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As More American Boots Hit the Ground in Syria, U.S. Parses “Boots” and “Ground”


As More American Boots Hit the Ground in Syria, U.S. Parses “Boots” and “Ground”

Zaid Jilani, The Intercept, Alex Emmons

After President Obama announced on Monday that he would deploy 250 additional special operations troops to Syria, State Department spokesperson John Kirby tried to deny that Obama had ever promised not to send “boots on the ground” there.

“There was never this ‘no boots on the ground,’” said Kirby. “I don’t know where this keeps coming from.”


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Just more obvious known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns............


Unfortunately, this is to be expected. I knew this would happen. it's disgusting.


This a video on the "white helmets". They are claimed to be an indigent Syrian force pursuing peace and justice. The most disturbing part of the video and most revealing is at the very end. These are the US allies.



Get ready for a hell of a lot more of this shit when the Queen of Darkness gets the US presidency. Obama is pretty much just lacking of cojones and a muddled liar; HRC is totally lacking any sense of decency and ethics. With her machinations, it will be only a hop, skip, and a jump into WWIII. A pox on anyone who has voted for or votes for that demonic woman.


Frankly, RichSmith, neither Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama have that much sense of decency, especially since they've extended our wars abroad, and attacks on Civil Liberties, rather horrendously.