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As Media Gatekeeper, 70+ Groups Call on Facebook to End Censorship


As Media Gatekeeper, 70+ Groups Call on Facebook to End Censorship

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As Facebook comes under fire for its alleged censorship and tracking of activists and protesters, a coalition of more than 70 groups and individuals has demanded the social media behemoth "clarify its policy on removing video and other content, especially human rights documentation, at the request of government actors."


I quit facebook a few years back for all these reasons and more. It would be interesting to make a real people's version. It will happen and facebook will evaporate.


I agree with the proposition. It will be hard to gain publicity if Facebook refuses. I wish only that one of the items on the free speech list was the BDS movement.

I see how many say how they avoid Facebook or are censored by it. I continue to use Facebook both for personal and political communication and do not believe it makes sense to speak on Common Dreams or the Intercept etc. and not Facebook. Any of these foruums can be read by anyone and how hard is it for the NSA to track down a user? Maybe it is just as effective to be circumspect about public communication while saying what you think. In the end the battleground is intellectual and in that arena free, thoughtful informed and respectful speech, accompanied by moral action, is the most powerful tool for change. If you really want to persuade people, one radical tool is to drop all insults and speak calmly and thoughtfully., and to act in the service of justice and human needs.