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As Nation Mourns Racist Murders, Flag of Hate Still Flies over South Carolina


As Nation Mourns Racist Murders, Flag of Hate Still Flies over South Carolina

Jon Queally, staff writer

On the same day the nation was reeling from the mass murder of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina by a calculating white gunman who reportedly made it clear to his victims the attack was inspired by racial hatred, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday issued a ruling saying that the state of Texas is within its right to refuse the depiction of the Confederate flag on personalized license plates issued by the state.


I wish taking the hate out of the heart would be so easy as taking a flag down, it isn’t.


Sadly, you’re right.


Voters create governments that sow hatred. Voters are thereby responsible for this hatred. It is easy to see that conventions of sociopolitical conduct cultivate hatred and racism. The mirror needs to be held up in front of each person and the actual image accurately described. South Carolinians support and nurture hatred and racism. They go to church then support this horrific, animalistic conduct. There are many ways to fight this - do not support these people financially or with your tourist dollars. You’re safer in Iran. Do not vote for centrist state parties that continue this barbarism.


I’m a lifelong Southerner, and a white man, and I can tell you from plenty of first-hand experience that anyone who says that this crap is about “heritage” and not racism is LYING. You don’t find non-racist people defending the Confederate flag or looking back wistfully on “the good ol’ days.”

There’s plenty of Southern heritage to celebrate–food, language, music; slavery and war in defense of slavery shouldn’t be part of the celebration.

A favorite little ploy of these people is to point out that some blacks fought for the Confederacy, as if that proves their case.


The battle flag was invented because the “Bonnie Blue Flag” looked a little too much like the Union flag in the smoke and confusion of battle. With the Stars and Bars, there was no mistaking whose side the bearers were on. So you could say the Stars and Bars started out as a signal flag. Then over the course of 150 years, it became what it is today-a symbol of hatred. On the other hand, photo-shopping the battle flag in front of the SC capitol building does nothing to help heal the tragedy that took place in Charleston.By the way, the DAR is hundreds of years old, and the Mayflower descendants are a lot older. There are a lot of reasons to disapprove of the Sons of the Confederacy, but being alive doesn’t enter into the discussion. Also, the vast majority of the grunts in the Confederate armies were not slave owners. They were dirt farmers for the most part, and if they had any property, they certainly gained and held it “by honest toil”.You could say they fought very hard for a bad cause, and that they were manipulated by a slave-owning aristocracy.Nothing new there.


Not to make to fine a point here but Native Americans introduced tobacco to the colony members as a public offering of friendship and peaceful relations. In turn the colonies gave the Native Americans distilled spirits ( booze ). The colonies public offerings didn’t have a thing to do with friendship and peaceful relations. It was a devious ploy by whites to debilitate Native Americans and steal their property, rape their women and molest their children. Over and over and over… to this day. 14,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year. At festivals and in public beer and wine gardens millions of Americans are allowed to become legally intoxicated. While people who smoke cigarettes or pot in the commons are arrested, shunned and have to listen to people like you make horrible analogies and draw silly conclusions. How does it feel as a white person, with a smoking axe to grind, to be smeared with broadsides and aligned with murderers and pedophiles? s/. Feel the need for a stiff drink? s/


This is the Stars and Bars, the national flag of the Confederate States of America. The Bonnie Blue flag has a different story attached to it, originating as a banner for the Republic of West Florida in the early 1800s, The remarkable thing about the Confederate National flag is to examine the newest version of the state flag of Georgia… as you’d see, some things do not change.


“the majority of justices agreed that a license plate is not just “personal speech” but also “government speech””

So how is this legal?:


I understand that it is an internal halyard type flagpole, with the halyard behind a locked door. So someone needs to simply organize a protest, supply a protester with a cutting torch and small ox and acetylene bottles that will fit in a small backpack, and simply cut the damn thing down!


Not only does the flag that is flown in South Carolina represent slavery and racism, it is also a flag of sedition. It represents a movement of people who voluntarily took up arms against the government of the United States. I wonder if the leaders of that state plan next to fly the flag of Imperial Japan used during World War II and that of al-Qaeda (if such a thing exists). They also took up arms against the United States by attacking us.


If you don’t see the connection between the AME terrorist massacre and flying the confederate battle flag over the SC capital, then you don’t understand institutional racism and might benefit from racial equity training.


