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As Mnuchin Claims Business Relief Deal 'Very Close,' Progressives Demand More of Democratic Leaders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/19/mnuchin-claims-business-relief-deal-very-close-progressives-demand-more-democratic

This totally screws gig workers.

All the same words we’ve heard for years, words and no real change. The repugthugs and neoliberalism is ruining this once great nation. repugs and neos want it all for their multibillionaires will throw millions their way.

Enough Talk, we need action. Bernie was accused by media and dems that he wanted a revolution meaning violence but that was not what Bernie wanted, he wanted a political revolution to get rid of repug’s and neo’s.

Trump is trying to start a real revolution with his insane/racists/haters and him leading the charge. Where in the frick are you dems. He will win and you don’t care just so you can get your neoliberal hands on the all mighty dollar.


Only $25 Billion for testing? We should be testing everyone not just symptomatic. That’s the only way back sooner rather than sicker. You know the bulk of that $25 billion is going into the testing program that Jared the Princling is “working on”.


This is obvious or it isn’t, but either way: Progressives are endlessly asking more of Democratic leaders, and not getting anywhere. This alone suggests that said leaders pay only token attention to progressives, because the corporate agenda necessarily requires that progressive goals be ignored/eliminated.
The ongoing viability of the corporation itself is an even bigger “elephant in the room” than DT.


Schumer added the “we’ve made very good progress” on the package negotiations and he anticipated that a deal could be reached by Sunday night or Monday morning. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) struck a similar chord on ABC 's “The Week” Sunday morning, saying, “I think we’re very close to agreement.”

Chuck ‘Wall Street’ Schumer and PayGo Pelosi assure the working classes that there will be a few breadcrumbs for the working classes. After all, their great ‘negotiating’ actually got almost 8% of the last $6.3 TRILLION for the working classes (maybe).


Screwing the working classes is a trademark of ‘deals’ negotiated by the Pukes and the Nancy & Chuck sideshow.


Yeah, right…munchkin is close to a “deal” with DINO’s, now there’s a laugh!
Progressives and everyone else can “demand more” till their faces are blue from the entrenched DINO sellouts but will get nothing except more capitulation, collusion, complicity, craven weakness and calculated incompetence (read intentional pre-meditated failure) like almost every time they do or negotiate anything!!.
The likes of pelosi, schumer, and all the rest of the so-called Dem leaders are as corrupt in one way or another as the R’Con creatures - working for themselves, political scheming, campaign contribution bribes, corporate “investors” and NOT the people most affected by Covid-19 or the financial disaster that has/is destroying so many millions - the political class of scum (with very rare exceptions) are silent and incompetent by choice!

Oversight of trillions means opportunity for the Republican scum, and apparently little or nothing to complicit DINO posers!


Setting aside the utter cluelessness of how to go about helping people at the bottom economic class rungs as well as perhaps a refusal to consider any solution that does not fit their narrow bandwidth of options, Pelosi and Shumer seem to be more concerned about passing something quickly (political expediency?) as opposed to taking the time to craft a piece of legislation that is not full of loose vague provisions and loopholes that allow the funds to go to businesses and people who don’t need it.

This was the problem with the 1st and 2nd “relief” bills which serve to bailout corporations and businesses that have made poor management decisions or that run on too risky models and shows that nothing has changed since the 2008 bailout.

Other than the onetime $1200 pittance going to the people, way more of a 3rd relief package needs to go directly to people and (very) small businesses - relief from the bottom up. But we’ll never get anything of significance using this approach from with Pelosi and Shumer leading the negotiations.


The Democratic Party had proven time and time again that they don’t give a rat’s ass what progressives want. Wake up sheeple, the party is no longer concerned with the working class and poor or even democracy for that matter. Expecting a different outcome “this time” is the definition of insanity. And also, FU Bernie.


Demands are empty when the demanders are wage slaves or otherwise imprisoned.


Until the Dimcritters find a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction they will continue to be required to get pre-approval from Jamie Dimon and other Wall Street banksters as a condition of advancing each piece of legislation.


The first billions of dollars for small businesses were hoovered up by large companies who had each franchise operator apply as a separate business to stay under the 25 employee mark. By the time actual small businesses applied the money was gone. They’ll do it again. Are churches going to be barred from applying? Probably not.


“Dems lack courage/ruthlessness/brains—some/all? Rs are predictably reactionary; Ds also playing their role in dysfunctioning guv expertly”
Richard Yeselson

That is east coast.
Here in flyover, rustbelt, the forgotten citizens are formenting for big changes.
The elected dimwitt dems in DC and their staff are noted for being stupid by perogi proggy #1.
Note previous democrat failures (Nancy) for real peoples in desperate financial distress.
Consider starting a new political party of regular people.

DRAFT people to run for office at township, town, county, city, state and federal level.
Have a strict ethics board to vet candidates and monitor their campaign dollars.
Look for educated, well traveled, hard working types. May be avoid lawyers and
select candidates from a wider variety of professions, unions, managers.
Also consider people who have worked in charities.

Foster Parents can fix the states failures for children in need. For example.

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And, Joe Biden has promised that should he be elected nothing fundamental will change. “Jamie D”, or if you prefer, The Man, stays in charge. Biden will take orders directly from his owner, his literal owner, his master, King Michael.

If the Democratic Party wants my vote in November they need to…
Announce that single payer will be the first priority in the 2021 congress.
Bring all troops home.
Pass a massive Green infrastructure project.
Make abortion and marijuana legal at the federal level.
Lower the retirement age for full SSI benefits to 62.
Make college part of the pubic education system
Repeal all tax cuts since the Nixon administration
If these things aren’t promised by the Democratic Party at their convention I refuse to vote for a single democratic candidate for any office.
It’s time we progressives held the DNC hostage. You do as we say, or we stay home and watch trump and the conservatives destroy America. It’s time we learned what conservatives have known since the American civil war. We, like them, need to be willing to burn the House down to get what we want.

What do you do with people who test positive but are asymptomatic? Estimates Ive seen run into the millions.

genstrike – google it and pass it around

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Quit yr bitching and and act NOW>>>Shahid
Buttar is a constitutional lawyer who has dedicated his career on reining in American militarism and advancing causes relating to social justice. Buttar has waged an insurgent effort, campaigning on a promise to ensure that Pelosi faces bonafide electoral opposition from the left for the first time in modern history. The visionary bid has given Buttar the opportunity to elevate genuine concerns with Pelosi’s style of leadership…crony capitalism. Just do it !


“Progressives Demand”

Oh, there’s like 5 of them. Right?

FU Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and your unDemocratic, corporate lick-spittle party.