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As Millions of Factory Farmed Animals Sent to Mass Slaughter, These 'Lucky 1,000' Chickens Rescued

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/millions-factory-farmed-animals-sent-mass-slaughter-these-lucky-1000-chickens

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It’s about the morality of money as much as it is about factory farming of animals.
Next, will it be outlawing the use of animals for medical testing?
Then no hunting.
Then the cows wandering the streets become sacred.
Where does it end, maybe with a St. Francis pledge?

"Speaking more graphically, [Mercy for Animals president Leah] Garcés said manual blunt force trauma can mean slamming piglets against the ground "

I wonder what extent of depravity a person would need to be able to perform this act.

This slaughter IMO is all about crushing American Farmers, to facilitate the importation of meat from other countries, that cost less to produce, so corporations make more money.
Sonny Perdue should have his fat ass kicked up and down the street IMO (I’d gladly volunteer). When the pandemic hit the US farmers knew what was coming as far as labor shortages, and calls flooded into USDA asking for help. Many crops were picked, some like potatoes were in piles in the fields, the farmers begged USDA to arrange for pick-up and distribution to food banks around the country, as the farmers had lost many of their markets like restaurants, schools, etc. USDA did nothing!
Mobile processing centers and small scale open air processing could have been used to process at least some of these animals, instead of wasting them. Again nothing from USDA.
The chickens in the photo are pathetic, unhealthy, and proves my point about a pastured based system I commented about in another thread today (“Rather Than Cull Millions of Livestock, Let’s End Animal Agriculture”).
Animals aren’t the problem, our production models, processing centers, and worthless bureaucrats indentured to corporations are.

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