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As Israel Prospers, Obama Set to Give Billions More in Aid While Netanyahu Demands Even More


As Israel Prospers, Obama Set to Give Billions More in Aid While Netanyahu Demands Even More

Glenn Greenwald

For all the chatter about animosity between U.S.


Goliath $hit$ brick$ when in the presence of David.


Seems to me it is far past time to give Israel the same treatment as the Barbary States for demanding tribute payments.


I think it is time we put an end to this, don't you think? Never money for social needs but always for war? Total, rolling non cooperation now! If you can withhold taxes contact the War Resisters League and they will put you in touch with groups that will hold your taxes in escrow.


Apparently the cost of slaughtering Palestinians and taking their land is going up. Occupation inflation.


It's clearly called a "military aid package", meaning a) the funds will not help people anywhere, and b) the monies are probably intended to buy American armaments. Thus the MIC continues to dangerously arm the world while enriching itself with our public funds.


The MIC will continue to use some of the money to buy more politicians in the US and abroad to assure that future "aid" packages are bigger than past "aid" packages.


If we could have voter initiatives and referendums, one good proposal could be that each taxpayer is able to mandate where his or her taxes would go.


Blackmail. To such arrogance I would be tempted to ask for the deportation of Israelis with dual citizenship. Let them decide to either be Americans or Israelis but not both. Have they already compromised our elections?



The UK, which led the fight against Nazism, after WW2 was required to repay the war loans made by the USA which was achieved in around 2006. The UK also had to repay with interest the massive loan made by the USA to the UK in 1947 to stave off total bankruptcy caused as a result of leading the fight against Nazism. This was paid off in 2011. As part of the agreement for the borrowings in 1947, the UK had to devalue its currency and to relinquish the leading role of the GBP in international currency,. which affected British living standards and investment for the future.

Israel ethnically cleanses around 700 000 to 900 000 Arabs off their lands in 1948 forcing them and their descendents unto the third generation to live in refugee camps and the Israeli-colonised West Bank, and institutes what is effectively apartheid based on religion, leading now to the creation the largest bombed-out ghetto-under-siege the world has yet seen, Gaza, where kids get shot for playing on the beach.

Israel gets GIVEN $3 billion plus per year and wants MORE? Who won WW2?


We, Tax Paying Citizens, are sung the "We're Still Saving Them from the Nazis!" song by Our Own Government as it, itself, has morphed INTO a 21st Century version OF the Nazis.

"...where are your papers?"

"...we have ways of making you talk!"

Hey Kids! Turn in your Parents!

Homeland, Homeland Uber Alles!


Campaign finance dollars and promised American Jewish votes prior to the elections. Israel has been winning the American election process since 1946 due to a cohesive effort in lobbying for its interests, donating to various American politicians, who in turn oversee the distribution of this countries' wealth to Corporatists ready and willing to sell and service military hardware "protecting" the State of Israel. Nothing illegal here; they learned the game, play the game, and are winning the game. Tax the initial 1% of repatriated Corporatist profits back into this country and eliminate the need and control of any individual or entity and their campaign finance funds over US politicians and the badly flawed and poorly regulated election process. Question the motives of anyone questioning this sensible plan and ask, "Cui Bono"? Thank you Sen Sanders for not humiliating yourself as did every other US politician falling over themselves to kowtow to AIPAC once again, during another American election cycle. It's as if this insane, redundant, repetition, over and over, election cycle after election cycle, with no one asking the question "what's that Star on the wall for?" (Deafening silence) (American Werewolf in London) No walls in America; no walls in Israel; no war in Palestine. Neocons the world over go to Corporatist Hell! Let Israel take care of itself; do not pass go; do not collect $3.1Billion (x10)


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Israel slaughtered an average of ten Palestinian children a day for each of the 50 days of Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

They used weapons we gave them to do it.

We shouldn't be giving those murderous scum a penny, much less over $3 billion a year in military equipment.

BDS: People Powered Economic Diplomacy


Oh my.... What utter tripe you spout....
Israel was, at its 'founding', illegal. It it not a legally formed nation and ought to be dissolved. Immediately.
The US needs to go in and remove its nuclear weapons cache by force if necessary.
Subsequently, the best way to do dissolve the illegal entity is for its financial backers to stop the flow of money. We can easily force that to occur. The country would collapse within a couple of years which would be excellent news for the world.
Provisions to return the surviving Jewish inhabitants to their respective home countries ought to be prepared and each country should devote funds to the smooth resettlement. they should be treated with suspicion and monitored intensely until they are habituated to their home country.


Your anti-Muslim bigotry is exceeded only by your verbal incontinence.


OK, so why are we denying basic aid to America's poor?