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As Nation Mourns 100,000 Dead, Trump Goes Golfing

Gives new meaning to "shop till you drop."

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Wasn’t that rabbit swimming? Anyway, no self respecting bunny would go near the tangerine tyrant.

By CNN’s count, this was the president’s 357th visit to one of his properties and his 265th trip to one of his golf clubs during his presidency.

And guess who is paying for his trips??

US America claims to have fought a “Revolutionary” war to rid itself of the monarchy and the aristocracy only to see an unqualified cretin as wannabe king and a Congress as the new “aristocracy” owned by the corporations and convinced that paying taxes is only for us “commoners”. Of course, as Gerald Horne’s meticulously researched book, The Counter Revolution of 1776, a central reason was to keep the institution of slavery as England was agitating to rid itself of this same institution. So no surprise if it all was a myth as all the rest.


Our beloved @webwalk recommended Horne’s Apocalypse to me long ago. I’ve read many history books, and this one might be the very best. It certainly helped orient me to Anglo-American exceptionalism, some ideas of where it comes from. The full title is a mouthful and a half:

The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy and Capitalism in Seventeenth Century North America and the Caribbean (2018)



Yes but while on the golf course he is probably harmless; if he concentrates on his game he won’t fuck us over until he gets back to the WH.

I would love to see a large bird drop a big gooey one on his ugly head; that would make my day and most of the rest of the country. A goose could do the job nicely, maybe a whole flock-carpet bombing.


If that happened, he would have all the secret servicemen fired for not doing enough to protect him.

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Your question can be read in more than one way. So, here goes…

Hmmm…pretty sure they won’t be, though, to answer your question: because they’re dead?

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Yea- cute reponse. Maybe the spirits of 100,000 americans could haunt Trump, drive him totally insane and out of the White House.


Each golf outing cost the American taxpayer approx. $600,000 for flight and protection, and perks. Multiply it up and scream! Around $160,000,000.


wings: the problem is 45 never has to remember his lies; what he said to 1 reporter 1 day is never a thing he has to worry about. There is never anyone of any importance that continually holds his feet to the fire in this country. His lies become fodder for comedians. Then we Americans just get use to his lies as our lives become filled with more important things.

You do know by now what a joke our corporate-owned msm is? Sure, for maybe a few days 45 is caught lying and Americans will recount the lies, but now, after what 17,000+ open lies told, 45 just blabbers on, foot in mouth, and shrugs his shoulders and doesn’t think about accountability once. Because our media doesn’t believe in accountability.


haunt tRump???

That’s implying 45 has a conscience. Nope. That’s the red flag of a sociopath or a narcissist.
tRump shows signs of being both of those things.


No surprise here since he couldn’t care less about the infected, the dying, or those passed on. He’s lousy at the game (as he is all things) and cheats. Elsewhere…

Officials in Baltimore have requested DT not make an appearance as he has become clear he will not obey rules and regs on wearing a mask or maintaining a safe distance. The mayor made it clear the city could not afford the expense of protection for him and all the people he would bring wilth him. The virus had decimated the city financially. Do Not Come, the mayor stated. His reply? I’ll be there. The city should refuse to provide police protection or accommodation to him and his entourage.unless he pays for it up front. His appearances and rallies at several cities, the costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars have yet to be paid. That is his stock and trade to stiff any and all. The city has no obligation to welcome him, or eat the costs–It’s a courtesy extended every President and they are expected to foot the bill for all those extras. So Baltimore, tell this liar and con man, bring it on and bring cash, no checks.


Each day we learn a lesson. What is the lesson for today?

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Makes Nero look good

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For future public appearances, the people who are tired of DT’s deceit and criminality should greet him with their backs. If started by a few and noted by news networks, might turn into a worldwide protest. I do not think his ego could handle such a denunciation.


These are all pretty extreme imposed consequences, I particularly dislike the “feet in the fire” analogy. If you look at Trumps reinforcement menu it might be a better idea to use his own strategy of negative reinforcement. Something like take all his money. He is more like a 6th grade bully than Hitler but still capable of doing a lot of damage.

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Yeah, has anyone assessed what the extinction outburst would look like?


Good. I wish they’d put lights up at all his courses so he could play continuously. All weekend and all week All day and all night. Use taxpayer money to put a McDonalds on the ninth hole of every course as well. ANYTHING to keep him away from DC, Steven Miller, Pompous Max et al, his tweeter and signing pen.


I’d say, “Fuck you, and the golf cart you came in on.”


Trump is by far the worst president of all time.