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As McConnell Dismisses New Covid Relief Bill as 'Political Stunt,' Survey Shows 60% of US Families Struggling to Get By

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/mcconnell-dismisses-new-covid-relief-bill-political-stunt-survey-shows-60-us

Nation dismisses McConnell as a disaffected narcissistic sociopath.

In my state they had to suspend online applications for unemployment because of system overload.


What did Nancy think he would do? She should have re passed the original 3.3 trillion dollar plan, as it was clear that anything more than the paltry 300 billion that McConnell proposed was DOA.
Now we’ll see if the democrats will play hardball this time. The first words out of Biden’s lips tomorrow should be “McConnell has once again shown his parties distain for the American people”
Biden has already beaten trump without really trying. Now it’s time to make this about Trumps Party. Run against the senate.


will the Dems start to shout from the rooftops that the Republicans are spitting on the pain and suffering the Republicans have placed millions in with their refusal to give relief?–

I’m waiting

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He is a cancer that needs to be removed from America.


If the Dems capitulate on corporate liability, we’re done.

The nation’s been bent over the barrel on this and we’ve been forced to supply our own lube - again. Our ruling class are absolutely dysfunctional when it comes to their actual jobs as they’re supposed to be in a representative democracy. Now when it comes to plutocrats and corporate citizens, hey everyone look over there!

With 1/2 the money squandered on more corporate cash grabs, we could have locked down this country almost entirely for 60 to 90 days and paid everyone to sit it out. The pandemic would have at least gotten under control, but here we are.


McConnell should be locked up.


Yes Mr. Leader, a trillion and a half dollar tax cut for people who absolutely didn’t need it.
But for people in dire straights you thumb your nose. Time for you to go.


Not one single Democrat should have voted for any relief bill for the corporations, until the people, the masses, had been taken care of first.


Right on------The republican party is an empty vessel that has been filled with hate and greed—now republicans will use violence to stay in power because they stand for nothing. A "conservative " party that has increased the national debt by 7 trillion???

The bigger the vote for democrats the more power for the base of the party

Swearengen running in WV would be a big win- and a whole progressive group running with her.
also Savage in rank choice voting in Maine.