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As Lula Emerges From Prison, US Media Ignore How Washington Helped Put Him There

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/15/lula-emerges-prison-us-media-ignore-how-washington-helped-put-him-there


Another excellent reason to never again trust either party of the Duopoly.


Never let the facts fracture the frame


Disaster Capitalism in all its heinous three headed, William Barr involved glory.


I’ll trust The Intercept’s reporting on foreign affairs over that of the NYTimes and WashPo any day.


Railroading Lula in a right-wing conspiracy has been a disaster for Brazil, the Amazon Basin, and the entire planet. Those who perpetrated the massive fraud and rigged the evidence, the prosecution and kangaroo court trial, press censorship, fraudulent election of bolsonaro, should be exposed, prosecuted and the “election” of bolsonaro declared illegal as a result of the massive conspiracy in Brazil that included the trump/barr US “Justice” Dept, and US corporate media that remains complicit and guilty of suppressing the truth and evidence tampering/manufacture by the conspirators and ignoring the absolute innocence of Lula!

“All The News That’s Fit to Print” NYT?? That claim is clearly now rubbish and utter BS as you and all the other propaganda rags, are guilty of hiding the truth and complicity in a political fraud and de facto coup in Brazil! The NYT is a worthless corrupt rag!

The fraudulent “election” of bolsonaro must be declared illegal, the railroading of Lula declared a crime and conspiracy to investigate and charge perps, and a new election must be demanded, with Lula as legal people’s candidate!

Stand-up for Lula and truth Brazil! Stand up for Bernie Sanders America!


Mier sez:
"The far-right candidate who won in the wake of Lula’s removal from the race, Jair Bolsonaro, went on to name Moro his ‘Super Justice Minister’.” (Emphasis added)

Interesting. When translated from Portuguese, “Just Us” apparently results in the same typographical error common to U.S. English (e.g. The Just Us Department rendered as “Justice”).

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We need to also stand up for Dilma! Her removal was a “soft” coup orchestrated by the USA Empire as well.


What is wrong with us! We are so propagandized that we will believe anything EXCEPT the truth. The things that have been done and continue to be done in our name so that corporate and personal interests will remain above the interests of those who do the actual work and struggle to survive.

And we think that the mainstream media like the NY Times is so superior to every other source of information. Better to be an out and out right wing ‘news source’ than to slyly slip mix up truth and lies until readers cannot tell which is which. What a betrayal of ‘freedom of the press’! Of a duty to truth! Of a duty to its readers! What a betrayal of those who struggle to tell the truth and are ignored or harraseed!

We truly are the dupes of a vast conspiracy, in a jail with no hope of escape. At least the people of Brazil and Bolivia know the truth!