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As Lawmakers Accuse DeVos of Lack of Regard for Students, Her Own Staffer Admits 'Things Have Gotten Pretty Awful Here'

As Lawmakers Accuse DeVos of Lack of Regard for Students, Her Own Staffer Admits 'Things Have Gotten Pretty Awful Here'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Education Secretary Betsy DeVos prepared to testify before a House committee on her proposed budget for fiscal year 2019, members of Congress received word from her staff members that DeVos had been withholding from lawmakers information about her spending plans as they've been developed in recent months.

Information about what drove DeVos's budgeting decisions was omitted from documents submitted to Congress ahead of the hearing, a staffer wrote in an email to the House and Senate Appropriations Committee.


Not only were we told up front that Donald’s Cabinet appointees were going to “deconstruct” their respective departments, members of Congress are also required to waste their time (and our money) on expecting anything other than lies and fraud.


Here’s a modest proposal: nobody should have final authority over public education who doesn’t have at least one child currently enrolled in a public school—and no, that doesn’t include “charter” schools.

Along those same lines, nobody should have final authority over whether to go to war who doesn’t have at least one child currently in the military.


She’s a reptilian, no doubt. Just like her brother and the rest of Trump’s cabinet. I thought Clinton was out of touch, but these people rise to a whole different level of it.


Education is one of the last big piles of public money the oligarchs want to get their hands on. This has nothing to do with education and everything to do with transfer of wealth from the public to the wealthy. Do not be fooled by the education rhetoric surrounding this conversation. This, as with everything else this administration is doing, has nothing to do with the core topic/mission, and everything to do with wealth transfer. Once you understand this, it’s easy to see why all of their reasoning makes no sense.


DeVos was installed in Education for one purpose, to promote Charter Schools and use her “skills” to convince the public that Public Schools are an outdated concept in education.

Lying is not an option for her. It’s her business plan.


DeVos is a predator of and for the moment. NEVER FORGET her entire life orientation is the predatory pyramid scheme. She is trump’s little poseur shafting as far as she can, cheered by the right wing behind the scenes because she makes people like whatshisface squatting in justice look half decent.

The entire model of this cabal is if they don’t like it - it is treated as if disappeared/does not exist in a shockingly smarmy inversion of predation. DeVos is the epitomization. Remember - her entire perspective is the pointy vanishing point of a pyramid - hence the vapid eyes.

We’re looking at the final stages of gargantuan predation that has bombed itself into a corner and is going for broke.



I don’t think most people are fooled. We’re powerless to stop stuff like this because of how corrupt the system is right now, and because the opposition party is the Democratic Party, which means we’re fighting this fight with both hands tied behind our back.


Just a matter of time until this monster is destroyed.


From your mouth to the Goddess’ ears Walter! May it soon-come…


The results of growing up with wealth. They live in entirely different spheres of reality separate from other humans. Separate schools, separate floors in hospitals, separate and gated communities, separate boarding at airports. Anyone who thinks these people understands them or their needs is delusional. Trump’s economic plan was purely a myth. My 100.00 raise in taxes was just eaten up with gasoline prices and food budget, not to even include heating cost and medical. For every job he has created we have lost ten. We were fools.


in lipstick…


In addition, if you’re a member of congress (state or national) you should be required to send your own children to the worst-performing school in your district. Just watch them find money for school necessities that couldn’t previously be located.


Smaller class sizes do make a difference though, just ask Scandinavian countries that outperform our students.


Devotard is as retarded as the dotard …


A tad too much inbreeding in our 1% :thinking:


If your religion includes the concept of “predestination” you will be required to possess certain qualities. Heaven will not grant passage to anyone who was without mercy on Earth. Jesus said, “Whatsoever ye do to the least of these, ye do unto me.” It should be clear this would pertain to our treatment of minorities as well. Jesus also said, “Those who worship the Father shall worship Him in Spirit and in truth. For the Father seeks such to worship Him.” If these truths should cause people which happen to include Mrs. De Vos into doing some soul searching, and having a change of heart, surely it is the work of God.

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That devos can’t find studies showing that after school programs are beneficial speaks to the inability of a private school educated individual to do research. Every library has search engines for specific fields and the one for social studies is named ERIC “(ERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.)”.

Any high school junior of moderate intelligence is able to use it to find articles and papers relating to just about anything in education. That devos is unable to use it speaks to her competence in the field of education.


I think the word you are looking for is “sink,” not “rise.”

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