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As Major Outlets Ignore Assange Extradition Hearing, Ai Weiwei Demands Freedom for WikiLeaks Founder

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/major-outlets-ignore-assange-extradition-hearing-ai-weiwei-demands-freedom-wikileaks


“Most corporate media journalists are still enthusiastically colluding in the vilification of Assange—mainly at this stage by ignoring his awful plight.”

Never a truer word.



Please watch and share the video.

Yes can we imagine Bob Woodward coming out in defense of Assange? Julian has been completely ignored by him…NOT A PEEP BOB!


Julian Assange is more proof that the Fourth Estate are nothing but fawning parasites for the Fourth Reich!

Like I have posted before: Julian Assange is corroboration of Orwells quote: "IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL ( MSM ) DECEIT; SPEAKING THE TRUTH IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT ".


Mr. Woodward appears to be an agent of the GOP-DNC establishment. His books are textbook examples of modified limited hangouts.


Assange tells the full truth. Woodward hates him because Woodward tells only enough truth to appear to be a journalist, whereas Assange shows us what real journalism really is.


I get the sense that this is beyond problems with corporate control of the US media. Individual journalist have spewed venom at Assange. There seem to be many who believe that, since Julian Assange is an asshole, he deserves what he gets - i.e. those in power in the US are entitled to determine who merits human rights…

Thank you Ai Weiwei.


Excellent reply! Bob Woodward’s $$$$$$$$ mean more to him than the truth!


There has been word floating around DC these days that Trumps October surprise may involve pardons for Snowden, Assange, or both.
He basically has no choice now. Unless Joe passes out standing up tomorrow night, Trump is doomed. His only chance now is to repeat the end around move to the left he pulled off in 2016. Try to look more liberal than his opponent. A couple of well placed pardons would go a long way to that end.
(At this point however, I feel something bigger is in the offing. I think Trump may just lower the Medicare age to 62, or even 60. It would be no sweat off his nose because if he loses, the responsibly to administer it will fall on Biden. If he wins, Medicare is dead or privatized anyway. So for trump, it’s an easy choice)

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Kevin Gostzola is a goddam hero.

The rest of the mainstream media epitomizes the gates we have to crash.


Common Dreams is welcome to republish my reports from the Assange extradition trial. They just haven’t been regularly sharing them with Common Dreams readers.

One was published about how it fits into Trump’s larger “war on journalism.” It’s too bad they haven’t shared more of what I have to offer with people here.


Right on cue – thanks for your work, man.

And you’re absolutely right, we need more of your reporting at CD.


Common Dreams was very kind back in February. They helped me get a credential to cover a one-week Assange extradition hearing. And I realize it can be overwhelming, a small staff trying to stay on top of republishing content available to them.

However, I’ll be posting throughout the week. Anything I post they know they can put up here.


And I’ll encourage readers here to throw a donation to Shadowproof. Scroll to the bottom folks:


As a PS, I was a big fan of Firedoglake, too.

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I had the MSM’s number long before the Assange situation cropped up. I like to read as many news websites, newspapers and TV news shows as I can whenever possible. So I became immediately aware of the American MSM’s failure to provide the public with complete and time sensitive information about current World events and domestic matters. When I saw important news on foreign information sites and saw nothing concerning such news on domestic sites, I was furious. I no longer use the US MSM for my main information sources.

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Woodward’s roots are from “intelligence”, Naval intelligence to be exact, never expect him to expose those those type of agencies, or defend any one who does.

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Apparently he’s already offered Julian a pardon:


You mean a transaction: Assange would surrender his integrity
in exchange for a promised pardon from the world’s liar in chief.
Not a good follow-up to Chelsea Manning paying a huge price
for refusing to testify to a grand jury against Assange.


No he has more integrity i believe. And in any case what would the bloody brits have done with him then? (Rhetorical.)