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As Judge Considers Letting Monsanto Off the Hook, Jurors Demand Court Respect Their Historic Verdict Holding Company to Account As Judge Considers Letting Monsanto Off the Hook, Jurors Demand Court Respect Historic Verdict Holding Company to Account

As Judge Considers Letting Monsanto Off the Hook, Jurors Demand Court Respect Their Historic Verdict Holding Company to Account As Judge Considers Letting Monsanto Off the Hook, Jurors Demand Court Respect Historic Verdict Holding Company to Account

Julia Conley, staff writer

Learning that a judge may overturn their historic decision to hold the chemical company Monsanto-Bayer accountable for manufacturing cancer-causing weedkillers, several jurors are demanding that their verdict in a case decided in August be upheld.

From the article:

“The possibility that the jury’s ‘unanimous verdict could be summarily overturned demeans our system of justice and shakes my confidence in that system,’ wrote Howard in his own letter.”

Brother, if you still have any confidence in the system, you haven’t been paying attention. The decision to allow a claim for damages due to climate disruption to proceed, as reported on CD today, is an increasingly rare example of judicial impartiality, in that it favors the powerless many over the powerful few.


Just another move to dictatorship when jury verdicts don’t matter. We the people are getting screwed everyday of Trump and his administration and right wing nut cases appointed to all levels of our justice system i.e. courts.


From the Greeks…Atimia

Atimia could be inflicted as a penalty by the courts for crimes such as bribery, embezzlement, false witness, and breach of duty as a public officer.

Athenian juries could inflict very severe penalties such as death, unpayably large fines, confiscation of property, permanent exile and loss of citizens’ rights through Atimia (wiki)

Sounds good to me

A Judge who Dismisses Findings against the Agent Orange Serial Killer Deserves the Harshest


And Let’s be quite Clear about who bought Monsanto.

1898 Bayer trademarked the name heroin for the drug diacetylmorphine and marketed it as a cough suppressant and non-addictive substitute for morphine until 1910

Helge Wehmeier, then CEO of Bayer, offered a public apology in 1995 to Elie Wiesel for the company’s actions during World War II (1939–1945) and the Holocaust

In one study of an anaesthetic, the company paid RM 170 per person for the use of 150 female inmates of Auschwitz.A Bayer employee wrote to Rudolf Höss the Auschwitz commandant: "The transport of 150 women arrived in good condition. However, we were unable to obtain conclusive results because they died during the experiments. We would kindly request that you send us another group of women to the same number and at the same price. (Wiki)

Course I’m sure this organization has Cut off its Roots since it has been so Long Ago in our Fathers’ Generation

Who else would buy the likes of Monsanto but Bayer

Know What You are Buying and just Who is Selling It

And Who’s Sentence you are Overturning


Course they have a Really Nice Rebranding in their Current Logo.

A Cross…How Sweet and so Warming

Kinda like the Definition from Scrooged

Cross (k’ros): “A thing they nail people to.”

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The “reconsideration” overturning the jury must not stand! Try the bastards once and they be found not guilty and there is no “reconsideration”…the verdict stands regardless the evidence…think OJ the murderer!..now when corporate poisoners - world polluters/killers - are found guilty unanimously in California Superior Court, there is this judicial escape route for them! WTF? Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, the “justice” system has always been geared and slanted to big-money and power. “How mush “justice” do you want? How much can you afford”?

If this so-called judge (who appointed her? I wonders) finds other than what the jury found unanimously she should be liable for recall, or impeachment, or hopefully some fuckin thing! Maybe post her photo everywhere, and the public confront the feckless “judge” wherever she goes! People must get angry…infuriated at the world of shite we are subjected to on a daily (at least) basis…from the orange cretin nutter, to judges in the pockets of big-money, to the likes of McConnel and Grassley, there needs to be some serious payback…if only there was a real opposition party and leadership, and not more of the same from those pathetic craven DINO sellout swine!


We saw this coming. Just the constant calls for tort reform by republicans and their corporate allies tells us that they do not want to be responsible for their harming of people, places, and things.


If this judges ruling stands her financial status should be watched and investigated. Can anyone come up with a different reason for such an insane position that the judge took?


