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As Midterm Nears, Trump Returns to an Old Formula: Lies and Hatred


As Midterm Nears, Trump Returns to an Old Formula: Lies and Hatred

Jessicah Pierre

Midterm elections are approaching. The first major election since Trump took office, our current political landscape could shift dramatically depending on the results.

If Democrats can take back control of the House of Representatives — or even the Senate — that could have a major effect on Trump’s ability to pass legislation.


That’s it!

Trump for forever be remembered for his Lies and Hatred.

As will every single one of his enablers, all destined for a very warm place, south of everywhere.

And I am not talking about Mar-a-Loco.


The message of Trump , that of lies and hatred would NEVER have gotten any traction had the Democrats not abandoned the working class and the poor for the Filthy Lucre of Corporate dollars. They still not owning up to this.


Lies and hatred are central to fascism. Trump’s needs a Republican Party majority in both houses to continue to reach his goal of destroying democracy in the US, And he doing this backed by Russia which has the same goal. I don’t think you really can separate Trump and Russia. It was Russia that seized on the opportunity when the great narcissist Trump declared bankruptcy and could no longer borrow from American banks. He did get a loan from Deutsche Bank but then couldn’t pay them back. Russia offered Trump a lifeline and he took it. Presumably he will not reveal his tax returns because they would show how indebted he is to Russia. So the Russian resurrected the failed businessman Trump and created the fictional successful business man Trump who played that fictional role on The Apprentice. He then played this fictional character running for president and then as president. He is a failed businessman who is completely beholden to Russia. Trump being a white supremacist has been able to connect with the white supremacists throughout the US in a way no other politician has been able to do. He has been helped immeasurably the lies and hatred spread on social media by both US sources and Russia. The goal of Russia seems to be to diminish the influence of the US and Europe in order to relatively elevate the influence of Russia. Trump has sold out to Russia like many people he is associated with. And it appears there could be enough Americans filled with lies and hatred to vote to destroy their own country .


Oh Lrx are you sure? Facebook and Cambridge Analytica seemed to have more to do with weirdness on the internet. Why would Russia bother with the election as they have Syria to worry about, and the fact that NATO decided to break that Reagan / Gorbachov agreement to have America stay out of Russia’s backyard.

Russia is actually working well in all areas, and better the the U.S. And too, lots of presidents are failures, almost all off them---- and it’s worse now, because politicians seem to work for corporations, and has any president since WW 2 really worked for the people? It seem like most retire richer than they began and end up making more money off of their presidential libraries. : (

The author is under the assumption that if Democrats control Congress and/or the Senate, Trump will be stuck in his tracks. 

When Obama was in office and he had a majority in Congress, did shut down Guantanamo? Did he reduce the nuclear stockpile? Did he expand social security or Medicare? In fact the only thing Obama did was to give the rich more tax breaks, bail out the banks and roll back social benefits for the poor.
The only way for positive change to occur is if most don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans, an option not offered to most voters. the country is in desperate need of a people’s Party that is not beholden to special interests. This has yet to materialize as most voters still take their cues from the MSM.


When did he use another formula? If it isn’t broken…

For the record, I hope it’s broken, but too many folks in the “heartland” seem to be very taken with Trump’s lies and hated. Very.


Please read Timothy Snyder’s book, The Road to Unfreedom.
I believe that if you do, you will notice that his research makes it difficult to dismiss the widespread influence of Russia - period.
In addition, when Trump ‘associates’ are Russian oligarchs, friends of Putin, associates of KGB/FSB people (past and present), peers of the far right with virulent, violent, extremist, hateful philosophies, it becomes difficult to imagine that Trump and his people have any moral or patriotic compass; (how many now have been charged with lying to the FBI etc., etc., etc.,). Big hint - democracy is never part of their plans. Subverting western power and western civilization is, by any and all means necessary. Whether Trump is a puppet or a knowledgeable right wing extremist, he pretty much functions similarly.

The more i dig into this topic the more the evidence continues to pile up. If you hang with the mafia, act like the mafia, smell like the mafia, take money from the mafia, then, well, you likely are a participant in the mafia. Wouldn’t let any of these people into my home for a second.


The right wing extremism Trump uses bears great similarity to modern Russian political manipulations.
Lies and hatred are foundational tools weaponized to distract and side-step from even more central issues of governance that quietly enable authoritarianism to expand its reach.
One can be concerned about immigration and hold different views about this topic without using extremist language to manipulate public votes. Right out of the Russian playbook (and all other countries who utilize this corruption for power).


