Florida and no nuclear power plants…

Yeah, we should stop global warming,but meanwhile some leadership is required to keep people alive…


Scare tactics equal higher ratings and higher ratings equal money. Local TV news is crap. Just wait until the hurricane hits there will be some idiot out there with a camera and a mike telling you how high the waves are and how strong the wind is. TV “journalism” at its best.


Leadership from Rick Scott and Donald Trump? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Yeah, rather than focusing on these DACA kids, why isn’t the Justice Department looking at getting rid of all the Nazis and White Supremisists?

Oh, that’s right, the Nazis and White Supremisists have completely infiltrated the current administration.


The ignorant of can be excused but the publics denirrs are malicious S.O.B’s with more than one loose screw.
Can’t blame Trump nor just Repulicans gor the coming of vastly more harmfull to all life super droughts and storms.
Maybe if the Democratics sexually obsessed members had fought as hard against polluters as they did for rightsof the crotch to screw each and all, we would not quite be so unprepared for
when SHTF.
While it seems to me that this site is not unbiased and slanted to gain political advantage for Democrats return to power, some commentators seem to be of a far broader and open mind so that they talk of down to earth problems and pragmatic ways to controll the actermath of neglect and laziness of all of us in past.


She’s had enough of development, building, and overpopulation of humans.