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As Long as We're Talking about Bush, Iraq, and the Patriot Act


As Long as We're Talking about Bush, Iraq, and the Patriot Act...

John Atcheson

Republican Candidates have been tripping over their own tongues when it comes to Iraq. Rubio and Jeb Bush have been blithering idiots when asked if they would have invaded Iraq knowing what we know now.

For the most part, the press is continuing to pretend Bush and the US were misled by “bad intelligence,” and their questioning maintains the fabrication that the best intelligence we had at the time supported Bush’s rush to war.


‘Bush’s response? “All right, you’ve covered your ass, now…” and he set them packing and continued with his vacation.’

Think about that deeply for a while…


If Bush’s foreign policy can be defined as doing the opposite of whatever Clinton had done, then Obama’s can be similarly defined as doing more of whatever Bush did.


“The fact is, from the beginning, the Bush Administration underestimated the threat from terrorism, and once 911 happened they took actions that dramatically increased the number of terrorist attacks globally.”

Lately I’ve been listening to Webster Tarpley and he identifies “left gatekeepers” as a major problem.

The above quote substantiates The Big Lie and the very smoking gun used to pull off the entire Middle East debacle, Gold Rush to weapons’ contractors, Bonanza to big banks, and complete refashioning of this Democratic Republic into a locked down Orwellian Police State.

Why would the same goon-squad be believed… that re-inserted torture (as so beloved by past Inquisitors) into official playbooks, lied about war and enemies, and created pretexts to initiate them, protected individuals with the morality of snakes, and presided over a reverse-engineered economy that sent enormous wealth to the TOP of the “food chain” while depriving workers and citizens of fair wages along with the decimation of many of their enshrined liberties.

From the cast that brought U.S. a series of crimes against humanity, THEIR official story is still being propped up as valid and/or viable?


“It’s clear that if the Bush Administration had been at all vigilant, there was sufficient intelligence without Patriot Act provisions to anticipate an attack. Could a full scale effort to intercede have prevented 911? We’ll never know.”

2200 Engineers and pilots already know… but people who are PART of the Washington Establishment don’t even want to SEE the evidence. THAT is shameful. Morally, it’s acting as a co-conspirator to a crime of international proportions.


Which came first the Patriot Act or 911?


If there were no terrorists, conservatives would create them.


It means that Bush and his cohorts wanted some kind of attack to occur as the PNAC said it needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to get the country behind their agenda to wage war on Afghanistan and ultimately Iraq and Iran. Bush had his ghostwriter add in “his” book “A Charge to Keep” that he thought his father was wrong not to have prosecuted the first Iraq war more by invading Baghdad and occupying the country. He had every intention of doing so after he stole the Presidency with the help of the “Gang of Five” on the Supreme Court.
The thing that disgusts me is that none of these war criminals will ever be prosecuted for the horrendous things they did to millions of people in the Middle East.


Indeed, after the Soviet Union fell it was necessary to create a new enemy to scare the people and keep them in line. “Terroism” worked great.


The so-called Patriot Act was passed quickly by Congress after 9/11 with most of our “representatives” not even bothering to read it. Instead, they were worried about how not voting for it could be used against them in the next election. What a disgrace.


Yes, and looking forward let’s remember that JEB was a signatory to PNAC!


“… and the desire of the press to ignore what has to be one of the most ignominious failures in their history.”

Atcheson ignores long evidence of direct USG / CIA / “intelligence community” generation of “news,” influence over reporters editors and publishers, and direct planting of reporters and analysts. Run a search for Operation Mockingbird and the “mighty Wurlitzer.” Look up the way Judith Miller fed phony “intelligence” from government sources directly onto the front pages of the NYT.

The media role in the run-up to the US attack against Iraq was not simply an “ignominious failure,” and present-day refusal to face it is not simply “desire to ignore.” There are malign, governmental influences over the mainstream corporate media. Certainly Atcheson is aware of the history and the influence that i reference.


Very clearly, the long, detailed and complex PATRIOT Act had been written before it was suddenly brought into the light of day for swift passage.


(i’ll credit Atcheson and spell-check for finally teaching me the correct word ignominious. All my life i’ve been saying ignominous.)


And everyone should know it was almost complete before 9-11


Meanwhile the videos of WTC7 loop mostly unnoticed. Sometimes the tragedy this represents is almost too much to bear.


Seeing how the press is owned by the 1% who want Hillary or some other Republican to win in 2016, the “press continues to promote the bad intelligence” myth (as the author points out) in order to give Hillary cover when she is asked about her enabling of the Iraq invasion.


When are the American people going to take these murderers to court and prosecute them to the full extent of the laws in your country? Where are the people that protested Viet Nam? What will it take to finally mobilize enough of you to reconstruct your political system and hold the murderers of so many innocent people accountable? How many innocent people are sitting in your jails while these bastards are walking around freely without a conscience to even bother them?


Thanks for that, Sioux. It needs to be said, and you say it so well.


It’s true that there are a lot of people who work two or more jobs and care for their families in between. On the other hand, there are many many more people struggling to make ends meet who can get involved in small ways, but don’t. And there are even more people who can waste hours every week watching TV, playing sports, and otherwise indulging in non-civic activities–who can and must stand up–but don’t. And surprisingly, these are the folks who tend to despair the most (and they are mostly white). Look at Black Lives Matter. Those people are oppressed people, many of them poor and employed, living lives most white folks can’t fathom. They are changing the national agenda. Occupy had a similar dynamic. There’s no excuse for non-participation in most cases. One or two hours a week of directed action (even less) can have a huge impact when united with others.


Surrendering our rights for security is not only cowardly, it is incredibly dangerous to our democracy.

Jim shea