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As Khashoggi Case Highlights Saudi Crimes, UN Warns Famine Driven by US-Backed War in Yemen Could Kill 13 Million People


As Khashoggi Case Highlights Saudi Crimes, UN Warns Famine Driven by US-Backed War in Yemen Could Kill 13 Million People

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With heightened attention on Saudi Arabia's crimes in the wake of the alleged murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the country's consulate in Turkey, the United Nations is warning that if current conditions continue, the U.S.-backed war in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab


From the article:

“…regardless of what ultimately happened to Khashoggi, continuing U.S. arms sales and military support to Saudi Arabia under current circumstances is immoral.”

Absolutely correct, and even more so if we include Israel. For the US to continue to hold itself up as a champion of human rights is absurd on the evidence—an obvious fact to most who live outside our propaganda bubble.


Three seperate buses filled with refugees attempting to flee the fighting were targeted and bombed. It unlikely the Saudi’s gathered this intelligence prior to the strikes. It had to be delivered real time, which means satellites which means you know who.

The Saudi’s are also targetting food supplies such as Fishing boats and irrigation projects.

The Saudi’s have indicated Countries that apply sanctions or are overly critical of their regime will be “dealth with”. More hit squads no doubt plus using the sanctions on Iran to leverage their own “weaponized” oil. (some years ago they threatened Russia with more terrorist attacks )

Here in Canada Justin Trudeau claimed “grave concern” but added that a pending arms sale to the Saudis to go ahead as planned as it means jobs to Canadians. The people that work at those factories making those armored cars being sold to the Saudis should have to see a picture of this little girl everytime they enter the building where they work.


Sorry to see you’re govt. has stooped to our govt’s. level.


The desalination plant was bombed too. Water has to be trucked in at great cost.



No soldier gets to witness the death from the artillery shells, nor a pilot that bombs a populated area, nor a sailor firing the big guns from off shore. That’s just the reality of war. It would have some effect by showing the end result of the shelling, but would not change anything other than instilling guilt upon already stressed out soldiers.

If we become responsible for millions more deaths is it any wonder that another 9-11 would be in the works?
To think that Canada and the U.S. commit murders for oil or arms sales is beyond criminal. It shows us that it’s all about money. The rest is just a series of straw men created to perpetuate our dishonorable actions.


Just like the pilots of the “enola gay”.


In the First Gulf war and the second the USA targeted water treatment plants in Iraq. Israel does this in Gaza with regularity and now the Saudi’s. These thugs all learn off each other. The picture of that child with the word “flowers” on her sweater makes my heart weep . It a deliberate and calculated strategy intended to destroy Yemen utterly.

Like that Pilot of the Enola Gay who indicated he never lost a night of sleep for what he had done, there tens of thousands and more of the same ilk, be they in the Saudi Military , the US Military or working in the Factories that produce the arms that the Saudis are using.


About those pictures that flash through our minds like a 12 year old boy in Iraq with both arms gone
and this little girl in Yemen: How long will we stare at them before we become numb to the
violence our own government is creating around the world? Fascists are now using the US as a base
for their violence and using our MIC as the means to bring chaos of wars to the Middle East and its families/children. And we are funding this violence.

There aren’t any easy answers to this but every day our responsibility becomes clearer.


Yeah, but we think it is worth it! The Amerikan war profiteers.


This is the sentiment we must all hold to keep our humanity alive.


All the hypocrisy ----A US journalist gets killed its front page news-----babies in Yemen being killed for years barely a mention. We see beheadings by Isis but never hear about what happens in Saudi Arabia by the ruling family—only when the elite in Saudi Arabia are held is there any reporting.

We are told US soldiers die for freedom??? The foreign policy of the US should be grounded in INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. FIGHT FOR THE COMMONS.


We’re a Christian nation. It’s what Jesus would do.


It pains me to say that my country is an evil empire.


HI Ron_Genise…Yes and I appreciate the hypocrisy with the words of Jesus : “Suffer the little children to come unto me…” 13 million still to suffer and die---- Let us sing:

Oh beautiful for bomb filled skies
and military glee!
With bloody mountains---- death filled seas—
America —whoopee!
America, America, we’ve never not been GREAT!
so suffer children of the world
it’s time to meet your fate!
America, America— WHOA! What the crap is that???
It’s blowback from that Kingdom Come----
It’s blowback for all that!!!

Killing children—after Iraq— it just seemed to got so much easier : 0


How many Trumpianites even know Yemen is a country?


US as puppet of the Saudi (Sunni) regime in another Sunni vs Shia quagmire:

… Donald Trump is not responsible for the morass of instability and terrorism that the United States now faces in Yemen. The culprit is his predecessor, Barack Obama, who pursued an incompetent policy designed to appease the Saudis and ended up bequeathing to Trump a disaster.

US Jobs Program:

American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East