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As Nation Eyes Texas Primary, Cruz in Panic Mode Over 'Extreme Left' Voter Turnout


As Nation Eyes Texas Primary, Cruz in Panic Mode Over 'Extreme Left' Voter Turnout

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Texans headed to the polls Tuesday to take part in the nation's first statewide primary of 2018, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)—who will likely face Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke in the general election in November—expressed concern in a radio interview that a massive surge in turnout from "the extreme left" could place GOP control of Congress in serious jeopardy.


I hope TX is able to send that Loser Cruz to Canada where he belongs.


It is nice to have optimism while having a cool head. Maybe later … in 5years or so.


Beto O’Rourke is also getting mainstream press, I saw a clip of him being interviewed this morning on MSN. As rare as that is, you have to wonder if Cruz has pissed off someone in the ruling class.


I know thats where he was born, but I don’t think the people of Canada deserve that much pain.
Joking, hope you’re doing ok Ditton.


Well, a good start in ridding Texas of Cruz and one less cretin in government. Peruse his agenda on his website and he is a liberal democrat. These days that is radical. I recently called the DNC and informed them that in Europe they would be the equivalent of England’s Tories.


If sanity didn’t win in the end, we would still die before reaching 20.

Direct Democracy


He belongs in a much hotter place than Canada!


Democracy outside of government can be used to focus distributed intelligence. Evolution is accelerating as fast as accelerating cosmos expands. We are cosmic powered biology flying among the stars as top soil for consciousness.

Elections are cheap for people in the information age. What will we do next?

Autonomous democracy is more than candidates.


Congress without Cruz would help turn the corner to reason and away from doomsday.


Ted Cruz is a hemorrhoid looking for a home.


Compare the ballots of the 2 parties (sad that primaries are only D and R :disappointed_relieved:. and you will see why the D’s came out to vote with so many more voters than the R’s.)

R’s had such ballot issues as:
6.) Texas should protect the privacy and safety of women and children in spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers in all Texas schools and government buildings.
8.) Vote fraud should be a felony in Texas to help ensure fair elections.
7.) I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas.
9.) Texas demands that Congress completely repeal Obamacare.
(but replace with nothing, nada, zilch---- the way things were when Amuricuh was great! with no human right to healthcare whatsoever)


And the D’s, instead of trampling on rights, Texas Rights—apparently modeled after FDR’s #2 Bill of Rights:

Prop #3 on a Right to Healthcare
Should everyone in Texas have a right to healthcare, guaranteed by a universal, quality Medicare-for-all system?

Prop #6 on a Right to Clean Air, Safe Water, and a Healthy Environment

Should everyone in Texas have the right to clean air, safe water, and a healthy environment?

Prop #7 on a Right to Dignity & Respect
Should everyone in Texas have the right to a life of dignity and respect, free from discrimination and harassment anywhere, including businesses and public facilities, no matter how they identify, the color of their skin, who they love, socioeconomic status, or from where they come?




Joe Lieberman and other stalwart Corporate State Democrats (those who know what sells, don’t you know), disparage the left.

They are nodding their heads in agreement with Cruz.

Bill and Hillary wish him the best in beating that leftist.


Or maybe his own constituency find him morally repulsive (and frankly–also with the face profile of a witch)


In a word; GOOD!!! The Texas troll has some real competition, thank goodness!


I hope he remains homeless.


Possible, but it is Texas after all. Kidding aside, it would be nice to see them wake up.


Beat him Beto!


Thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:


get ready, bad joke coming your way…That’s kool <:-/