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As Military Obscures Bloodshed, Number of Civilians Killed by US Bombs Soaring, Say Watchdogs


As Military Obscures Bloodshed, Number of Civilians Killed by US Bombs Soaring, Say Watchdogs

Julia Conley, staff writer

In "the least transparent war in recent American history," monitoring groups say the U.S. military is vastly underestimating the civilian death toll 


“As Military Obscures Bloodshed, Number of Civilians Killed by US Bombs Soaring, Say Watchdogs”

As AI weapons take over the military, who chooses whom to kill? Would a mind a million times smarter than the smartest human choose to follow the orders of rich insane reactionary idiots?

Direct Democracy


The other day someone asked me why I was so hard on our government. I replied, “I can’t have respect for a country that’s been at war my whole life,(63+ years) and makes considerable profit from murdering women, children, civilians, nations”. I just can’t respect them and no, I have no way to move elsewhere. I see dystopia everywhere I look, I’m poor and never earned much and didn’t care as long as I had a few creature comforts, food, shelter, my cat, TV and especially music. I understand that working stiffs have little use for bad news, their time is spent trying to make ends meet for their family’s welfare. So since war isn’t being fought here it’s out of mind. War has always been on, or on the back of, my mind, it’s just the way I am. These numbers should be at the forefront of MSM reports but since the 'Nam they learned to shield Americans in a quasi-censored lens for consumers to not really care. To not care that their government is in the business of killing women and children. Sick…


Well-said and heartfelt. Thank you!


Very well said. Yes, a dystopia it is.


Secrecy and hero stories are necessary to keep it going and very, very seldom, really, to protect lives. How do you keep secrets from the “enemy” when you are invading their “front yard” - you don’t. You just keep the citizens of your own country from knowing and stopping you. The “enemy” are usually the same people you would make friends with in any other circumstance, unless a war dropped you into a place and situation where you kill or get killed.
Secrets keep wars coming. Familiarity stops or prevents wars.


If one is not ashamed of being an American citizen and condones what America has been and is doing in their name; then I would compare them to the “good Germans” of the Third Reich.


exactly my sentiments, well done !!


Very well said- I noticed also that the MSM and media in general is not even talking about war at all including about our soldiers. What is the purpose of that? Now, all their talking about are women who were abused and the tax bill.


Well said post- and attacking another country in preemptive war all for American values is disgusting, and immoral


Working “stiffs” often are as you know the ones who go off to war so they have enough money to live on or send to the family so more of all of us need to demand what is happening in our name. Now, Trump wants nuclear war!


This also reminds me of Kent State when the govenor of Ohio at that time ordered real bullets to be used against Viet Nam War protesters at Ohio State. Four students were killed. Later , there was a made for TV movie made about this. Nixon was in power then.