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As Nation Mourns Newsroom Massacre, "Toxic Masculinity" Mixed With Guns Once More Lamented


As Nation Mourns Newsroom Massacre, "Toxic Masculinity" Mixed With Guns Once More Lamented

Jon Queally, staff writer

As the nation mourned yet another senseless mass shooting—this time at a local newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday in which five people were murdered—details of the alleged gunman expose yet another perpetrator with a history of mysognistic and threatening behavior towards women.


We should note that we have the Harasser-in-Chief and the Toxic Masculinity King in the White House, setting an example for murderous miscreants everywhere.
Don the Con is an unapologetic self-confessed sexual assaulter, but one who like the Maryland murderer threatened to sue his victims for defamation.
Look how Don the Con sent his mob lawyer and goons to threaten Stormy Daniels.
Look how Don the Con and his Pence Theocrat mob want women forced to bear the children of rape and incest, and Grifter even said women should be “punished” for abortion.
Anyone who supports Trump is enamored of his toxic persona, and an enabler of the general brutality against women that we see around us.
This brutality is the dominator mentality, and extends to how our species treats animals and the biosphere.


Its not Toxic Masculinity. Its Conservative’s Cowardice. Guns are their security blankets and dominating dicks.


Ah, so this was a political act?

So, this is Donald Trump’s fault somehow?
Even though this nutcase started harassing the newspaper during the Obama administration?

I’m waiting for the shrieks for more “gun control” and the banning of “military style assault weapons” because of this.


Try Again with the other Brain Cell.

The President sets the tone of the the National Discourse

That is why they call it the Bully Pulpit.

Trumps discourse is quite clear “Predator and Brown Shirt”
His Racist Rants hold all the same old Coded Messages used by the KKK.
The Wink and Nod, the jokes about Lynching and Violence, quite clear.

And yes while we are at it, WE NEED INTELLIGENT GUN CONTROL.

Geez if you need a test and a license to drive, Ya Think We should do the same with GUNS.


Got it, this was a racist act and was Trumps fault. Somehow.

Most states do require a test and license to carry a gun.
What’s your point?


How does “our” government “solve” world problems?
Through violence and threats of violence.

How do “our” police & criminally unjust “justice” sytem resolve conflicts?
Through violence and threats of violence.

Is it any surprise the citizenry mimic “our” govt’s behavior?

Kill the “bad” guy … eliminate the problem.
“Our” govt sets a fine example …


The Trump administration has made certain types of harassment a legitimate political tool. The antidote is not more harassment. This could have turned out differently with better tools to protect yourself on both sides of this issue. History is full of such examples. And, seriously that is what counseling is suppose to do give you a better understanding of yourself and the issues. When you culturally disarm people and don’t give them a an alternative way to protect themselves we asking for trouble.

Really sad about these events.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a sick society. J. Krishnamurti

“Only in the presence of compassion will others allow themselves to see the truth. Gabor Mate”

The final divide and conquer is on. That between women and men.
Everyone living alone and completely dependent.
So much hatred so little compassion on all sides where will it end.


Lol, cowardice? So all the handicapped people and elderly ladies who use guns for self-defense are cowards? Got it. (Regressive lefty “logic” and “intellect”. You’re for disarming all police, too, right?


Yes. Defending yourself is a cowardly Fascist act.

A true Progressive depends on the State for everything in life.

There are no rights, only permissions.
No personal responsibilities, only the largess of the State.

Trump is Hitler


Thanks for making my point. Conservatives are dangerous, reactionary as cowards tend to be. They should not carry guns.

Conservatives live in fear. They’re chickenhawks who readily send other people’s kids to fight their profitable, racist wars. Bankers and CEO’s who impoverish us and destroy the environment. They are greedy, stupid, superstitious, criminal and dysfunctional as are those who vote for them.

Regressive definition:
becoming less advanced; returning to a former or less developed state.
“the regressive, infantile wish for the perfect parent of early childhood”

Regressives are conservatives who want to go back and “Make America Great AGAIN”. Get it?

Why Conservatives Can’t Govern



“The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work, and then they get elected and prove it.” P.J. O’Rourke


natureboy, it IS the toxic masculinity.

