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As Mysterious 'Stingray' Use Sparks Spying Fears in DC, Trump FCC Chair Accused of 'Stonewalling' Probe


As Mysterious 'Stingray' Use Sparks Spying Fears in DC, Trump FCC Chair Accused of 'Stonewalling' Probe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently admitted that it has detected signs of "nefarious actors" using Stingrays—which operate as fake cellphone towersto intercept the communications of U.S. officials and ordinary Americans in the nation's capital, Sen.


From the article:

“…DHS’s Stingray report has sparked unusually broad concern on Capitol Hill, given the possibility that lawmakers who are usually supporters of mass surveillance could now be the victims of spying.”

“Send not to know
For whom the bell tolls
It tolls for thee.”
–with apologies to Donne

So y’all created this massive surveillance state, but thought that you were exempt? Heh heh heh…


We may soon have to amend this to read:

For whom the bell trolls


‘You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide’. The age of total ‘transparency’ caught up with DC. The genie is out of the bottle and politicians of unwanted couleur will be subject to blackmail and/or forced into goosestepping with the fascist regime. But mainly, surveillance is the tool that oppresses the common man:


Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and the telecoms…who needs the lies of the MSM anymore?
The fascists have ended the republic.


Organized crime, formerly labeled “the underworld” is now totally transparent and in power in DC.


Yes, and it’s worth noting that at least one Jewish commentator has referred to Trump as a “philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler”. (“Who Goes Trump” 2016) Amazingly I meet people who still thnk Google and Facebook are trying to do good.
It ain’t your usual “mafia” running the horror house.


I’d just love telling this to various Congresspeople.


You thought ordinary cell phones were rough on the body? Check out how a stingray works. It RAISES THE POWER of a signal so that a phone connects to it instead of the area network. What kind of radiation is WiFi? It is a microwave signal.

Have you ever had trouble holding your phone to your ear so much that your ear hurt? Have your fingers ever gone numb holding your phone? Have your hip muscles ever cramped when your phone was in a side pocket?


This government is a joke, not a very funny joke, but a total joke nonetheless.


An educated friend of mine insists his family dump their phones into a closed box near the front door of their home when they come in.
I always use the speaker or earphones, never hold it to my head if possible.X rays going right through your brain. I’ve had two friend die of brain tumors, they both used cell phones.


Maybe some of the more interesting calls will get passed on to WikiLeaks?

Won’t be one of mine. (smile)