To paraphrase another racist with a divisive plan, " When a Texan says it’s legal, it’s legal. " Also, William Faulkner said it would take 300 or so years to end the autocratic tendencies, racism and hate endemic to the Confederate States. He blamed it on miscegenation, among other early homesteading issues ( free labor and free energy =s slavery. ). That was in the 1950s. " Mr. Kruschchev says that Communism, the police state, will bury the free ones. He is a smart gentleman, he knows this is nonsense since freedom, man’s dim concept of, and belief in the human spirit is the cause of all his troubles in his own country. But if he means that Communism will bury Capitalism, he is correct. That funeral will occur about ten minutes after the police bury gambling. Because a simple man, the human race, will bury both of them. That will be when we have expended the last grain, dram, and iota of our natural resources. But man himself will not be in that grave. The last sound on the worthless earth will be two human beings trying to launch a homemade spaceship and already quarreling about where they are going next. " W. Faulkner ( speaking at a United Nations event in 1959 ) Faulkner is considered an optimist in some Southern circles. I’m hoping he was a modern realist.



2 months ago I met an Iraq war veteran, and his wonderful family, who’d done 3 tours. We were at a charity event and initially met at the smoking place, some 35-40 yards away from anyone. He said to me, " I went through a bunch of crap in Iraq and now I’m being treated like a leper in my own town, for smoking. God bless them, too. " I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic. " So much trouble in the world, you got to give a little, take a little… " B. Marley He smoked too, I think.


The swastika was common in the US prior to WWII. It originated with native American tribes and decorated everything from women’s accessories to the decorative floor tile and stone work in buildings. As WWII began to heat up and particularly after American entry in the early 1940’s the symbol was expunged from the US because of its association with what was seen as a movement of hatred in Nazi Germany.
Western native American tribes signed a pledge to remove the symbol from the crafts they made and sold to tourists. Universities, banks, and even HBC Tennessee State University deleted mention or use of the symbol in their buildings or activities.
This was voluntary and successful because in the US at that time the swastika’s use was as a decorative symbol and carried with it none of the baggage of hatred attached to that the same symbol in Germany.
The same cannot be said for the stars and bars battle flag of the Confederacy. That the South Carolina legislature and citizenry so adamantly demand the continuation of flying the stars and bars battle flag in spite of its association with such hate groups such as the Klan shows that their hearts are not right in this matter.
The same defiance which led to the Civil War’s beginning when a US military installation at Ft. Sumter in South Carolina was attacked is still smouldering in the hearts of too many of the residents and politicians of South Carolina. Shame on them and shame on the rest of us for tolerating it.


Well, maybe not the worst war ever, but bad enough, and certainly the worst ever fought by Americans.There were some 700,000 casualties, and that number keeps going up as new discoveries are made. The population was about 10% of what it is now, which would give us 7 million casualties if such a war were to take place today. It was also a war in which half of the country was invaded, wrecked, and occupied for twelve years.In my humble opinion, there had to have been a better way to solve the problem of slavery. I think that while the war abolished formal slavery, it did nothing to abolish racism, which just keeps reinventing itself generation after generation. The War and its aftermath bear some of the responsibility for that, although there are many who’d disagree with me.


We abhor the racism the Confederate flag represents. But it is said that being able to fly it is a price we must pay to live in a free country. It may be legal, but it certainly is inconsiderate. When I see someone with it, I think the guy is flaunting his stupidity.

Why is flying such a flag a sign of freedom? And for the American public, flying a hammer and sickle or Nazi flag is worse than illegal?


You are using too wide a brush. There are plenty of people in South Carolina who are not racist assholes-people with whose politics you might find you agree. It’s also worth remembering that the white cop who shot an unarmed black man in the back while running away from him, did so in North Charleston. He was immediately fired from the police force and charged with murder. That’s a whole lot better than what’s happened to other cops who’ve done the same thing in places way to the North.


I’m afraid this situation is way too serious for a college prank.


There remain people in the south, Neo-Confederates, still hoping to secede from the union.
There are people who vehemently insist that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. There are some who sympathize with the KKK, in their deeply ingrained mindset of superiority - which factors into local issues like discrimination in the workplace, school, and community - though they might swear they are not Klan members - some will even deny being racist!
I’ve seen the confederate flag emblem on auto placards. On POLICE cars, no less.
Try to debate with these people while they state what they consider “the facts” - they then try to run you down when you state other, inconvenient facts. No sense trying to argue with these people. Some of them will shriek, scream and throw a tantrum because they refuse to accept any other viewpoint. Trying to get through to them is as pointless as talking to a brick wall. Sometimes it just makes you want to knock 'em down.