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As Millions in Texas Lack Safe Water, Sunrise Movement Rallies at State Capitol Demanding Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/22/millions-texas-lack-safe-water-sunrise-movement-rallies-state-capitol-demanding


I love it but sadly it’s Main Street that takes the beating on the !% gains of taxes. The state that brought you this mess Calli you this mess for you. ERNO


Man, I really don’t like being the first one to mention this, but Texas is riddled with End-Times fundamentalist christians. It’s events like this one that feeds their everybody-must-die psychosis, hoping they’ll be Raptured and part of the New World ruled by Yeshua. I’ve certainly heard more than a few people around my area saying Covid, the weather extremes, and the political unrest are all part of the End Times, at which point I simply walk away.
Good for the young people to fight for their future. And fie on the rest for allowing things to get this bad! As an Elder, I’ve got your backs, Sunrise Movement.


Что за хрень?

Texas is a perfect example of what happens when we let the capitalists take charge of policy–they will act to increase their profits EVERY time–to hell with the consequences–simply greed on steroids


ERNO. Yes. At last, a commenter who tells it like it is. Damn right. Calli for sure mess with Texas and now toxic crap is everywhere. Don’t mess with Texas, ERNO.

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Exactly! I’d TRIED to watch Naomi Klein on Amy Goodman (over my partner’s shoulder) yesterday; but really am SICK of smug & sneering characterization of ANY of our current perfect storm of Crisis Capitalism catastrophic corporate chaos collision, confined to crazy crackers & Cruz country?

Speaking as a boomer, who’s worked gas & oil for 34 years, following coal-fired power station inspection (while one of MANY early adopters of AGW mitigation). Kids, you’re living in a autocratic duopoly. Both parties are on the OTHER side. Biden’s Cabinet reigns, simply to bail out the very WORST pyramid schemes & only wealthy beneficiaries have a say.

~https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/feb/22/people-with-extremist-views-less-able-to-do-complex-mental-tasks-research-suggests (bet’ya, there’s a selfie cam app, predicting thought crimes pre-installed, in Android 11?)

~https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/covidvitamin-d-much-more-than-you (COVID posts should be like this)

~https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/free-market-utility-model-failed-texas-by-james-k-galbraith-2021-02 (Ain’t nobody in here, but us chickens!)

~https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/02/19/1018813/harvard-first-geoengineering-experiments-in-stratosphere-sweden/ (are we all going to DIE? Who KNOWS, it’s pay-walled! Welcome to our next four years.)

~https://dissenter.substack.com/p/ny-ag-amazon-lawsuit-whistleblower-claims (fundementally, nothing will change)

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I’m hoping, eventually, one of these blog aggregators will post updated options TO “get the backs” of Climate Crises protestors, or otherwise EFFECTIVELY take consequential action to oppose US Oligarchs’ extractive feeding frenzy. We’re now both WAY too old to risk being beaten by batons, flails, sapped gloves, tased, DOUSED with NYPD’s war crime potent gas; but experiencing several BLM, Occupy and anti G20 interactions with our authoritarian police and frankly; it really seemed to help, having us OLD honkeys in the mix, streaming with ruggedized phone cameras? We are NOT likely to be of much help, with mutant COVID strains joining OathKeeper/ III% cops, Boogaloo Boi agents provacateurs and totally hostile media, Yuppie liberal & Creative Class™ Wall Street BENEFICIARIES all stacked against us “uppity strikers” “rioters” “looters” “Antifa troublemakers” “disloyal whistleblowers” & “death o’ disparity deplorables,” harshing their MSNBC/ CNN “everything’s back to NORMAL,” buzz? Exactly HOW can we take our victims’ backs, when OUR lifestyle choices caused run-away AGW and our complicit complacency with corporatacracy destroyed Democracy?

The pipelines delayed to date were either bypassed, seen to be blatant boondoggles or will simply change hands and return (ACP, Constitution, Mariner East 2) once we’re all blinded by complicit media and social networking? These were ALL Obama/ Biden era “bridge fuel” “all-of-the-above” “Energy-in-Depth” ASG projects. I’m HOPING we’ll discuss options? (Think, if Occupy had involved online trading?)

~https://www.postcarbon.org/david-hughes-shale-reality-check-2019/ (this is basically what they’d planned in 2009)




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I guess the old farts that want to stir things up will have decide which suicide pill to have on hand.
Or we can just go to the beach, or the park, or the mall.
If we are too old to be beaten I guess we can stay home, keep the virus at bay, and read a lot.

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The 22 thousand folk “riot” down Times Suare was NEAT! ABOUT 15K were Occupy & supporters. Maybe 3-5K were simply Theater goers and tourists, unaware we were about to be attacked by NYPD on motorcycles, scooters and 36 horses. Pittsburgh’s G20 was scary. Not the LRAD or fllks bring grabbed and dragged into unmarked black CrownVics by mystery guys in ACUs (not, cop cars) or beefy Black agents provacateurs, in shiny metatarsal boots; matching sapped gloves & earphones. But because, this was MY candidate, my town and MY 850K neighbors the bad folks were going to gavage watered-down fracking brine to and frack reservoirs in 2009, when nobody had any clue this was Madeline Albright’s pals. We ain’t seen SHIT, yet! We did the anti-curfew march, kinda recovered from COVID. But we’d suspected no scary stuff? I’m not really envisioning going to anything, much more scary than rank and file strikes, now.

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/01/26/hunt-j26.html (video of the NYPD charge was taken off Twitter)



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