Try this simple test to clarify this issue:

Q: Do guns more closely resemble, in gross physical form and in mode of action, penises—or vaginas?

For further clarification, try these follow-up questions:

Q: Who invented guns?

Q: Who then put a high premium on the manufacture and use of guns?

Q: Who then used guns to conquer, enslave and annihilate countless individuals, groups (including women), and whole civilizations?

A: The people with penises.

This is NOT to say that women are not violent.

Women ARE violent. (All humans are, until we train to be otherwise.)

There IS toxic femininity as well as toxic masculinity. Oh yeah! And it is every bit as annihilating as its twin, albeit typically less immediately and blatantly written on the skin…

This reality—this omnipresent violence—has been brought to us all by MENTAL SUPREMACY.

All this war is brought to us all by the mind’s perennial habit of cutting everything in two, and then deciding which one of the two is superior.

And by the ego’s ongoing decision to privilege the mind’s way of being and knowing over those of body, heart, and soul.

Everyone has played a role in perpetuating the violence of mental supremacy.

Everyone is responsible for going beyond this habit at this time.

But just as the U.S. cannot move beyond its status quo without taking responsibility for its cruel and dominating history, so our species cannot move beyond its current evolutionary bottleneck without men taking responsibility for their specific role in the cruel history of patriarchy.

Yeah, the guns themselves are a part of the dread dis-ease—mental supremacy, or, as DavidCason puts it, “dominator culture”—now in its terminal stage.

(Re: gun control: although guns are evidently symptoms, not root causes, of this dis-ease, symptoms can and do kill!

Sometimes you have to treat the symptom to help the patient live long enough to get to the root.)

But the violence guns express so forcefully, the violence that makes guns a fetish item for individuals (women and Two-Spirits as well as men) and groups is neither left nor right. Neither liberal nor conservative.

It’s the egomind, that ubiquitous idiotic genuis!

It’s everyone’s problem.

And everyone can be part of its solution.

Men will never be able to be part of the solution without taking a fearless integral inventory of their violence as individuals, their violence as part of a dominating group, their violence as part of a class long feeding on the toxic food of inequity.

Men will never be part of the solution as long as they run from the feelings of guilt, shame, remorse and terror that inevitably accompany awakening to such hard Truth. As long as they fail to use the raw vitality of those feelings as fuel for the task of peacemaking. As long as they deny and defend more than they determine to use the gifts of their spurious privilege to bring the master’s house down, and to build a better one.


Those who like guns are usually conservative men… and women too:

It is because the modern conservative is stupid and proud of it:


Patriarchal societies encourage male violence - and the Trump administration has accelerated that violence by encouraging it – not only in comments to at his rallies to push violence against one or more protesters who got into the rally – but also in comments to cadets at Police Academy graduations in encouraging them to use violence.

Trump himself is an example of being worshipped by his followers despite his attacks on his own wife in domestic violence, where he pulled out her hair in clumps and then raped her. Also in his bragging about his sexual aggressiveness in “grabbing women by pussy.”

WHAT is all of this encouraging except male violence and sexual attacks on women?

Women in the US have an 11 X greater risk of being shot by a male with a gun than women in other wealthy nations. And, those males are ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, intimate partners.

Toxic Masculinity does harm in all of our societies, not only to women but also to children and other males.


I am glad I have the media and you to call out Trumps “coded messages”. As a conservative, I think I am supposed to be the target of these “dog whistles”, yet I would never know they were there, or what they mean without your kind support.


How does our government implement government mandated taxes, fees, regulations? through violence and threat of violence. Yet progressive programs continue to push more power to the government. Who is going to make sure it is the “good” government vs the “bad” government enforcing these things?


Rainbow farting unicorns.
The same creatures that will pay for Medicare For All, free Women’s Studies degrees, $15 hour jobs for people with Interpretive Dance degrees and a guaranteed income for everyone.

Jeez, get with the program, man!
Trump is Hitler.


And how about a license to have kids. Too many “parents” are too busy to take care of their own kids- on the cell phone or dropping an infant off at day care. If you’re too busy to have kids- do not have them!