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As Millions Stripped of Health Coverage Amid Covid-19, House Dems Unveil Bill for Emergency Expansion of Medicare and Medicaid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/01/millions-stripped-health-coverage-amid-covid-19-house-dems-unveil-bill-emergency


Does this expansion include funding it?

Medicare isn’t all that great, there is a monthly premium and it only covers 80%. Some doctors/clinics will not accept Medicare patients or have a limit on the number they allow in their practice.

End up in ICU w/$100,000 hospital bill? You’ll be responsible for $20,000 of that bill while on Medicare. This is the reason seniors/disabled (that can afford it, who can afford not to?) are compelled to buy Gap Insurance. Just another big money-maker for Big Insurance.

Frankly these people would be better off on Medicaid. Out-of-pocket costs are minimal, if any, compared to Medicare. Medicaid is state-provided and depending on the state, it often covers dental (zero on Medicare), eye care (Medicare only covers exams and treatment-not glasses or contacts), and hearing (Medicare covers exams, not hearing aids).


Should have been done WEEKS ago…


What a joke. Let me know when you have the support of 218 democratic congressmen. Until then, Nancy will say, let them eat cake.


That’s why Bernie said that we must first fix Medicare before we offer it to everyone.
Of course it’s impossible right now, as the democratic leadership is in the pockets of big Pharma. Never mind the republicans. It’s Nancy and her coalition that are stopping any talk of providing medical care for America’s newly unemployed.


This should have been part of the first CARES package when it could have been leveraged against the trillions given to business. As a stand alone bill it’s going nowhere. Nancy “let them eat icecream” Pelosi won’t even allow it to come up for a vote.


When Bernie brings it up, it’s called Socialism and is unacceptable in this country.
When the house democrats bring it up, it’s called doing the right thing.


Hi Lynn1
Medicare for All should have been added by LBJ----so it’s really time have it as a right for all citizens. And PLEASE, will no one bring up the freedom to choose argument because we don’t even have the freedom to choose a president!


Yep. That’s my point.

Besides that, what’s the point of sending stimulus money, increasing unemployment by $600 per week across the board (on top of regular unemployment) if one is having to use it to buy insurance.

My washer is on the fritz and I’ve been shopping (online of course) for the past few weeks for a new one/set. Had I bought the one I settled on today two weeks ago it would have been delivered in 3 days. Today when I made my decision, it now takes 15 days for delivery from the same store.

Either delivery drivers are in short supply or folks are getting their stimulus checks and spending them on large appliances. This is the whole point of a stimulus check – not using it to buy a crappy, overpriced and unnecessary product that one is practically forced to in this country: health insurance.


We must move immediately. With over a million infected we do not have time to fiddle around and whatever it takes to force these dinosaurs to act that is what must be done. We must have centralized planning and coordinated medical care action to get this under control as well as universal coverage. The numbers are not going down.


This is why Medicare For All is an imperative, not an option or something you negotiate on. The same policy the Democratic presidential nominee said he would VETO.

Tell me again why we are better off under Democrats and why we should waste our vote on the same rapist and grifters as the GOP, but who are just polite about it?

I say it again but I have ZERO sympathy for anyone who voted for Trump or Biden and is now trapped without healthcare or wants free COVID-19 testing and treatment. F-ck you all. You did this to yourselves and to countless others who DID do the right thing and warned you what would happen in a world without M4A and paid sick leave - all of which are policies DEMOCRATS are solidly blocking even when they do have a supermajority like 2008-2010. And if you vote for Biden and hand him the WH, they will have zero incentive to accommodate progressive policies since they will know you will show up no matter what. Since clearly nothing is changing under either Dems or Republicans you might as well vote your conscience and not give away the only leverage you got.


This has to get past The Death Panel Triumvirate a/k/a The House, The Senate and The President.

Just kidding, it just has to get past the Insurance Company and Pharma Lobby Death Panel.


How can the government create 1.5 trillion in one week to buy stocks to prevent the rich from losing money on their stock investments, but can‘t spend 1 trillion over ten years to give Medicare for all?


Everyone know that this will never see the light of day in the Senate, making it just a PR stunt.
They could have don this when they had the WH and both houses - But no.


Hi Lynn 1
You are correct that the 20% coverage for Part B Medicare (outpatient care) can be expensive. But there are multiple levels of coverage with some Medigap costs quite reasonable. If one does not have the Medigap coverage then that 20% is out of pocket or if one falls under certain means testing, then one may qualify for Medicaid to cover that 20%. Part A Medicare is free if you paid into Medicare taxes when working, which covers hospital costs. Part C or Medicare Advantage is government subsidized private insurance companies that are HMO type programs. Advantage programs may cover more preventive care, including eye ware, dental and hearing aids. Some of these programs cover drug costs, as does Part D Medicare.
Medicaid coverage for dental is usually only for less than 21 years of age. Some state Medicaid programs cover one pair eyeglasses per several years, and most states do not adequately cover for hearing aids.
I have worked with people for years helping them understand and get benefits due them.


I don’t know if this bill or Bernie’s April one allow/mandate gov’t to negotiate again with drug industry to regulate prices for Medicare, and to regulate it as well for Medicaid. Sure, let’s expand coverage, but let’s make it affordable and use the government’s intrinsic and customer-base leverage to demand more affordable prices. This is the time to do it!!


Thanks for helping people navigate this system.

That said, what a stupid system! This has been sold under the scam of giving people choice. Plus, these choices are being offered to the segment of our population least able to understand them. In fact, no one can divine the right choice because what you experience in reality depends on the roulette wheel of your health, confounded by the roulette wheel of what the insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid is willing to cover, whether any, some or all of your providers are in network and whether you’re financially fit enough to pay the remaining totally opaque billing/pricing system.

Unfortunately, no one offers the choice I want to make: No premiums, no deductibles, no copays, no out of pocket expenses and head to toe coverage. Only Medicare for All provides this. With this option, there’s no need for other choices.


Exactly. We don’t need to be led to do the right things. We know what they are. We just need ways to convince right-wing anti-social everything people.
The high-minded people think healthcare is something only the more fortunate of us are worthy of.

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Indeed. If someone had predicted for me the ascension of Orangeman to His Pestilency: committing domestic war crimes with thousands and thousands of bodies, some counted, some not – even I couldn’t have conceded that depraved possibility. Until it came to be.

That’s a gut-punch, realizing the country has already been fucked up beyond all recognition, from now on, because of Pestilentrump’s historic crime: granting the virus free rein. But there’s more: There’s the endless sequence of transparent wealth-transfers in the trillions, with little checks for people which, of course, never arrive. That second part has thumbs-up Nancy & Chuck, grinning and winning over their legislative legerdemain, stamped all over it. That’s how we see it today, and that will be the judgement of history on them: They’re the ones who gave the country away, instead of behaving like human beings. Total capitulation to capital is their game.


Keep repeating that point, especially when people try to use the “but how are we going to pay for it?” argument. It’s almost like the government has a magical money tree that can instantly produce funds for anything it deems worthy. Almost like they can print money, or just move a decimal point on a balance sheet at will. :wink: