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As Manning Fights to Stay Out of Solitary, 100,000 Call on Army to Drop Charges


As Manning Fights to Stay Out of Solitary, 100,000 Call on Army to Drop Charges

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This story will be updated.

Pfc. Chelsea Manning has undergone harassment and what many deem torture, and on Tuesday the U.S. Army whistleblower is faced with a potential sentence of indefinite solitary confinement for offenses her advocates say are "extreme and ridiculous."


Chelsea Manning is nothing less than a political prisoner for revealing the truth and stepping on the toes of the 1%. She needs a million signatures on her petition.


When Chelsea nee Bradley Manning joined the US military he/she ceased being an American. Neither the constitution nor federal law trumps the oxymoronic uniform code of military justice. The military is above the law and answers to no law but its own. This should be instructive to all parents who love and care enough about their children to not allow them grow up to join the military without registering extreme warning and objection to such a move. To join the military is to become so much disposable chattel with which the military can do as it pleases.
Those polite and smiling protesters with their nice sign pictured in the story are not speaking the language that the military understands. When school districts have the courage to refuse military funding of junior ROTC programs, ban any and all military recruitment in and around their facilities, and post anti-military recruitment posters in class rooms and hall ways then they will speak the language that the military understands.
When wearing a military uniform is as much a public disgrace as brandishing a swastika or confederate battle flag, that too will be the language the military understands. When people stop attending or participating in Memorial, Independence, and Veterans Day parades (the holidays have become military recruitment vehicles) that will also be the language the military understands.
As things stand now, the US military has insinuated itself into the lives of all Americans the way goombahs (which is mafia-speak for hired thug) peddling “protection” did to the businesses they targeted in inner city immigrant communities. The US military has taargeted the people whose rights it supposedly exists to protect. ,


Many of the parents who offer up their offspring to be sacrificed for these Imperial Wars are just as brainwashed as those signing up to fight them. So are the spouses. I see so many flag waving wives - who think it is so manly that their husbands torture and slaughter other human beings for a living - that they celebrate it. Cognitive dissonance is it? These wives don’t know half the $#!+ their husbands are getting away with on the front. Ask them if their husbands have ever raped someone. “Not my husband!” is their comeback. Yeah, if they only knew!

Family and spouses are in full support of what these little Eichmans are doing - if not, why aren’t they out there protesting it or outing their transgressions?
Manning is a hero to have risked so much of her future and her life for exposing these criminals to the light. Pity that so much of the American populace is so brainwashed that they are not pushing for the prosecution of these war criminals from the top down; and are instead calling for punishment, even death for this one courageous human being.


Free Brad is a video of a Rally that took place on Aug. 21, 2013, in Times Square on the day that Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Check it out if you would like.


Manning fulfilled the oath she took to protect the US constitution & bill of rights a true American. Unlike, Bush, Obama & congress who abdicated there duty to protect the constitution & treat the bill of rights like a piece of toilet paper.
Shame on them for railroading us into war & long live Manning a true hero!!


And this is the country that believes its got the moral high ground to be able to tell Cuba how it should deal with “political” prisoners?

Its more than pathetic!


If I were a military officer I would be extremely embarrassed by how Manning has been and continues to be abused. But them again, since 66% of professional officers describe themselves as extremely conservative (Army Times) I would long since have been sent to Fort Leavenworth myself.


“When wearing a military uniform is as much a public disgrace as brandishing a swastika or confederate battle flag, that too will be the language the military understands.”

  • It is, but, Welcome to the Fourth Reich!
  • Chelsea is getting very close to Room 101. And Big Brother is watching, watching, watching…


News Blackout----The silence is deafining


Agreed with everyone else about how crappy this is. It’s just more illegal torment of a prisoner that should have long since served whatever her actual time should have been for the two whopping crimes she committed–violation of her NDA and unauthorized release of classified information. That’s it. Time served would’ve more than covered it.

Army leadership has utterly failed. There was a time when it was fairly resistant to civilian pressure–and believe me that this kangaroo trial was dictated from way above military ranks. Now the JCS is merely a conduit for political persecution from the executive branch minions who hate justice.

If they set out to make an example of Manning in order to deter any leaks of military crimes, they probably succeeded. But they succeeded in doing something else: every enlisted soldier knows now that their officers will throw them under the bus at the first opportunity for mistakes the officers make. That betrayal can wreck an army. And it will wreck this one, if it hasn’t already.


It’s called “logic-tight thinking” or “compartmentalisation”. They almost have 2 dissociated personalities, one a psychopath, one not.

But since we can’t really compartmentalise fully (even people who’ve multiple personalities that disclaim knowledge of one another still “know without knowing” things about their alter egos), when they finish their military careers, for most of them the “compartment walls” will break down and they’ll suffer enormous remorse. For non-psychopaths, it’s just not possible to behave psychopathically forever. And suicide is a frequent result.

It demonstrates–in a horrible way–that all traits lie on continua, rather than being binary have/don’t-have in nature.


The same knowledge produced the infamous fragging incidents in VN. When your leaders are really your exploiters, all barriers fall.


What the hell is expired toothpaste?!?


Does anyone know how we can write to Chelsea?


Those who supported the wars are deeply ashamed, if subconsciously, and angry at themselves; and so the messenger who pointed out the evil of their actions must be punished.


In Vietnam if the grunts got too fed-up with their commanding officer they ‘arranged’ for them to be shot by unseen ‘friendly fire’.


Well damn! I should have read all the comments b4 I put my 2-cents-worth in! :blush: