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As Maine Goes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/11/06/maine-goes

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Maybe, just maybe we will discover in time that all of our shadows are the same.


Zimet sez:
“… (Khalid’s) election is only part of a heartening trend in the country’s whitest state …”

Indeed; nice to see Mainers turn LePage.

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Every adult should read the children’s story, “Stone Soup”. It’s a wonderful story, reminding us all that wonderful ideas come from all nations, and that working together,
all people can truly accomplish -----just about everything! : )
Maybe the UN should be assigned this book as they seem to be awfully quiet about the insanity of much of America’s actions overseas. : (

What does the Republican party stand for??? I would love to hear an answer from your Republican Senator. The Republican party is so CORRUPT they can’t even see corruption done in public.