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As McConnell Vows No Vote on Major Covid Skinny Relief Bill, GOP Seen as Strategizing for Austerity Under Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/mcconnell-vows-no-vote-major-covid-skinny-relief-bill-gop-seen-strategizing

We need to get rid of Firewall McConnell.


Check out the debate with McGrath-----

–and Dore—Ball----really Trump supporters are out there with fox "news"hammering Pelosi for not taking the “deal”—??-what deal—???----Pelosi handed Republicans three and half TRILLION dollars----while Typhoid Trump runs around the country spreading the virus???

These so called “conservatives” have put 7 TRILLION on the credit card —not to mention what ever the Fed has been doing to prop up this fucking joke economy built on a mountain of debt.


Democrats can become the conservative party<<<<<<<<they have been the most fiscally responsible party for the last 50 yrs-----then have a People’s party for real people------Trump people can be deported to Russia so they can hang out with white people and their favorite police state buddy Putin. You can have your stupid military parades in Russia Ha Ha

But hey the Plantation owner has learned about racism from his black friend Tim Scott-----who knew???

8 million MORE into poverty since May.
Mark Meadows is calling the negotiating with nancy.

she has no clue.
getting played every day
hauling in cash is her due
while we have no pay
soon, 400,000 dead from the flu
no work around for this DC way
smack em all so they get a clue
work for the people is what we say

nancy, take the 1.8 trillion tonight to help real people.
then, on january 21, 2021 you can have Biden sign 5 trillion for families
and individuals only.
Not for banks, wall street, airlines or factories.
Not for LLC’s, corporations or any foreign entities
doing business in USA.

The harm DC is causing shall be redressed.
Next March, let us recall the dense reps and evil senators
who turn their backs on evictions, hunger and education.

Take the money and run !!

The suggested Republican strategy of preparing an austerity economic program to undermine Biden’s term in office only works if Republicans can maintain their voting power in the Senate. If the numbers in the Senate are even close, say one or two votes, their strategy may not work.

Why would republicans act any differently?
Dems won’t fight in congress and are not inclined to start shooting.
Voting is being subverted. And Fox keeps up it’s brainwashing of an addle brained right-wing.
During the Biden regime they will just hang out in their villas and count and recount their trump windfall.