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As Matthew Threatens, Florida Governor Slammed for Climate Denialism


As Matthew Threatens, Florida Governor Slammed for Climate Denialism

Jon Queally, staff writer

While Hurricane Matthew intensified to a Category 4 "monster" on Thursday as it approached the southeast U.S. coast, Republican Governor of Florida Rick Scott made dramatic headlines as he urged residents to evacuate vulnerable areas in the low-lying state.


" Scott banned State employees from using the phrase climate change."

One wonders what it will take before the climate deniers like Scott, finally admit the truth about climate change!


The implication here is that Hillary will do much better on climate issues. Not going to happen. Her main concern are her contributors and serious actions would put them out of business. Sure she gives lip service to climate change, but to step up and actually do something significant is impossible for her. Only Jill Stein will make this the priority that it has to be for us to even have a slim chance of survival.


I don't know. I've been boycotting Florida since the Bush/Gore/SCOTUS debacle, and the state keeps giving me reasons to continue my boycott: First Debbie Wasserman Schultz then Rick Scott.




Matthew is God's punishment for those climate change deniers. She's already sent them Zika.


Don't expect anything to change with politicians. Florida continues to be one of the fastest growing states irrespective of what happens there. It eclipsed New York as the third most populous state last year,


I still can't believe how thoroughly the 1% controls the narrative. Not even the Weather Channel implicates climate change as being a contributing factor in more prevalent monster storms. If Hillary continues the Obama presidency, we'll continue to crawl toward the improvement of emissions standards, but it will be too little, too late. It's imperative that we find a way to get Jill Stein elected.


Rick Scott is a denier. Hillary Clinton is do-nothing-er. What's the difference?


Love it. The Gov must deny human-climate change - and he's damn good at it, too. It's his meal ticket to more riches. Deny. Deny. Deny, Being able to look relaxed, standing tall with the backdrop of beefy enforcement types and the political establishment reps with their looks of concern. Looking right into to the camera lens with the concerned delivery, without the often used Repub smirk (used so well by a few fox news hosts). But, WTF. Scott will never say, suddenly - I've been wrong. Imagine what It would set in motion, I mean, all hell would break loose. Tesla and solar panels stocks would explode upwards to 10 to 20 times in minutes. An uplift of spirit would be felt throughout the land. The Dakota pipeline would finally be returned to its crypt. Might even open the long overdue discussion - nuclear power - the bigger mistake than all of the above. Yeah, Gov, tell us. Some of us are goin' ta die - tell us why guv.


Global warming, according to the greenhouse effect, is a symptom of too many people in the greenhouse. Overpopulation is the underlying problem. But we are not capable of doing anything about it, just as we aren't capable of reducing the so-called carbon footprint. The Paris agreement that is being hailed as a first step in solving the "climate crisis" won't slow the human juggernaut of environmental destruction, not even a little bit, because the population will continue to expand, the tundra will continue to melt and belch methane, and the forests will be converted into decking. The economy must grow!

What will fix the Anthropocene Era will be nuclear war and megadeath, disease and starvation. Honeybees are becoming endangered species. Without honeybees, Einstein said, humans will last about 4 years. We are so oblivious to the extinction of other species, we fail to realize this is also human caused and a problem as dire as global warming. We forget that we are but a species among species and every other species extinction we cause is just a prelude to our own.

Humanity is insane at the present time. The madness just has to run its course. A monster hurricane is a fun interlude that provides a temporary escape from human neurosis.


By 2050... there will not be anyone to write that head line...


Very well stated.


One reason, we are in this situation... or why nothing serious will be done to stop, what is already too late to stop...is because we all keep thinking we can live the way we have always lived... and I do not mean changes like, riding a bike in town to pick up a few groceries or go to work... or improve gasoline mileage standards...
What it really means...is we as humans, have to stop EXPECTING to live a life FILLED with ssssooooo much luxury and excess and what we call "fun'.... like flying or driving to a professional football game... or watching NASCAR... or decorating out houses with stupid manufactured decorations for the holidays....... or people in California, ordering Pennsylvania Blue Stone slate and having it shipped across country to decorate their home...or a monumental amount of hair products sold in plastic containers... make up manufactured, spewing out co2 by the tons and tons... cause, you know, we women are sssssoooo ugly with out ....
men, "building" golf courses to keep watered... and mowed... mountains and mountains of clothes made each and every year... mountains and mountains of furniture built and shipped ever year.... razors made... and continuously bought... oh, and cars, cars and more cars.... every year... WE DON'T SEE IT... WE DO NOT SEE OURSELVES FOR WHAT/WHO WE ARE....
We have based out lives on COMPLETELY UN NATURAL WAYS OF LIVING... and we cannot or do not know how, to grasp "joy" out of our lives. Instead... we drum up some kind of man made, in natural thing like DISNEY ...sucking up more and more energy every year..... but, to take your kid out to their back yard... or down to the park in town.. or out to the woods... and watch birds... or just hike and run... swim in the creek...learn which herbs and plants are good for you and work like medicine....that is just boring... Iguess... Gee wouldn't it have been nice if there had been people who did this?... Oh, wait... all our ancestors did ... and so did the Native Americans before we came and took it all away.


Having to snorkel to work?


Nonsense! If that were true, Matthew would be the 10th such this season with another already on the way. And why would anyone's 'god' put the Haitians to such misery? I hope you meant this as a joke.


Obama said that a President Clinton will be "continuity you can believe in". So, what that says to me is that it WILL be "too little, too late". The Earth and its interconnected systems doesn't give a shit about our half-hearted foot dragging and obfuscation from whores like Rick Scott and his ilk. I used to live near West Palm Beach many years ago. It looks like it will be a direct hit from the hurricane. I pity those people but this is all part of an intensifying pattern that our politicians want to talk themselves around. Shame on Rick Scott and shame on the Weather Channel for not even using the phrase "global warming". The people are being systematically betrayed by special interests.


I haven't seen our resident Floridian's comments, (Siouxrose) in a long time. Regardless of our disagreements, I hope she stays safe.


That's a baseless defamation. As an activist I work with Democratic state legislators pushing an agenda for climate change action, and everyone involved is very serious about it. Meanwhile you are pushing people to vote for a zero chance candidate to dilute chances of a Dem victory. Has no one told you that we don't have proportional representation in the US (like in most modern democracies)? No, we have a fucking 2 party system where you can either play an unappealing game or hand it to a Hitler wannabe. If you're in a tiny, tiny minority then voting your "dreams" means you're voting your nightmares.


I was out of the loop for some time-
So, what happened to SR and where is minitrue?