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As Minneapolis Protests Over Killing of George Floyd Continue, Trump Threatens to Send in Military With Green Light to Open Fire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/minneapolis-protests-over-killing-george-floyd-continue-trump-threatens-send


So apparently the president and his racist base wants to start a Civil War. Good to know. There are lots of people happy to accommodate them. Be careful what you ask for, Little Donnie. Calling upon the US military to murder American citizen could be the catalyst for nationwide riots. This would be on YOU, L.D.


If this one doesn’t do it, another senseless murder can be easily arranged in front of everyone’s cameras, with onlookers begging the police to stop, for God’s sake. There are evidently plenty of police willing to chip-in and perform such social-disintegrative duties on behalf of “his racist base,” so there’s every reason to expect police terror to continue until it is stopped somehow. Will the Minnesota DA step up to help stop police terror by arresting the officers?

Every day the demand of Minnesota protesters has been crystal clear: Arrest the murderers. If the murderers are not arrested, then clearly it’s lawful for police to murder anyone. Or else you can murder more of us, and watch more of Minneapolis burn down; Your choice, DA.

We’re watching the law hashed out, out there.


Breaking news . The Minnesota State Police just arrested Two CNN
Reporter while they were filming . The crew politely identified
themselves and without a response from the state police , the crew were arrested .
Oh by the way. the crew is hispanic . Am i implying something here ?
Yes I Am .


the whole country should look like Minneapolis right now. the grievances of the original american revolution pale in comparison to the ones we hold now.

taxation without representation? pfft. child’s play. mass murder and assassination of your own subjects for lulz? yeah, that qualifies as a “refreshing the tree of liberty” moment.


Sounds like the gun-rights movement just got another devout convert! Nothing makes people support gun ownership like living in a police state.

This is the same hypocritical idiot who encourage the armed assault on government buildings in Michigan (LIBERATE MICHIGAN). He had no problem with thugs brandishing assault rifles and threatening the governor. Probably because they are white and as dumb and racist as he is. So, he should sit this one out. This man is mentally ill.


It’s all very nixonian isn’t it? In the wake of the signing of the Civil Rights act of 1965, all the law enforcement institutions in the USA were given the green light by the white European power structure. The message was simple. Maintain the status quo at all costs. The recognition of minorities as equals was a clear and present danger to that status quo.
Since that fatal era, blacks have been brutalized in public, not by roving bands of white hooded racists baring homemade nooses, but by roving bands of black-clad law enforcement officers wielding truncheons and firearms. Prisons were built, and filled. And more were built, and those were filled. Everywhere else in America, walls were built around the rest of the black and brown population, only in the form of high tax red lined suburbs where enclaves of white people can spend their lives not even having to look upon black people.
What we are witnessing is possibly a perfect storm of shit finally forming. Maybe the cops have killed the wrong black guy, and maybe the black people have finally grown tired of being killed by cops. We will see.


With such crystalline concision, your post deserves illumination as an illustrated children’s book. The kids are gonna need some help understanding how things got so fucked up.


A protest movement that demands the right to loot and burn their community is unlikely to garner wide support. Witness the difference in local support between ISIS and Ghandi

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You don’t seem to understand: People are being crushed before our eyes. The murderer himself so calmly asked the relevant question of George Floyd (moaning desperately for Mama, who died two years ago): “Is something wrong?” As a polity, the people of USA are being asked whether or not it’s okay for police to crush us. This is our answer, in the only voice available to us.


May justice be served :frowning:


People supporting Ghandi were crushed, people supporting MLK were crushed, both to a greater extent. I fully support the right to an armed rebellion but don’t expect the guy who’s store you looted and burned to support your protest. In fact expect his entire circle of friends and family to hate you and yours for the rest of their lives - much the same as Floyd’s family feels about the police. Violence will breed violence until the guy with the bigger stick crushes their opponent. Do you think you have the bigger stick?


i’m pretty sure that wasn’t my point of comparison, but whatever floats your elderly boat.


You have one weird definition of the word “violence” – or something – if your blinders mask out what couldn’t be more starkly clear to all the world: certain sectors of USA are suffused in constant violence – namely unremitting, escalating police terror. You might consider kindly shutting up about violence.

Or else you can volunteer to go out there and get crushed passively, like the prophets you so admire.


In CA a person I know was at the post office and when they went to pay for postal fees, their $50 dollar bill was counterfeit. The post office kept the bill in question, I don’t think they even called the police, and the person had to pay by another means. I can’t even imagine something like being suffocated to death on the street in front of other people by four police officers. What do you consider an appropriate response would be?


Thanks for the ageist response. I suppose now that high school is suspended, you have more time for such feckless comments.

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Thanks for that. I hadn’t heard the post-office story, but it occurred to me: how the hell am I supposed to know if one of the twenties in my wallet right now is counterfeit or not? Probably bad bills turn up in cash-drawers more on the wrong side of the tracks. This could happen to anyone: a capital offense.


I think it probably happens more often than we might think. Some places use a machine to detect phony bills. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening. It is horrible what happened.


Hey, I think you certainly have the right to resist (actively or passively). Just saying that if you slap that 400 lb obnoxious drunk in the bar, you better either be an awfully quick runner or Chuck Norris. One thing I have discovered through the years, if you want to commit Suicide By Cop, most governments will oblige.

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