I was going to ask what these people get out of harming those of us not in the top classes? Out of being so damn viciously cruel? Then I figured I’d just get a lot of, it’s the money, responses. Probably. But also I really believe they are just that cruel. They are using force and viciousness and their power to pummel the rest of us because it is their own social sport. They just really get off on this. GOP - Tea Party - Right Wing - and more in that mode. They just love to inflict pain while they love to claim victimhood. Tribal and elitist cruelty, like the old kings who had no souls and who considered anyone beneath them to be less than human and not really allowed to breath (so to speak) without express permission.


They are that cruel, and prove it everyday. But I also agree with gandolf, if this is overturned the judges finances need to be subpoenaed.

If you are right, it’s time to call the exterminator.


This judge - if she actually practices justice, MUST recognize that this court recognized acceptance of the consequences of the Monsanto chemicals and the court determined penalties actually REALLY NEEDS TO BE HIGHER BECAUSE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE all around the world - especially in Brazil who are suffering from precisely the same chemicals.

NOT a part of this court decision is the long term damage done to biodivcersity, water tables, aquifers, and the impacted biomes.

Hey judge wake the heck up!!!:

The world is watching and Monsanto/Bayer or whatever its “official” name is now, needs to be shut down if it does not acknowledge the devastation it and its cohorts are wreaking. People have been fighting their smarmy PR and “legal” practices for decades against poisonings, death and destruction. “Green Revolution” MY ASS!! These are insensate drones engaging in slow-motion genocide of far too many peoples who are subjected to the application and drift of these agrotoxins.


No matter what this judge does, if the commercials on TV and radio are any indication, the dams about to break on Monsanto. Hard to believe they could buy every judge, in every court, that’s about to here cases against them.

Just like my 2-DAY-old son was born with cancer THROUGHOUT his newborn body – I think the BEST punishment for these cretins is to force them to shower in them every day FOR THE REST OF THEIR WORTHLESS. PITIFUL LIVES!


I am a private investigator in San Francisco who specializes in criminal and indigent defense. I have twenty-three years of experience with the judges who sit on the bench in the San Francisco Superior Court. I have seen all kinds of judges, more bad and mediocre ones than outstanding judges. I know Judge Suzanne Bolanos and she is, in a word, horrible. What she’s doing in this case does not surprise me at all, and if she moves forward, the entire jury should make a complaint to the appropriate agency which will then conduct an investigation. Suzanne Bolanos does not belong on the San Francisco Superior Court Bench. She utterly demeans the court and has very little regard for the rule of law.


Interesting you say that, because I just signed in to suggest that if Bolanos carries out her threat, investigative journalists need to thoroughly pick apart her background and associations, and to whom she may be beholden.

Sounds like a John Grisham novel in the making . . . !


Thanks for the info. I hope you have passed this on to all of the jury members.

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In am so shocked at hearing this. My husband and I have a case against this company also. I can guarantee everyone this much. This man that was awarded this money deserves it. No amount of money can be place on a persons life. My husband has double hit agressive diffused large B cell lymphoma with myc and BCL6 which is non Hoskins lymphoma. But a very rare form. He has worked in the lumber industry all his life and had to handle roundup to spray around the lumber. He used it around our h ok me and his families home. Last june 22 he came down with Jaundice and no dr knew why. He went through hell. Bilirubin reached 30 ( normal is .02) only after a whipple surgery . A surgery that took 7 1/ 2 hours did they find the double hit large B cell lymphoma. That was the beginning of the walk in hell. Long story short that was august 2 2017. He weighted 235. He now weighs 142. And a 50 /50 change of it returning. They say he is in remission. Well they dont see what I see. so for this judge to even consider over turning the award is a slap in all they ones that are facing death and their families. My life as his wife and care giver has been distroyed. I no longer have my husband. He is here but that is it. This is no life for them. I wish I could post a picture of what he was and what he is now. God bless they ones living this hell


Only way this judge deserves any ‘understanding’ as to her coerced actions attempting to undermine this verdict is if her family were legitimately threatened if she didn’t comply. Sad, but I don’t believe for a sec that the convicted hasn’t offered her bribes. My guess is that almost $300 mills warrants death threats, just a guess…

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