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As More Southerners Benefit From It, Medicaid Expansion Faces Congressional Death Threats


As More Southerners Benefit From It, Medicaid Expansion Faces Congressional Death Threats

Sue Sturgis

Date on which North Carolina's newly sworn-in Gov. Roy Cooper (D) announced he'd take executive action to expand Medicaid, the public health insurance program for the poor, under the Affordable Care Act: 1/4/2017

Year in which North Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature passed a law barring the executive branch from expanding Medicaid under ACA, complicating Cooper's efforts: 2013


Ah, yes. Welcome to the beginnings of the Dickensian hell which awaits us, courtesy
of the Tea Party/Koch/Southern Republicans, the "no-empathy" folks. If their is anything
more cruel and mean than a Southern Republican "born-again" politician, I haven't seen it
yet. Forget Putin. He's not even in their league!


Woops! Please forgive the mis-spelling: should be "there".
Guess I was too worked-up!


Ever since Saint Ronny's revolution the propaganda continues to keep red state voters blaming everything and everybody except for the GOP for the decades long downward spiral that they have been caught up in. If they admit they were duped by Trump they will also have to admit they have been duped in elections for most or all of their lives.


I'm hoping that this is an indication that Dem NC Governor, Roy Cooper, has an agenda and will push it, despite having to deal with a General Assembly dominated by repubs. There will likely be a state level election in 2017 using redrawn districts because these very same repubs drew partisan districts that were ruled unconstitutional. Let's see how these super right wingers, led by Phil Berger, react to the renewed call for Medicaid expansion that would provide healthcare to 100s of 1000s in NC. They could lose big time in 2017, including losing their majorities in both houses of the GA.


Number of people who don't get it and will continue to stagger out of their hovels, pull on their raggedy coats and try to muster enough energy from the 500 calorie a day diet they are reduced to, and stand in the line at the two remaining polling places in their state to vote a straight GOP ticket : 62 million.


I hope they do. Good on Roy Cooper too.