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As Military Escalation Grips Syria, Oxfam Decries World Powers for Fueling War



Let's declare Peace to be a Universal Human Right.


With this report coming days after Russia took action in Syria it seems like a bias report. Along with shouldn't Israel also be on that list? And to be blame Russia at this time for coming to the aid of the Syrian government. That is fighting the NWO/Zionist Islamic terrorist on a number of different fronts.


The greatest moment of Michael Steele, former Republican national chairman, to my view, was when he pointed to the extent that Hillary Clinton is a war hawk.

She also is a terrible demonizer (of Putin, Khaddafi, Bin Laden, Assad, etc.). For her and people like her on both the left and right there always will be some huge bad guy out there and if there isn't they will find or make one.

Might as well have lived in The Middle Ages when dragons and witches could serve as the basis for all political thought.


Returning to the topic of the post. OXFAM IMHO in all the various aspects of the different organizations involved is one of the most valid providing a variety of assistance and information such as this article.

Suspect this nightmare for the people involved. Both those attempting to escape the violence and those unable to do so will only suffer worse as the violence among those nations involved continue, and even more so now that Russia has entered, this seemingly forever "civil war."

Death is death be it from being bombed, drowning trying to escape or starving. It just takes longer to die by starvation and children who are unable to provide for themselves are the first victims.


War is so horribly profitable to the United States' military industrial complex.


Any ideas or solutions as to how to change it? Lots of word by many about the horrors or futility, but it's hard to find anyone with a relevant plan to make the
changes doing so would require.

Maybe a first step would be to ban the same generals who prosecute the wars and often then end up working for the MIC? It's very nice to assume the POTUS has the ultimate control to be able to do so, but the it's with the approval of the Senate they move up the ladder to power. The framers of the
Constitution established, like it or not, a government made of three branches.
Any you would like to eliminate?


Oxfam is not, as far as I know, funded by the USA's State Department. Whilst acting internationally, it is a British NGO. Before you sling out aspersions, provide evidence.


You should check the information about OXFAM. How about OXFAM American headquarter in Boston? Ignorance abounds, but words appear to come very easily. Just one more NGO providing services for those in need on a variety of levels. Plenty of opinions, most negative about the hideous circumstances in Kunduz when a hospital gets destryoyed. Burning to death is hideous especially the result of a bombing that never should have taken place. Starving is just as dead and is quite as bad, just takes longer. And when there is a major devastation like a tsunami it is OXFAM, war, famine and natural disaster that goes to help.


Oxfam was founded in the UK, in Oxford, hence the name. No doubt it now has offices in many countries.

"like a tsunami it is OXFAM, war, famine and natural disaster that goes to help."

Am unsure quite what you mean by the above-- is this a typographic error?


I do not think Russia should have been included in Oxfam's list. Russia did its best to prevent the other powers from interfering in Syria and stirring up trouble. Now Syria is filled with militant groups, some armed and trained by the US to carry out by proxy the US goal to get rid of Assad, thus weakening Iran, Syria's ally, satisfying Israel's thirst to weaken both Syria and Iran, and to spit in the eye of Russia.

This is another war of choice by the US, totally immoral, another Mideast country thrown into utter chaos by our 'hidden' geopolitical goals to dominate the world. I am very, very against violence unless it is in self-defense or to come to the aid of those who are suffering.

The militant groups that we characterize as moderates are merely people, egged on by US covert ops, who were willing to start a war so they could have their own group in charge. Did they care how many would be killed or injured or dispossessed so they could get what they wanted? Did the US care? Obviously not. Somebody had to try to stop them. Putin stepped into the void, taking a big risk by becoming involved. He is the Good Samaritan who comes to the aid of the suffering knowing that his actions will be vilified and mischaracterized, as was the case yesterday when US spin on evil Putin and Russia went into overdrive. Are we willing to put the world at risk for a nuclear War to get our own way in Syria? Time will tell.


Our national government has been bought lock stock and barrel by somewhere between 400 and 500 too big to fail international corporations in assorted industries, including our military industrial complex, 10 too big to fail oil/gas firms, and 5 or 6 not sure of the count coal firms including the Koch brothers. I am afraid it is a lost cause.


You are correct. I just called Oxfam in the U.S. and was told they receive no US State Dept. NGO funding. My edit above will reflect that information.


