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As Mueller Probe Widens, Trump Team Exploring Presidential Pardon Powers


As Mueller Probe Widens, Trump Team Exploring Presidential Pardon Powers

Julia Conley, staff writer

According to a Washington Post report released Friday, President Donald Trump appears to be preparing for the worst as special counsel Robert Mueller investigates his alleged ties to Russia and those of members of his administration.


One thing Trump is good at is using the law for his own personal advantage. He has done that to avoid paying debts by declaring bankruptcy and to avoid paying income tax. So now he is doing the same thing to try to cover up his apparent illegal connections to Russia. There seems to be a growing sense Trump’s connections to Russia will be his ultimate downfall. Everything is closing in on him. There are three investigations going on the evidence against him increases almost daily. It appears he is kind of caught in a web of wrongdoing with seemingly no way out but he continues to search for an exit. He appears to have largely run for office to gain more power, fame, and wealth rather than to be a public servant. He lucked out because a large segment of the population has been exposed to right wing lies for many years and no longer can tell up form down. And he was a perfect candidate for the large racist vote that not only exists in the South but also in many other places, and particularly in what is called the “Rust Belt.” Given the fact that so many Republicans in high places have put party over country this attempt by Trump to escape could go on for several more years. Perhaps only a sweeping Democratic victory in the 2018 election could finally bring this struggle by Trump to cover-up is apparent misdeeds to a conclusion before the next presidential election.


So now a President talks about pardoning himself?

Partisanship has literally dissolved our democracy if the Republicans are willing to accept this travesty of law. When do the right of ALL US citizens to be legitimately represented not in a partisan manner return to our nation. There is no constitutional excuse for allowing partisanship to determine whether or not the people of the nation are provided the representation that they are entitled to by their government!


So, at this point, what is the status of laws in the US that address organized crime?

It is stunning to witness the rate of the fitting of the political version of ‘concrete booties’ to sink regulatory and societal well being to the bottom of the river of life.
Ivanka Rump rags made by abusive labor practitioners. Despicable is a kind term for framing this family of dissociative profit and power mongering.

IMPEACH and PROSECUTE all members of the entire cabal


Why even have a Constitution?


When do our representatives represent us?

Why even have a Constitution? You ask?

Um? Maybe you shouldn’t give them any ideas, ya know? Oops, I think I just heard a Republican say >>> “Yeah that’s right! Why do we even need a Constitution?”

Shhh! Don’t give them ideas!


If Trump does that, someone with standing should take it to the Supreme Court immediately. And I hope if that happens that Mueller will release his report to the press.


I hope and trust, that Mueller is working toward that end.
Why would a President explore pardoning HIMSELF, is he is not guilty of anything?

On a brand new note, it appears to be slowly dawning on that dimwit, that presidential powers are not unlimited and that there are some restraints on his ‘wiggle room’.


The question is can Trump be indicted for criminal behavior? If so then Trump loses his value to the Trumpers and the GOP who are riding on the power he provides as President.


O M G this latest crazy made me schmark my tea.

… omg


An appropriate photo to accompany the article: storm clouds encroaching on the WH.

SLATE just posted this article regarding prez pardons…it is convoluted going in circles and the DJT legal entourage will have a very circuitous route to follow to accomplish their goal of exonerating the trash tribe and their entourage/baggage handlers: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2017/07/can_the_president_pardon_himself_can_he_get_the_vice_president_to_do_it.html

“Can the President Get the Vice President to Pardon Him…and Other Pardon Scenarios”


Mafia Don is going down. Certainly not without a nasty, sleazy fight. Fits his style.
I just hope the rest of his criminal organization goes with him.
It is past time for a parliamentary type government for a diverse nation.
Onward through the fog!


Back in the real world youngsters these days have a very promising profile I had not been keeping up with. YES mag worth looking at The Kids Are All Right (and These Surprising Statistics Prove It)

This old goat believes in fighting the takers and the above just re-energized that faith.


That is a wonderful last statement with ‘wide shoulders’, stands on it’s own…good on ya!


Nah. Pence would get right to work with Congress, to check off everything on the right-wing wish list.
Actually, he would probably accomplish this much more easily. The people would still be screwed, just more quickly.


What are they trying to hand us (with the help of non confrontational press)? A president who may want to pardon himself? They pretend like this is normal? Since when can anyone ever anywhereardon himself?

If Trump decided to murder someone while walking down the street, are we supposed to countenance that he could then pardon himself of the crime? Since F’n when can a president do such a thing? So then there is no crime when a president? Why is there impeachment if he can pardon himself?

Seriously… what are they trying to hand us?

Trump wants to be a king and stand above the law!


We didn’t like it when Ford did it for Nixon but at least they didn’t try to hand us this Trumpian crap of a president pardoning himself!


Trump is like a fly caught in the spider’s web of the Deep State. No president can win against the Deep State, because it has all the records of all Trump’s financial, telephone, internet, email and all other transactions, and can selectively leak stuff on him at any time.

It appears Trump is attempting to lay the groundwork to fire Mueller. His comments against Sessions might have been designed to instigate Sessions to quit. By getting rid of Sessions he would have a new AG who could fire Mueller.

I have no sympathy for Trump. He is a narcissistic liar who serves the oligarchy’s interests only. All the same, the media pundits don’t give a rat’s ass about our electoral integrity, and the “Russia hacked the election” meme is probably one of the biggest fake news stories ever. Through sheer mind-numbing repetition of the charge, millions of Americans have become convinced that Putin put Trump in office, a grave charge for which there is not a shred of evidence. There is, on the contrary, a whole slew of evidence that Hillary, the DNC and the corporate media conducted a campaign of lies and dirty tricks against Sanders, and lost what should have been a slam-dunk win for any Democratic candidate who had genuinely progressive credibility.


I think saying Putin put Trump in office is untrue but he sure as hell helped Trump. Hillary opposed Putin over the Ukraine and Crimea and that combined with the Trumpian admiration for oligarchy instead of democracy cemented the deal such as it was. I truly distrust Trump’s behind the scenes ‘dealings’ with Putin. It leaves one not quite trusting Trump’s loyalty to the USA as our President mainly because Trump doesn’t have all that much respect for the office himself nor our democracy. I often get the sense that Trump sees our government in much the same way as does a mob boss see the local judges and police that he bribes and manipulates.

That said, what the Dems did to Sanders betrayed our trust in the fairness of our elections and in our democracy. The Dems by trying to force Hillary on us are directly responsible for Trump being in office.


Like a roach searching for a crack in the wall to flee the foot of Justice.