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As Joy-Ann Reid Stands by 'Hacking' Claim, LGBTQ Group Rescinds Award Over Anti-Gay Blog Posts


As Joy-Ann Reid Stands by 'Hacking' Claim, LGBTQ Group Rescinds Award Over Anti-Gay Blog Posts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Mediaite published a story on Monday revealing a series of homophobic posts from MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid's now-defunct blog—reigniting a controversy that has been swirling for months since Reid apologized for writing bigoted articles about former Florida Gov.


Glenn comes across as quirky, pro-Russia and anti-hillary. I don’t believe anything he says, but as homphobia affects him personally he could be right or he could pursuing his own agenda. I’ll continue to follow the story and see how it plays out.


Gee, an actual story about a Black person on CD.


Almost as bad as Reid’s comments. And, keep doing what you can; when the Feinstein campaign gives you a break, that is.
One question, though: Does it get easier when you defend millionaires from the kneeling position? How about when genuflecting? How about when you’re getting your tummy scratched?


Still posting while drinking, I see.


The millions of war and climate refugees, the millions of slaves working in sweat shops, those running out of food and water as the climate changes, will be SO relieved that we found justice by focusing on a cable news host and her mildly offensive comments.


Glenn is not pro Russia and anti Hillary. He is a journalist with an overview opinion. He’s not biased against Russia and Hillary. He’s just showing their position in politics from a larger perspective.

For instance, not everything bad that has happened in the US with Trump is caused by Russia. And Hillary lost the election quite well on her own. Twice.

While Ms. Reid’s comments will upset people, I find the entire discussion to be more tabloid journalism. So I disagree with Glenn on his focus. He’s one of the most noted journalists in the world, so his attention could be focused on better things. Like let’s talk about heterosexism, overpopulation and the limits to growth.

Rather than being offended all the time, let’s ask why people still choose to have children knowing the ecology is disrupted to the point of habitat collapse…