George, Didn't mean to be nit picky, but if you research OXFAM you will discover though founded in the UK, it is currently made up of a number of separate charitable entities to as noted include OXFAM America.

From their website: "Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries."


Absolutely agree. Russia is the only nation following international law. They vetoed intervention to help the 'rebels' in Libya, finally agreeing to a no-fly zone to prevent civilian death and look where that ended up. Libya from a nation with no debt, free health, education, affordable housing, loans to poor African countries...is now a savage Stone Age desert. Russia made a mistake, but never again. In Syria, with 'rebels' armed by the 'coalition' (which includes Israel with its eye on Golan and beyond) Russia intervened diplomatically and blew apart the little coalition scheme to create a gas attack false flag, leaving egg all over John Kerry's face--check!

When Bashar was summoned home to pick up the reins (that's the way they do things there and it works for them until THEY decide what's best), he did so reluctantly because life as an opthomologist in London with a beautiful, intelligent wife was good. Fighting the old guard he made his way. He offered assistance to the US after 9/11 and when the Americans came to him in 2003 with an offer he shouldn't refuse--i.e., join us against your neighbour Saddam and also make a peace treaty with Israel--he did what any sane leader would do with the prospect of a major war being fought on his doorstep and refused the offer. Through all this he adhered to his plan to democratize Syria with the first elections, deemed free and fair by international observers in 2006, electing Bashar al-Assad by an 80% vote. But the wheels of espionage were already turning against him with 'rebels' infiltrating the country and various nations supporting a rebellion with arms and men. What does the coalition then need? A spark. That was a provocation to reveal Bashar as the 'harsh dictator'. Wikileaks has revealed that the 'peaceful demonstration' was orchestrated and the response of the government forces was calculated. And so the finger pointing began and the demonizing. Don't forget, we now know that the New American Century had Syria on the list going way back.

Now we have government forces fighting groups of 'rebels' who are also fighting against each other. We have Turkey in the North trying to gobble more land. Israel in the South extending its reach into Syrian territory. Saudi, that bastion of human rights, supplying arms and religious zeal, ignorant cannon fodder that works for the highest payer. And then there is ISIS, that coalition-created monster. Just who are those refugees fleeing? The Western media would have you believe it's Assad and ISIS. International law? Don't make me laugh. It's so beyond that...BUT...

To the North there was someone surveying the chessboard and quietly, Putin gained the permission of his parliament (what a concept, eh? what's that called?) AND the permission of the duly, fairly elected government of Syria to use their territory to launch an attack on ALL the forces making life hell for the Syrians. Things are moving along very well with the 'rebels' and ISIS (turns out they are not nearly as strong as they project and why didn't the coalition know that or did they?). The West (UK,USA, France and all the little minions including Canada), Saudi, Turkey and Israel are all hamstrung. I call that--checkmate!


I don't remember Oxfam pitching a bitch as the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the UK, trained paid and armed the al-Nusra Front, ISIS and any number of other hostile jihadists and set them loose on the Syrian people and the Syrian Government! They only pitch a bitch when the western capitalist powers aren't having their way in their own provoked hostilities! Besides, the Russians are now doing what the US bragged it was doing for over a year now! (And succeeding BTW)


What a beautiful photograph. It contradicts the threatening, frightening message about world powers fueling more war and engaging in wanton killing and destruction.

A boy flying a kite, his face alight with a smile rather than alight because of napalm or some other hideous weapon developed by the West.

Our world is in the grip of mass insanity which will end in a nuclear holocaust.

Fly your kite while you can, sweet boy!


I thank you for this discussion of the present Government of Syria. I know it is being vilified. I can not remember what it has done to justify that vilification. I know that David Cameron and John Kerry have said that Assad has killed "tens of thousands of his own citizens". Is that true? Is it fair to say that the support of United States for some rebels is the main cause of the destabilization of this region of the world?
Two years ago the Syrian Government was accused of using poison gas to kill several hundred women and children. This was after the 'most powerful man in the world' had explicitly warned that poison gas should not be used. What government would use poison gas after such a warning? Why would anyone want to kill those women and children anyway?
Any fool with half an eye could see that the accusations were false. How stupid is the world to believe the liars who are fomenting these wars?


Really good point!