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As Israeli Bombing of Gaza Continues, US Media Show Little Interest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/israeli-bombing-gaza-continues-us-media-show-little-interest


The Warsaw Ghetto
same as Gaza
Nazi’s are the same
in any generation


Another example of the bi-partisan Washington consensus, dutifully packaged by the mainstream media as “business as usual” to gaslight the electorate into accepting it as such.


What the article leaves out is that neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris are going to be too upset with Israel’s latest belligerent actions against Gaza since both of them are fervent supporters of the oppressive state of Israel.


Just like Epstein zero coverage.


The citizens in the USA (especially the poor and lower middle class) are the same as the Palestinians now. At some point coming sooner than you think, the Oligarch class will treat us all as Israel does to the Palestinians unless you are in their billionaire class. I believe that is one reason the oligarch owned media does not cover the atrocities Israel commits. The oligarchs simply don’t want anyone paying attention or god forbid wake up to what they have in store for the US citizens. Hell, if that happened then they would openly have to start shooting us for protesting in the streets. Oh, wait…


They leave out things like this too:


The Guardian are pretty good at reporting things the likes of the british bullshit corporation do not.


Like someone said, jerusalem is the capital of america. The editorial boards of cnn msnbc NYT, fox, LAT, WP, what do they have in common? Their sponsors dictate the narrative.


From Wikipedia: "Despite the 2005 [Israeli disengagement from Gaza] the United Nations, international human rights organisations, and the majority of governments and legal commentators consider the territory to be still occupied by Israel…

"It controls Gaza’s air and maritime space, and six of Gaza’s seven land crossings. It reserves the right to enter Gaza at will with its military and maintains a no-go buffer zone within the Gaza territory. Gaza is dependent on Israel for its water, electricity, telecommunications, and other utilities. The system of control imposed by Israel is described as an “indirect occupation.”

Although settler colonization may have ended in 2005, the destruction of life and property definitely continues.


I have a request of Common Dreams bloggers. Would you kindly find a better term than “mainstream media” – which is not at all mainstream.

Corporate media would suffice, though I sometimes have said I prefer “Corporate-Owned Newsmedia” – or CON.


Sorry, but it is mainstream.

While I wouldn’t go that far, and would be very careful with Nazi comparisons, I do sometimes make comparisons between Israel and the Third Reich, especially whenever Netanyahu accuses Iran — where tens of thousands of Jews live in peace — of being the “new Nazi Germany.” At such times I must point out that it is Israel that acts much more like Nazi Germany than Iran, right down to extraterritorial aggression in order to secure Jewish lebensraum in Palestine.


I suspect you’ll be seeing such articles from me in the near future.

Comparisons in poetic prose
are intended only to invoke
depth of feeling juxtaposed
unfolding historic contexts.

A Gaza stripped of human consequence

as Israel is guilty of war crimes/crimes against humanity in Palestine ----is aided in that genocide by US politicians(of BOTH parties)–that they use our money for their weapons–that our politicians are even willing to eviscerate the Constitution(making BDS illegal-as if we do not have the right to be against these crimes) makes us the world’s greatest threat to world peace-which is why the subject is studiously ignored–we are unwilling as a nation to face the crimes being committed in our names in a hundred places daily by an out of control military(which incidentally has NOT won a war since WW2-got their butts kicked by the N Koreans-The Vietnamese-and now by poorly armed peasant tribesmen in the Middle East)–oh they could beat up on those great world powers of Panama and Granada-help overthrow a few democracies-leave a few failed states like Libya with it’s slave markets in the wake of our destruction or massive famine and health crisis from our actions in Yemen–this country revels in the destruction, erects monuments to the killers, and wastes the future of this country on military spending when so much help is needed by the people struggling to survive a pandemic in which the politicians won’t even entertain M4A(being completely owned by the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries) or any other relief–but boy howdie we can bail out the capitalists and their military industrial complex without even a whimper–but the people–not a chance–=we have NO party that represents the people --only two corporate owned entities–not even political parties really-just ciphers for the corporations-doing their biding at every juncture

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I don’t know where you get that impression. The Guardian played a key role
in sabotaging the best hope for the British left in at least a generation
by leading the phony anti-semitic smear campaign against Labour.
And it pretty much parrots the State Department on progressive
governments and movements in Latin America, with a British accent.

Not so indirect tho when controlling every aspect of their lives & denied even simple freedoms.

I thought Trump was just bragging about Kushner & some Middle East Peace Accord that was such a big deal, involving Isreal?! Isreal is the bully of bullies over in that area…all the while crying “innocent” & “victim”. What a load of crap that is! They are neither!
“Balloons with incendiary devices”…these are all Palestinians have to fight back with - in their defense - after yet another Isreali attack, blocade to prevent life-sustaining things, to a land they’ve bombed into rubble. Repeatedly.

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similarly the media ignores the rockets and firebombs from Gaza that burns crops, nature reserves, and animals. There is little foreign news of any kind. And these CD articles on Gaza ignore that the goal of the Gaza government is to kill or expel all the Jews in the region - do they expect Israelis tp sit back and make it easy for them to do this? Maybe Gazans should try to make peace instead, and with Egypt too with which they share a border

To be honest i didn’t follow all that episode. But i’m sure you are right. I just meant they seem better than most tabloids.