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As McConnell Tees Up Next Aid Package With Corporate Liability as 'Red Line,' Polluters Pushing to Secure Shield Against Covid-19 Lawsuits

Why is that shocking? The right are always those who amass guns when panicked.

I hear you loud and NRA clear about the right.
The way I was hinting is that I thought the story was going to be that the lefties would arm up to even things out a little.
Thankfully not very many in state leadership are going anywhere near armed push back.
Although personally I wouldn’t mind seeing some guardsmen thrusting a bayonet or two at the trump gestapo.

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Maybe that is for the best. I don’t know, I would want to believe that non-violent protests and resistance can still work but I also know some in the past like Malcolm X would probably disagree with that. Weapons or no, courage is what is going to be needed.

That would be part of the reason for putting the fear in our psyche. To discourage anyone from expressing any of that courage.
We used to have to be weilling to spend a night in jail. Now we aren’t sure if we end up in Gitmo.

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Again, these protests currently going on give me a sliver of hope, even in the face of rapidly growing fascism.

A warm up for the pitchfork rally?

What a perfect time to march. So many displaced right now with some time on their hands after the daily job search.

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And once next month comes around there will be millions more evictions. And you know there will be those who refuse to leave and get shot for their troubles, especially if they are of color.