“Congress has given Trump the green light to pass an enormous tax cut for corporations and the ultra-wealthy…”

Except for the occasional budgetary earmark, Congress leaves literal green lights and their red and yellow companions to state departments of transportation and municipal street departments. I know that Ms. Pierre is using a metaphor, but metaphors blur facts and responsibility. “[Giving] a green light” implies that Congress merely gave approval for someone else to establish the tax cut. That is false. The colossal tax cut was a result of actions by members of Congress -they voted for the cuts, and individual members of Congress should be called out for that act.

The vote was a party-line vote, so Democrats had an eat-your-cake-and-have-it-too situation. They could vote against the tax cut knowing that it would pass and that their wealthy pals would benefit. I leave that issue for another day.

In any case, Trump signed the legislation but he did not “pass an enormous tax cut”. Had he done so, either his urologist or his proctologist would have held a news conference. Neither did.


Return? When did fascist dickhead Trump depart?


You have Trumpleftist-itis. Time to check yourself in.

Just because US Empire stokes Russian State fears through NATO aggression doesn’t negate the FACT that the right wing fascist dickhead Trump has had long standing business relationships with Russian oligarch mafioso jerks. Nor does it change the FACT that it is clucking obvious Trump and his cohorts have been working feverishly to cover up those ties, those activities during the campaign having to do with such Russian connections.

Just because MSM is corrupted by corporate ownership and having built up oligarchs in this country, doesn’t mean that everything reported in MSM in regard to Tump’s ties with Russia or the ongoing investigation should be disregarded.

My belief, is that indeed lots of corruption is being found, but ultimately the Deep State (mostly supportive of Trump) will leave the fascist dickhead standing as his Administration is the best thing since sliced bread to come along for US oligarchs and corrupted corporate politicians’ own billionaire servicing agendas.

It’s patently absurd that you promote Putin’s Russia as “working well in all areas” and then contrast with the correct assessment that “politicians seem to (not just seem to) work for corporations” in the US. Earth to stardust, there is a very very very vital oligarchy happening in Russia, and Putin has a very very very dark side. He’s not a big fan of gays, journalists, or anyone else who challenges his vision of Russian rule.

Did I just hold up the US as a shining example by comparison? Check my posts for reference.

I’m just not blinded by the dazzle of Trump, like way too many leftists, that don’t really support him…of course, of course.


HI Edmundo, I will try to get to that book too, but I am very far behind in my historical readings----eventually I will get to that one too. Thank you for the reference. : )


HI Psychedelic_Chicken—LOL " Trumplefist-itis," that’s funny. : )

Trump has long standing business interests with Israel and is apparently going for Saudi Arabia too. And yes, Russia is in there too, so Trump’s so busy trying to make both money and havoc, that he’s forgotten who he’s supposed to be working for. : )

Perhaps I am just still horrified about reading of the Yeltsin incident, and because of that , I have to look at my country which always seems to be trying to control the world by undermining every other nation, although lately Teresa May and the UK seems as awful in that too.

My comment about Putin 's work was meant in the sense that he’s not Trump, and many things have been turned around positively by him while nothing in America, since Bush seems to have been fixed and we’re 18 years after that WMD lie.
I have no idea why America seems intent with so many of its presidents to ignore things that need fixing— how in the world we could still be at war with North Korea?
Looking at how Russia was bankrupted after Afghanistan, Putin has turned a lot around positively for the people in Russia, Putin seems to get more done for his people than America has for us. I also like that no matter what Israel and Saudi Arabia and America do, that Putin and Russia have not been sucked into America’s constantly warring against the world. Looking at where Russia was after Afghanistan to where they are now. shows me a better line of thought than America has---- Bush started one war and how many surges and generals and wars have we had in 18 wars--------it’s very ridiculous------don’t you think?


I apologize for the insult in my post. I’m beyond frustrated with what has been a humongous blind spot regarding this fascist in the White House for so many people. The end game for the complete destruction of any hope of this country not sliding into a totalitarian State is playing out before our very eyes. True, the last 40 some years have led up to this jerk in the White House. Trump is the tipping point.


HI Psychedelic _Chicken. I didn’t take it as an insult. : ) Besides you gave that great line of ,“It’s CLUCKING obvious.” Thank you that made me laugh, and in America today, having a really good laugh is like winning a million dollars. : )