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As More People 'Take the Knee,' Let's Remember Its Original Inspiration


As More People 'Take the Knee,' Let's Remember Its Original Inspiration

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

A year ago last August, a courageous athlete named Colin Kaepernick took a stand — by refusing to stand. The San Francisco 49ers star quarterback sat through the national anthem before an NFL game. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” he told NFL.com. “This is bigger than football.


Great piece and so well said. I wish everyone could understand this but so many white people don’t seem to be able to.


I agree, great article. Cheers for the Solidarity by the NFL and to Any for her centered and reasoned analysis. Thank you.


"When there’s significant change and I feel like that flag represents what it’s supposed to
and this country is representing people the way it’s supposed to, I’ll stand.” The question then is when.
How about by 2018 election, democrats regain one or both Houses and DJTrump won’t
even snear about running in 2020. Another year and two months before hell freezes over.


Kaepernick’s message is getting lost with all the accusations from Trump and other right wingers. People on the left need to make sure that Kaepernick’s message makes it through all the distracting tall about loyalty to the flag, military, etc, which is not what his protest is about. Kaepernick is fighting for justice for blacks in the United States. This is part of a long struggle which recently has had severe setbacks with the election of Trump, appointment of Jess Sessions as US Attorney General, etc. Football fans originally knew Kaepernick as a pretty accurate passer with great running ability. But now we know what an exceptional human being he is. I think he would be deserving of a Nobel prize. What a great idea.


In high school I felt uneasy reciting the pledge of a allegiance. Aging I never felt patriotic because my WW2 dad died after returning from that war, he took his own life when I was 5. My mother told me he lost all his buddies. Suicide still a big loss of later war vets. I still do not feel patriotic. So I back all who dissent against war and injustice. Today I read the story of a 6 year old who kneeled during the classroom pledge. Don’t let Trump take away your right to follow your inner truths.


Any Goodman is a multi millions Corporation that damn near broke the original independent Radio Visual outlet that gave her the acess she wanted and drove many independent out of org.
She and her ilk are identity politics first and foremost, the money crop, even though she does have good anti war issues.
Yet she cannot nor dares not speak truth about many of her base supporters? Democratic party faithfully posing as Progressives.
She brought very little attention to greatest mass protest in US jostory? The Native American protest of Dakota pipeline.
Yet she feathered her nest when arrested and released immediately,hours later and gained publicity for what, but her showThere are far far greater issues today than compared with just protest over once again identity political issue of Blacks and cops.
The majority of protestor today arise Dr Trumps demanding end of freedom of speech and peaceful protest, forgetting that of 1st Amendment Rights and o free ecpression.
Trumps un-american act was that of a Dictator not a President and that is what stupid aholes t hat
Want to limit idea to single issue Black versus White money making.
UP UNTIL 2009 NFL players stayed in lockers or tunnel until after nationAL anthems and salute of flag
It was only after US military Ecritment needs that since 2009 military pays around 16 million and na tional guard 10],000 per year to have players on field a role models and approves of US military actions , players were forced to participate.
AND now today Trump and military feel they can force any rightfully dissent they don loke


AMY Goodman and so many other splinter groups destroy the originators by placing the under Drmocat v umbrellathey want to controll by limiting issues such as deviating from their instigations by false memes and looking holisticly at problems. As gate keepers for system , the loyal opposition who tell you or just what but how to think small.


Amy, what is the source for the statistic here:

“…the hundreds of unarmed people of color killed by police every year, and the need to build a movement to stop it.”

According to the Washington Post (as quoted in the Denver Post), as of July of this year, there were approx. 10 unarmed black men killed by police. In total, there were 32 police shootings of unarmed men. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/01/fatal-police-shootings-2017/

So why did you inflate what will likely extrapolate to ~20 police shootings of unarmed black men to “hundreds”? Are you lying? And what about all the shootings of unarmed white men (or non-blacks). Is that a problem, or does it not fit your narrative? I think we all know the answers, but let’s see if you have the integrity to respond.


An excellent article with the proper perspective. CK and other protestors are not protesting the flag or their country, they are protesting brutality by the authorities and a system that is rigged. I’m with them.


I can barely understand your reply. It appears to be drivel. Amy has done more for our country than you have. Call her work Identity Politics, but that makes no sense because her show covers a variety of issues. And these issues tend to be of concern to progressives: poverty, natural disasters, climate change, war, racism, Trumpism, etc.


Go back and read your reply. It makes no sense!


Well said. I have felt uneasy as well during the pledge, at least since I started college. I was too blind and patriotic in primary and secondary school. However, I think you can still be patriotic and a dissenter, even if you dissent to a large amount of things. I love the progressives in the US, the small collectivist aspect of our political culture, and many of our freedoms like free speech and of the press, etc., so consider myself a patriot.


It’s not the flag, it’s the hypocrisy that it represents, explicit in the pledge of allegiance thereto: " . . . One Nation . . . Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All."   Justice for ALL??   Gimme a Break!!   The LACK of Justice for All is what this is all about!!!


According to this there have over 800 police shootings from January 1 to September of this year. So it is not a problem if some of them were not black? Btw, it not just black men, it is black people.