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As McConnell Tees Up Next Aid Package With Corporate Liability as 'Red Line,' Polluters Pushing to Secure Shield Against Covid-19 Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/mcconnell-tees-next-aid-package-corporate-liability-red-line-polluters-pushing

The USA is the most corrupt nation in the history of the world. Outright criminality is now legalized thanks to the two corporate parties enacting legislation to do so on behalf of their corporate masters. There is no rule of law for the citizens in the USA. The so-called justice system is nothing but a means to terrorize the citizens into cowering before the corporate criminal class. Meanwhile the oligarchs have their JustUs system in place that makes them immune from any wrong doing as they steal everything in sight and kill off all life on earth. The citizens are nothing but slaves now in the USA and it is long past time for a rebellion that will take these fucking monsters down. Are the citizens up to that or not. Right now there is somewhere around 38% of the citizens that are cheering on their own destruction. And arguably another large percentage are all for voting for the other party that will kill us off as well. Things do not look good for the future in the USA as chaos and destruction has been the inevitable outcome of a system enabled by both parties.


If this Congress gives Corporations a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card,” by allowing unregulated pollution, then the People must incarcerate every member of Congress that approves the poisoning of Americans.

Those Congress members will deserve to have “Wanted Posters” put up all over their states to remind the residents of those states how little those Congress critters think of their lives.


The Party Of Eisenhower never went downhill, it has been corrupt since at least the split of the Bull Moose Party. Eisenhower was corrupt. His VP Richard Nixon was corrupt. they destroyed much of the 20th Century with the Communist Witch Hunts and Cold War!!
This miscreant wants to fully eliminate Americans right to legal recourse in the courts. STOP EQUATING THE DEMOCRATS WITH THE REPUBLICANS FOR GOD’S SAKE!!

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Refer to the Patriot Act.
Refer to 16 Trillion $ corporate bailout 2008 through 2011.
CARES Act inadequacies dismissed by dems, “we’ll do better next time”.

Where is the filled wishlist from when Obama had the House, Senate, White House, and Judiciary was not as stacked?


“The Democratic Party does not defend voters of color…

There’s all kinds of reasons and one of them is simply the current Democrats wouldn’t be in charge of the party. They’d lose their primaries. You would have a very different Democratic party…

While it’s true that the Republicans stole the White House, the Democrats stole their own party from their own voters.”

Greg Palast,
How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt for America's Vanished Voters


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Sun Tzu,
The Art of War


Experiencing amnesia are we? Obama gave us targeted assassinations of US citizens without any recourse to the law. ACA? Don’t forget it was the brainchild of The Heriitage Foundation before Romney applied it to his state as governor. Remember the fines for not having corporate insurance under ACA? Did Obama’s team do anything to address the illegal preemptive invasion of Iraq? WMDs? Remember?

The reality is such: every single president since Nixon has moved to the right. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

This shit we’re in did not appear from a vacuum. Sure the GOP is out of control, and the reason they’ve arrived at this point has a lot to do with establishment democrats enabling it. Hillary, that darling of the establishment, sat on the board of directors for Walmart for years. Her role? Making sure Walmart workers didn’t unionize.


And Obama signed the NDAA in 2011 that allowed a president deem anyone, including American citizens, terrorists and disappear them without any due process. Even killing them as you point out that Obama actually did to a father and his sixteen year old son. But, but, but the big bad Republicans… The Democrats are just fine with all of it as long their bribes keep flowing from their corporate masters. Anyone pretending the Democrats are so much better is suffering from delusions and Stockholm Syndrome.

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Congress writes the rules allowing polluters not to be held accountable for the damages they cause to the American people who vote them into office while taking campaign funds from those same polluters. And no one goes to prison. Bernie Madoff must be envious.


We should be careful of what we wish for Babel. If everyone followed your lead we wouldn’t vote for anyone.
And that’s already one of our biggest problems, to many people not invested in voting.

