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As Larger Battle Rages, Washington Enacts First State Law to Protect Net Neutrality

As Larger Battle Rages, Washington Enacts First State Law to Protect Net Neutrality

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While battles continue in both the federal court system and Congress, Washington has become the first state to enact a law to enforce net neutrality protections following a federal rollback late last year.

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Alleluia! The America we know and love has awakened to the significance of the loss of it’s liberty and voice and most importantly, it’s progress, if the “net” should ever be meddled with.

Good for Washington. Proud to see my deep south state in the mix, hope they don’t screw it up at the state capital.

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We know why they abolished Net Neutrality. It was to silence the little guy, the powerless. The corporation cannot stand us having a voice. If we have a voice the corporations will lose their control.

This is about a major new economic revolution on the horizon that the power brokers are trying to control. Net Neutrality is about making sure that ALL OF US have an opportunity to benefit.

WIRED takes a look at the horizon of THE INTERNET OF THINGS
The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes

The pride I feel for my adopted state is boundless and my respect for our governor, Jay Inslee, is assured. I hope that other states will have the sense to follow his lead. It is the states that must stand up against the corporat greed as our national legislators are too concerned with keeping their seats warm.

The internet needs to belong to the common people—it is part of the Commons. Also You Tube has got to be one of the greatest things on earth—or the idea behind You Tube. Of course the corporate elite are out to destroy the idea of You Tube. This is all about freedom of speech and common people having a voice.

Notice the slant in the media about how bad the elections were in Italy—The Five Stars Party came out ahead with 30% of the vote —The five core values-1)Public access to water
2)sustainable transportation
3)Sustainable development
4)A right to internet access
Now I would add healthcare and a right to living space,but these issues may already be addressed in Italy.