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As McConnell Obstructs on Trump Impeachment, Calls Grow for House Democrats to 'Subpoena Bolton'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/09/mcconnell-obstructs-trump-impeachment-calls-grow-house-democrats-subpoena-bolton

Have Bolton testify for that third article of impeachment. Then deliver all three in a package to the Senate.


I hope that while all the procedural issues are being hashed out, new articles of impeachment are being drawn up. Twump, being Twump, won’t disappoint by providing no further counts; but will the Ds under Madame Speaker squander yet another opportunity? It’s almost as if they don’t want to charge him with any crimes they might want to commit later.


Has the time come for McConnell to show his contempt for american law and decency? This guy is a true scoundrel who has almost no respect for the american people and democracy. Everyday he does bad things to destroy the rights and freedoms of american. How much longer can we tolerate this guy?

Your post reminds me of the infamous, Obama quote about the lies and war crimes of Dim Son: " we need to look forward" ( because I am going to commit the same crimes!)


No reason the House needs to help the McConnell kangaroo court. McConnell gets as much time as he used to prevent Merrrick Garland and put in his choice into the Supreme Court until hopefully KY will retire him. The House can add to the impeachment articles as they come in daily. Important to record for history the criminality of Trump, GOP and Trumpers.

Dems still have bloody noses from Comey, McCabe, Steele, etc.
Suggest extreme caution with wild card John Bolton. His opening remarks to house judiciary committee would be:

'Nuke Iran"
“Then North Korea and China.”

His remarks to senate will differ.
Offer penalties to be stiffer
Ukraine is our fulcrum against Putin
We send them cash and they keep lootin

Even better, if Bolton refuses to comply with the House subpoena, Pelosi can stall for months by taking him to court. Time is now on Nancy’s side, first and foremost because public opinion polling on impeachment and removal hasn’t budged since the entire process began.

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You are a sly one GuildF312S.

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It gets even scarier when Moscow Mitch is accompanied by trump, his cabinet and other appointees, the old-white-men of the senate, and the SCOTUS. And let us not leave out the “deplorables.”

Didn’t they drop the Gallagher suit? That one doesn’t jibe with stalling moves.

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Are you talking about the Don McGahn lawsuit? McGahn lost.

If the House Intelligence or Judiciary Committees reopen hearings, he’ll either testify or be arrested.

Not really, I’ve just seen this movie before.

Yes SK, that’s the one, my bad. Are they really going any further with Pelosi at the helm? I guess we will find out sooner or later.
Anyone want to volunteer to shovel off the seats at Lambeau Field? It’s forecast that they may get a foot of snow the night before Sunday’s game. $12 p/h I’m told.

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Damn, here in SE Michigan, it’s going to rain 3 inches over 48 hours starting tonight.
Highs in the 50s, lows in the 40s. It’s like springtime, man.

Just keep hoping Pelosi keeps stalling. Nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

Well that just ruins the Johnny Horton song, “When it’s springtime in Alaska.”
It’s 40 above hear in Packer land.

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Gnats flying around here in mid-January. I sledded in November. Now I’m kayaking. Jeebus.

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A couple of weeks ago when temps. were around freezing, there were what looked like mosquitos dancing around outside my kitchen window. Weather anomalies, or insect anonalies?

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DJT has been engaged in a large cover-up scheme for over three years running.
The people and documents requested by democrats through subpoenas have been denied.

I believe that is because those witnesses and documents cannot be fudged, lied about spun or denied because there is independent evidence that would cause trouble through documents, and perjury from witnesses .

Well this ought to make Bolton squirm a little bit. Holding the impeachment articles is the smartest thing Pelosi has done. Nothings going to change in the Senate, hold those articles, add to them, and turn them over to the Senate in mid October.