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As Michigan Called for Biden, Trump Supporters Condemned for Chanting 'Stop the Count!' at Detroit Ballot Center

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/michigan-called-biden-trump-supporters-condemned-chanting-stop-count-detroit-ballot


They did much the same In Florida during the Bush/Gore election and in essence got away with it.

Face it. These people might talk like they value Democracy , but they do not want that at all. They are into the “Strongman” as leader.


Trump’s lifetime of “business strategy” on display: Bungle everything, leave a mess, blame others, and file a bunch of lawsuits to scare away the people you screwed over.

At long last, perhaps these targets will not be scared away.


I’ve got my pot and spoon ready this time around. I remember 2000!!!
I’ve been listening to news radio stations from other countries, and they’re all aghast at how the US is showing its feet of clay. It was bad enough with Trump’s shenanigans these past four years. Now…the US of Abuse is no longer a Superpower. Trump’s supporters did that. Now, watch Russia and China very carefully for some nasty stuff in the Baltic and around Taiwan. With the US out for the count, the rest of the so-called free world need to look out for themselves.


Just as with Democrat partisans they want a diversion so they don’t have to dwell on what losers WE all are when it comes to government policies.

Social graces don’t get democrats what they want and need anymore than churlishness gets republicans what they want and need. And while we see the problem as each other rather than unfettered capitalism, we’ll continue to ALL be losers compared to our fellow citizens of developed Western countries.


Only took you a sentence to establish context. Why can’t the accredited press corps and their editors and publishers provide context? As a nation we’ve been running headlong into National, Local and Civic Alzheimer’s without even trying to use it before we lose it!

For the great investigative journalist of the venerable VILLAGE VOICE, Wayne Barrett RIP, Z’l whose decades of digging into Trump Org’s tentacles should’ve innoculated U.S. to any such thing as Office Holder Donald Trump.

(Donald Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry has been by most peer-reviewed accounts a fine federal U.S. court judge appointed during the Reagan-Bush administration. The honorable judge Trump Barry has rebuked her brother in office since she retired from the bench. Another Trump relative, niece Mary Lea Trump has gone even further in the 2020 book she published Too Much and Never Enough drawing on her academic and professional career in Clinical Family Psychiatry. See wiki or her 2020 book ).

Now let U.S. all sing along with Jack Hardy and brother Jeff on bass (Jeff Hardy perished working his day job as a corporate chef at the WTC on 9-11-01 after many years feeding his family and still pursuing folk music with his brother Jack Hardy paying for their creative pursuits with back-breaking work in catering…)

A more useful national anthem than our bombs bursting in air psychopathology, “I Oughta Know…” Tracking our social distance contacts for the pandemic is physically important. “I Oughta Know” is civically and spiritually crucial!

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
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When has the U.S. cared about a free world or so called free world? In the last four years it has gone from pretending to care about freedom and human rights to it’s all about only the U.S.


Whatever I think of Biden, these people are pathetic. Trump was born into wealth, never knew a day of struggle and could give a damn about any of these people, or regular people in general. They do all of this for what? A reactionary, ignorant oligarch? Propaganda of all kinds has utterly ruined people in this country. The propaganda system here puts the USSR’s system to shame. They are the minor league A ball compared to the corporate propaganda system. Orwell, by the way, said just this in his unpublished introduction to Animal Farm.


Just a mob being loud, trying to throw a tantrum for nothing. The good news is that there are 250 each democrats and republicans working very hard.

Which - is a darn good improvement compared to the total mess Wayne County (Detroit) has suffered counting votes twice each year for about … at least 11 years.

Meanwhile, there are 70,000 spoiled ballots in Michigan and this very high quantity deserves a ballot by ballot review tonight and tommorow to avoid any trumpo whining and lawsuit.


We’re losers compared to the Brits of Brexit or the Swedes of Herd mentality Immunity?  I’m not so sure . . .   OTOH, when nearly half the country – or at least nearly half our voters (around half of eligible voters, or half of half of adult citi­zens) – support a twit like Tweetle-Dumb after he’s had four years to disabuse us of ANY notion that he is competent (or even sane) then I suppose most D’Uhmuikuns deserve exactly what they’re gonna get.  I do feel somewhat sorry for the few of us who don’t deserve what we’ve had to put up with for four years, or will be putting up with for the next four+, no matter who ends up “winning” the current fiasco.


