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As Momentum Continues, Bernie Sanders Shedding Dark Horse Status


As Momentum Continues, Bernie Sanders Shedding Dark Horse Status

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders has had a good day.

In the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the senator's campaign has been steadily advancing on current frontrunner Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination—and, as several media outlets noted on Friday, his challenge is becoming impossible for her campaign to ignore.


i expect Sanders (in a few months) to name Elizabeth Warren as the VP candidate on his ticket.

i also expect Sanders / Warren to win New Hampshire.

This could get interesting!


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I would rather have Sanders in the White House and Warren in the Senate. There are plenty of good leftist leaders out there to fill the second spot.


"Sanders has captured the imagination and support of people looking for a real progressive challenger in the 2016 Democratic primary.'"

A "real progressive" would not support war. Nor would they support the apartheid regime in Israel. Sanders is a faux-progressive who does both. Besides which, he has already stated that he will sell out and support Clinton once she wins the nomination. All you bubbly Bernie supporters are being had. He's being used to draw you back into the fold. You'll just get screwed as usual by the Democratic/Corporatist party.


Bernie is reasonable, not so much a leftist as a reasonable and intelligent perceiver of reality.


Bernie is one of the best. But I'm afraid that we are placing too much faith on candidates. When anyone tries to change the status quo, the Wall Street oligarchy "makes the economy scream", to borrow Kissinger's famous words about how to destroy Chile's Allende.

Direct democracy


I imagine an electronic direct democracy where we the people can vote on every issue that concerns us safely, with encryption, instead of having sold out politicians make the decisions for us.


Yes, we have watched Sen. Sanders slide to the more sellable right, from an FDR/RFK Democrat to ... what? Sen. Sanders is pragmatic. He was once a powerful spokesperson about American poverty. After all, it's impossible to save (much less, rebuild) the middle class without shoring up the poor, as our own post-WWll history shows. But the poor are not good campaign donors.

Regardless, the VP usually goes on to run for president, and Joe Biden will be launching his campaign later in summer. Any Dem pol can then challenge him for the nomination, and the primaries will determine which one goes on to run for president in 2016.


I think the issue is that with this generation, there is no legitimate People's Agenda. What we call "progressives" today do have a positive agenda, but it is only for the better-off. The fact is, the US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, creating a massive surplus of people who are absolutely desperate for any job at any wage. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who urgently need one. Do you every wonder what happens to all those who are left out -- the jobless poor and many of the unemployable (the ill, etc.)?


Way it's gonna work: If Hillary feels Sanders too much, she'll announce earlier that she's in favor of Warren for a VP. Warren, already a Hilliary supporter/sell out will agree. Two women on the ticket, a liberal wet dream! There's goes Sanders down the tube. Too bad one of them couldn't be LGBT.


Warren won't do it ....


You do realize, don't you, that Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive? Teddy was so disgusted at the excesses of the Gilded Age (no government regulations and no income tax) that he proposed steeply graduated income and inheritance taxes to redistribute the wealth.

Teddy not only supported war, he thought a country that did not go to war was soft ("speak softly and carry a big stick") Secretary of State Hay called the Spanish-American War a "splendid little war." Teddy and his Rough Riders were in the thick of the Spanish American War.


Our Founding Fathers were afraid of democracy, that is why only House members were elected by the people. Senators were appointed by state legislatures and the president is still elected by the Elctoral College.

Because the mob chopped the heads off of the king and aristocrats in the French Revolution, our Founding Fathers thought democracy would produce mob rule. Only white, male property-holders could vote.

Democracy is only possible if you have an intelligent electorate. But as H. L. Mencken famously said: "You'll never go broke unerestimating the intelligence of the general public. Mencken also said: "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."

Democracy resulted in the pro-slave states voting to secede from the Union. The legislature in Nebraska voted to repeal the death penalty. Now there is a move to put the death penalty on the ballot. There are some questions that are not answerable by a vote of the people.


Our founding fathers were afraid of democracy because all oligarchs and other dictators are.


Bernie, my candidate, was on Bill Maher tonite. I wish Bill had asked him what he would do about the Israel/Palestine conflict.


Senator Bernie Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire and before South Carolina He asks Congresswoman Barbra Lee to be his running mate.


Jill Stein is a real progressive. She is the only leftist, the only socialist other than members of the Socialist Party of America and Socialist Workers parties that I know of in the US. Who else but the Green Party would invite the likes of Gar Alperovitz to its Shadow Cabinet? It is unbelievable that so many so called Independents and Democrats haven't a clue as to who Bernie Sanders is. He's been in the House and Senate for years. The majority of the voting population of the US is incredibly misinformed and ignorant of politics in particular and the makeup and state of the world in general. Ignorance, bread, and circuses breed the Imperial social order that is the US.


Surely hope you are right, Webwalk.


Bernie is looking so Presidential in this video. ; )