That is the idea. Stop voting and instead invoke massive ongoing general strikes and boycotts to bring the corrupt system to its knees. If you insist on voting then vote third party like the Greens. As things now stand voting will not change a thing when it comes to the two corporate parties. Voting is a waste until there are political parties that actually represent the citizens.

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If we wait for that we may never vote again. Furthermore, I think we get a pretty clear picture of how well we boycott and strike here in the U.S.
Those rich corporations just laugh at the threat of those boycotts and strikes. Not because they don’t work, but because we suck at it.

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If rethuglicans lived in fully enclosed bubbles surrounding their homes that all the pollution they’re responsible for creating via deregulation could be pumped into, I wonder how they would feel about what they are proposing then?

Don’t forget that they have neither a moral compass, nor any compassion,and they know their ivory towers are far above any pollution to deal with.

Melania’s jacket gives us a clue as to how they feel about everything. They don’t care, and are perfectly willing to say it to our faces.

If they laugh at boycotts and general strikes, then they will laugh even harder at those who still vote in their corrupt electoral system. I do agree with you regarding the USA’s ability to implement any meaningful boycotts or strikes. That is why I see nothing but collapse and a dystopian future as both parties no longer live in reality along with a citizenry who just seem as blind to reality as well. Clearly you are more optimistic than I am. But I have come to the realization that nothing is going to change what awaits us as it has been in the making for decades now thanks to both corporate parties. We are in the end stage of capitalism and we are entering a full blown depression. And exponential climate change is happening as well. Survival will be the name of the game.

Perfectly and succinctly stated.

I would agree with everything in your last post. So how do we recover from full blown depression?
Does Russia conquer us? Does China buy us out? Do we join forces with Canada, Mexico, or both?
Can the rich and corporate America live very long without our infusion of labor and tax revenue?

As far as survival:
I was NOT shocked to hear that guns sales are way up. I am shocked though that the majority of buyers are from the political right, not from frightened peace-nics.

I have no answers to your questions. I am at a loss. I simply try to live everyday in kindness to those around me and to share the truth of what I see while I can. I don’t know what else to do.

A brief history, unions were the bread and butter of the Democratic Party. From day one the master class has crushed labor, the Molly Maguires and the Lattimer Massacre were symptoms of the disease that all but killed unions in US. To replace that loss, Clinton trangulated corporate money and influence into an insular core called the Democratic Leadership Council that not only adopted Republican funding sources but more and more of their positions, propelling both parties inevitably and perpetually to the right, to where Obama was in part, to the right of Nixon.
As election costs eclipse other countrys’ national budgets, admission to the Team A/Team B corporate franchise (Democrats are Team B) weeds out all but a few outsiders who are still useful as a pressure relief valve. Both teams receive management from the corporate top which keeps both teams cooperating on priorities (finacial, military…) while encouraging rousing competition on issues not affecting The Bottom Line (social, religious…), it makes for a good show.
Movie stars, game show hosts, and special ed family members are welcome in middle management which includes any office from president to dog catcher. Senate and House leaders are little dictators that bend other elected officials to their will, negating voters’ will, they don’t call it a House Whip for nothing. The entrenched frame is incompatible with progressive ideals and practice, Establisment covets and CONCETRATES power, progressives by nature SHARE power.
As good as it is, for slave holding, invading framers from hudreds of years ago to prescribe a viable form of governance to stand the drastic changes between our times knowing the range of human nature, how can we not expect the warping that has occurred? It is for us to recognize and if not repair, then remake the relationship of humanity to itself, and to the natural world that we are, for now, a part of.

They could pony up some billions to the USPS, and perhaps forgive any corporate liability there.

Gotta agree with you there Buddy.

But, TrumpTOB has a point about continuing to support the Corporate Warmongering Parties.

If you keep them in power, they don’t have any responsibility to do good.

You’ll vote for them either way.