If only our Public Servants had done as you say and gone around the world "pretending to care about freedom and human rights to it’s all about only the U.S…"

In fact our representatives in this republic have gone about their bid-net caring only about their clients and personally enriching PRIVATE INTERESTS and scrupulously avoiding even using the phrase PUBLIC INTEREST as that would be out of compliance with our bi-partisan loyalty oath sworn to the DNC and RNC to comply with the dogmas and doctrines of Neo-Liberal E-CONomics. Here’s Moh Alileche’s take on it, among the first songs this native North African Amazigh (Berber) bard recorded in English while living, working and recording in Portland, Ore

Boiled down to the Cold War propaganda meme it birthed and remains GREED IS GOOD. Heretical by the bye to most faiths and belief systems along with personal responsibility and civics-based philosophies of the world, often referred to as THE GOLDEN RULE.

That must be what attracts the Evangelicals and Zionoids, not just the disciples of the Gospel of Prosperity, chief executive among them our current President who was born into Prosperity and worked along with grifted his ass off his whole stunted life to turn that HUUUUGE Fortune his over-achieving and “BIG GOVERNMENT, NANNY STATE” contracting father Fred Trump (child of German immigrants) left to his son born on Third Base, Donald Trump, and that Donald has since turned through his brains and skills into a small fortune leveraged by Deutsche Bank when Wall Street and London financiers of the Anglo Saxon Banking system denied Trump Org credit after serial corporate bankruptcy protection filings and leaving vendors and their own sub-contractors unpaid…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
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Democrats are only in favor of counting “all the ballots” when a progressive is not involved. It is estimated that Sanders was cheated out of 500k votes in the California primary due to a number of shenanigans including the failure to count ballots. It’s important to keep in mind that Dems mind losing to Republicans far less than they mind losing to Republicans.


Nailed it


Your comments bring to mind an op-ed piece in today’s USA Today [“Your candidate just lost. Now what?”] where the author, Karol Markowicz, opines that:

“You will wonder what to tell your children. Tell them that they live in the best, freest country in history and that these are the breaks. Explain that America will continue, America will prosper. Work to make sure America continues and prospers.”

Apparently Mr. Markowicz has not been paying attention as it should have been evident that the best and freest country in history would not be dropping 500 lb. bombs and drone missiles upon innocent people overseas and that it would be providing universal health care for its citizens and which is basic in every other industrialized country in the world. The United States is also the only advanced country on the planet which does not provide paid parental leave for its people. And what Americans should be doing is making sure that America catches up to the rest of the world since the United States is probably the least egalitarian industrialized country that one can find which hardly makes the U.S., despite the author’s patriotic belief, the “best country in history.”

A short documentary on a terrific web site called Second Thought pointed out how workers in McDonalds make $22 an hour [in the U.S. they rake in about $7.00 an hour] while also receiving paid sick leave. As one would have guessed, this is not happening in the United States but rather in Denmark. But if Biden manages to become president do not expect that to happen anytime soon in the allegedly greatest country in the world since Biden has taken great pains to point out that he is not a [gasp!] socialist.


No arrest?
No tear gas?
No police brutality?
No consequence for interfering with Official Ballots/Counting?

Now I see, there where no black people involved… Amerikkka the Great for who?


Yes, great for the owners and the elites, not so great for the working class and the poor which is just the way that the Republicans and the Democrats want to make sure continues unabated.


Plenty of black people working very hard doing the work of counting ballots.

The jerks banging on the glass and screaming need to calm down. Where were they four years ago when Wayne County (Detroit) election counting performance was the absolute worsest!!

The tumult, disfunction there was so bad that it is in the top ten reasons Hillary lost.


The state troopers were up on the third floor at the railing.
One or more of the invaders is in jail on charges of conspiracy
to kidnap the Michigan governor.

They also harassed state elected outside. The state troopers provided escort into the building and to the person’s office.


I would like to welcome all the millions of Americans who have recently joined the nihilism club. When you are on the street, look around you and almost half of the people within view believe:

  • Black lives do not matter.
  • The planet is here to be exploited even to the point of mass extinction.
  • Universal medicare only delays the inevitable.
  • A pandemic can be useful in culling the herd and removing the strain on social services, especially the elderly. Granny is an anchor weighing society down.
  • Fetuses really are people and deserve all rights.
  • Corporations are people and deserve all rights.
  • People, outside their tribe, do not deserve all rights.

Relax, calm down, grab a cuppa, and open up “Beyond Good and Evil”. Nietzsche’s writings are funny, interesting, rude, and very fitting for our time.; he’s the George Carlin of Philosophy. He is very skeptical that free will is the basis of morality and of value judgments being objective. Seeing that “Stop The Count” and “All Votes Must Be Counted” stem from the same underlying, pointless psychology is freeing.

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


Democracy requires a rational, informed electorate. Trump’s rabid supporters are anything but.